About Extra Paycheck Online

Welcome to Extra Paycheck Online. I’m Jason.

The goal of this website is to help extra income seekers earn extra money by way of the internet.

說起來容易做起來難, 啱?


If you’ve been actively seeking ways to earn money online with little to no luck, I know and can relate to your frustrations, 100%.

Everything can seem so confusing orhush-hush”.

I’ll give a quick example

At one point, it was very popular for advertisers on Facebook to ask (demand) people to like, comment, and share the ad.

These ads were always the same. Expensive car, promises of financial freedom, and anyone else can do it too.

The only way to getmore informationwas to like, comment, share.

What people fail to realize is that by doing so, you were only giving the advertiser more exposure and more money.

They weren’t interested in providing people with helpful information, they were interested in helping themselves.

By sharing the ad around resulted in free advertising for them and only grew their business. It was a completely selfish move.


This is where EPO differs.

My interest is you and doing my best to put together helpful, practical information.

But don’t just take my word for it:

(People I’ve worked with inside one of my favorite platforms. Join me there by signing up just below).

About Me

I started EPO back in 2015.

Since then, I’ve spent $1000’s on online business training, books, courses, and have watched 100’s+ hours of related videos.

You don’t need to spend as much time or money.

That’s because I’ve done all the grunt work for you and have decided to put together an email series sharing the essentials you need.

If your goal is to learn how to earn a paycheck using the internet, month after month, then this is the series for you.

  • Jason Jessy says:

    Hey there

    I love the way that you have everything laid out Jason,

    I have found your site through searching how to make money on my spare time and really love this idea !!!

    Because i have 0 knowledge on how to go about making a site I will definiltey be checking Wealthy Affiliate out


  • Jason J. Pena says:

    Thanks for all the Information, helped me out a great deal.

  • Jason Theuns says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for sharing your article with me.

    Is it free for keeps or is there an upgrade you are forced to make after a certain length of time ?

    Also, I noticed that the link you provide markedJOIN HERE FOR FREE” , does not work. Maybe my own mistake ?

    I wish you the best of luck for the future.


    • Jason Jason says:

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed free for life. But you do have the option to go Premium and there is no pressure to do so. As a starter you will have access to two free websites and an training course which is well put together and easy to follow that will help you get your website going. If you don’t like what you see or it is not for you, don’t buy! But I do highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you are interested in making money from home. Thanks for leaving a comment, and hope to see you there!


    • Jason Jason says:

      Oh and about theJoin Here For Freebanner, thanks for the heads up. I’m looking into it now, feel free to try again.

  • Jason NWTDennis says:

    Great start on a WA Affiliate site in such a short time. It looks like you have set up to do product review (legit ones and scams) using the Page menusubmenu approach. That works well, but you may want to consider a Site Map to help the Googlebots crawl your site and find your content. This will help your SERPs.

    Is the Home Page going to be a Blog Roll?

    • Jason Jason says:

      The way it is set now the opening page is a blog roll however I titled a page Home which differs from the opening page, make sense? Thanks for the tip on site maps I am not too familiar with what that is but will look into right now.

  • Jason admin says:

    Hey Jason. Really interesting to read some of your story. I think that sometimes circumstances make it clear to us how we should move forwards. It seems as through that was happening when Wealthy Affiliate kept popping up in your searches.

    Tell me, you say that you get all the tools you need to grow a business with Wealthy Affiliate. Can I check what those are?

    • Jason Jason says:

      Of course you can! Click the link for Wealthy Affiliate to get started! The tools I am speaking of include live support from other members, never hesitate to ask questions there is always someone around willing to help. Also a free training course on how to build your website along with two free websites, and those are just tools to get you started.

      No you do not need Wealthy Affiliate to build a free website, however it is really nice having step by step support in the frustrating process of building a website especially if you are unfamiliar. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, be sure to click the link for Wealthy Affiliate to get started.


  • Jason Kerry Bramham says:

    Hi Jason,
    I know as internet marketers, we always see people tying to tell us that whatever they are doing is ‘the best thing since sliced bread’.
    嗯, Wealthy Affiliate actually is the real deal and the best training program I have ever come across on the internet.
    With no upsells, what you get here is everything you need to create a successful business.
    Keep spreading the word.

    • Jason Jason says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you. What you see is what you get, apply yourself and whose to say where your business could lead you. Thanks for leaving a comment and I wish you success!


  • Jason JohnCWS says:

    Hey Jason, ran across your review and just wanted to say great job! I’ve been looking for a new way to open a business online but I didn’t realty know how to start out or what was really involved. After reading your review I might have to give WA a try and see what it’s all about. Thank you!

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey John thanks! You will not have a let down experience with WA. You are making the right decision joining here and i assure you and your business will be properly guided. Thanks again for leaving a comment, never hesitate to ask for help or any questions you may have. I’ll see you there!


  • Jason MForgacs says:

    I like your article! Your grammar was very good, your sentence structure was nice, and you wrote very well. I enjoyed reading it and I love the way you made it. Good job on including the picture of yourself, the color choice, and your headers. I’ll check back at your website in the future to see more content.

  • Jason Lucinda Freestone says:

    Hi Jason

    Very interesting post on Wealthy Affiliate. I loved your personal touch and how Wealthy Affiliate kept appearing in your search for online businesses.

    I, like many of us, have also been taken in by those get rich quick scams and was delighted when I found out that Wealthy Affiliate was what it saida legitimate online training scheme with no up sells or any of the other stuff.

    I am glad to have found it too.


  • Jason Anthony Swetala-Greco says:

    Jason, your website is very well written. I enjoyed your eagerness to earn and respect your drive to be an entrepreneur. Good job.

  • Jason Destin says:

    Hey Jason, I like the site and your post. I have one suggestion or observation however:

    The picture of yourself on this page is actually overlapping your content. It didn’t really take away from what I could read TOO much, but I thought I’d just put that out there incase you wanted to take a look. Thanks!

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. This isn’t the first time I’ve been told that. I have tried deleting the picture and re-inserting it, I have tried re sizing it, I haven’t been able to figure out how to correct such a minor problem. I like it’s location but i may have to move the image. Any other suggestions?

  • Jason Hilda says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article because I found Wealthy Affiliate when I was looking for effective and honest ways to make money online. Like you, once I joined it, I have not looked back. WA affiliate really offers the tools, training and support anybody needs to start earning affiliate commissions. Great job!

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey thank you for leaving a comment. I am here at Wealthy Affiliate strictly for business, but it also has become a bit of a hobby for me. I enjoy the training, I enjoy all that I have learned in such little time, and I enjoy seeing the progress of my websites. I am seeing positive results already! Who knew business could be fun? lol. Thanks you again for leaving a comment, and good luck.


  • Jason Jay says:

    Hello Jason, if your website is anything to go by, it seems Wealthy Affiliate has taught you well.

    I was clueless when I first joined, but now have 2 網站. I was overwhelmed at first but I received so much help, that I soon overcame my worries.

    Good luck with your site, it will grow and become very popular I’m sure.


    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey I appreciate that, and good luck to you as well! Wealthy Affiliate has taught me a lot in just a month. And I am already seeing impressive results! Thanks again


  • Jason Igor says:

    Hi Jason, great site with a lot of useful informations. I also faced many online scams until I find Wealthy Affiliate. Complete truthlearn and earn. I would like to encourage more of your visitors to take at least free starter membership to start their way to online business. Keep up the good work.


    • Jason Jason says:

      係, as I would encourage them to do so too! It’s a wonderful opportunity! Thanks for leaving a comment, and be sure to visit often for more posts!


  • Jason john says:

    hello Jason,
    I like how clean your site is it has a lot of great information for a newbie to learn from, and WA must be the place as you have the proof in a good looking website I think the color Theme makes the site stand out
    thank you

  • Jason Adrian says:

    It is good to see another member of WA making progress with their website. I have learned a lot of things there, and it seems like you have also. If you don’t mind I do have two questions.

    Did you have any experience with online marketing before joining Wealth Affiliate?
    How long have you been a member?

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey, and Thanks for commenting

      I had no online or offline marketing experience prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate. This has all been very new to me. And very fortunate to have stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate on June 10, and wasn’t at all active until about one week later. So just a little over a month, and it has been completely worth it.

  • Jason Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Jason.
    Totally agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate being the number one Online Business course for working from home! I’ve been a member there myself for over a year now and I absolutely love the training, the tools and the tools they provide. I recommend anyone especially those beginners who are serious to give it a try. Bookmarked your page, will be dropping by again soon!

    • Jason Jason says:

      Thank you I appreciate the support,

      Also I have to agree, seeing how Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my start. I can’t even explain how much I learn each day using WA.

      Starting on my second website already, which is exciting. Anyways, thanks for commenting, see ya.

  • Jason Chris says:

    Hey Jasonnice to meet u here!
    I’ve been interested in building up some sort of extra income business for quite some time now and this looks like it could be the CURE!
    How long have you been involved with this WA place and how well atre you doing?
    Did they teach you how to build this website?

    • Jason Jason says:


      It very well could be the cure. Put the effort in and I know anyone can see the results.

      I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a couple months now and have learned so much. And I am doing very well thanks for asking. And to answer your last question, 係! You will be provided with training to teach you how to set up your own profitable website.

  • Jason Yuko says:

    Hi Jason,

    I like the way you explained the program. Very comprehensive and to the point. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a month ago and am currently working on my website. The amount of support and what you learn there is simply amazing. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate? What a great website you have here! So easy to navigate. Definitely a bookmark 🙂


    • Jason Jason says:

      Hello Yuko,

      I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since June, so not too much longer than you. And yes the support and information you gain is unbelievable. I am working on my 3rd website lol. But obviously have to maintain each. Having multiple sites creates multiple streams of income, which has been great! Thanks for the compliment and good luck!

  • Jason Mark Walush says:

    Jason, you seem to definitely be on the right track after finding WA. I was in the same boat as you, saw (and fell for) tons of programs offeringeasymoney, just keep paying me and I’ll make sure you triple your money. Wish I had found WA earlier so that I could have saved all that time and money. Informing people about honest sites to make money online is a noble and one that will help MILLIONS of people! Keep it up

    • Jason Jason says:

      Thank You

      Thoseget rich quickprograms seem so convenient and promising lol.

      But reality is, you will not get rich over night as we both know.

      Put a little time and effort into your business, get the proper training, and learn as you go.

      This is what has been working for me in the months I have been earning online. It will only improve.

      Thank you for commenting.

  • Jason Alec says:

    A while ago I was wishing for some type of online course that could actually teach me how to make money online without all the false promises and scams. So far, WA has exceeded my expectations and continues to impress me every day I log onto it.

    The hard part is sticking to the program. Your website is already well put together and will only only get better. Creating content is the hard part, and it looks like you got that figured out. I wish you the best of luck in your online endeavors!

    • Jason Jason says:

      I feel the same way about using WA, and glad you like it. The information you receive and the way it is presented is top notch, and cannot be compared to anywhere else online. I mean that.

      As far as sticking to the program, I feel that’s where a lot of people go wrong in this business. As you know it can take a while, money will not fall into your lap no matter what business you’re in. You got to continue building, and you will.

      When it comes to writing content try not to stress over it, be you and write naturally. It’s not meant to be perfect, but you will see your posts and writing improve naturally as you move forward. Message me, I have some great articles I can refer you to when it comes to ideas for writing content.

      Thanks for commenting Alec.

  • Jason Kenny Wilkinson says:

    I think you are spot on with your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and jumped in with both feet.

    Soon thereafter I realized the value of the content contained within the site and I upgraded to premium. I haven’t looked back since.

    The affiliate program is awesome (a true earn as you learn as you mentioned in your post). And the training can take you from newbie, to intermediate, and beyond.

    I would highly encourage your readers to check out your review for more information.

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey Kenny,

      Unlike you there was a bit of skepticism for me after joining Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t understand what an online community was, and I didn’t know if I could trust anyone online, or if they were actual people to begin with(or who they said they were in their profile). These people were sending messages to me, but as it turns out they were only trying to help me get started with the whole process.

      I’ll admit that I was wrong, and Wealthy Affiliate has been an awesome and rewarding experience.

      Thanks for commenting Kenny, and you are right, follow the training and anynewbiewill have a great understanding how to generate honest income online.

  • Jason Kush1000 says:

    Hey! Great post you have created here.
    I can confirm this post totally, there’s no place online to start your business than Wealthy Affiliate!
    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
    Cheers and good luck

  • Jason Lynne says:

    Well done on launching your own website, that is great. Can anyone do this or do I need some experience or at least a bit of knowledge about how to work online?
    I have also been searching for an online opportunity for a long time and all I seem to find are scams which is very disappointing!

    • Jason Jason says:

      It can be discouraging, but after you weave your way through all the scams you will notice many work from home or earn money online opportunities.

      For me, Wealthy Affiliate was it.

      This place taught me the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, which is an honest way to earn money online by creating your own profitable websites. Give it a try, they offer Free Starter Accounts. You will gain access to your own 2 websites and the first 10 lessons all for free. Hope to see you there.

  • Jason Don says:

    Hi Jason,

    Cool website you have built up 🙂
    I have had the exactly the same idea as you hadhow can I make some extra money online? Obviously I found the same solution than you did 😉

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great program and I wouldn’t want to change it to anything else. Are you satisfied with it and when did you start building up your own business?


    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey Don I’m fairly new having been around less than 5 months.

      Wealthy Affiliate was the place I started online, I didn’t really think I could make money from my computer, and I will gladly admit I was wrong.

      There are a lot of good programs out there for people, but for everyone one good program there are ten fake/misleading ones.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because of what it has taught me, and as a complete beginner I was able to create my own success online. Still have a lot to learn and a ways to go, but I haven’t been this excited about Work ever

      Thanks for stopping by Don and leaving questions for me

  • Jason Yerko Fernandez says:

    Hey there Jason, I definitely feel you, I also got scammed and wasted my time many times before coming across WA, it really is a wonderful website and I’m glad I found it. About your domain name though I was wondering, is your website targeting making a living online or just getting some spare change? Yerko.

    • Jason Jason says:

      I have to agree with you Yerko, Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful place to learn how to build your own business online. Even for complete beginners.

      As far as the title it’s a name I chose when first starting out online and to be honest I was a bit clueless of what to name it. Somehow came up with SpareChangeOnline.

      Rather than changing it to a new domain name, I told myself I will make it work. And that I did!

      Thanks for commenting

  • Jason Alex says:

    Hi Jason, I have tried a few programs in the past and I have been scammed a few times. I always believed working online has unlimited potential. That is why I keep searching for a legit program on the Internet.

    I am glad that I stumbled upon your site and read your story here. I am still trying to figure out how to make money online and have no clue.

    Thanks for sharing your information and I am going to give Wealthy Affiliate program a try. I hope you could help me out if I come back to you with questions.


    • Jason Jason says:

      You are correct,

      There is massive opportunity online, and a lot of people do not realize that.

      There are over 2Billion users using the internet at any given time of the day which is insane!

      Your main goal here is to find a hobby or interest and build a website around that. There will be TONS of other people who share the same interests as you. WA will teach you how to attract this audience of people (your audience) to your website.

      You will also learn using WA how to set up your website properly and how to earn from it.

      Join and ask away, I am here to help you, along with a community of other people!

      Thanks for commenting Alex.

  • Jason Stanley says:

    Glad to see you are doing well in online biz.
    I hope in the near future we will have more people coming into online biz and contribute to the society first then get rewards subsequently.
    I’m sure your family members are proud of your success. Hope to hear more posts from you soon.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hello Stanley

      Thanks for commenting and I wish the same thing for individuals wanting to run a successful business online. The most common thing I have noticed for those who are well established and who run successful business online, that last, are their abilities to help others!

      It’s simple, the only thing that remains is to find the proper training and support that will show you how to start a business of your own.

      Thanks for commenting.

  • Jason Ben says:

    係, Jason, there’s need for people like you in the never-ending wilderness of making money online. I can only tell you that for people like me, who traverse the confusing world of online heroes and zeros, it’s really helpful to find REAL reviews of people who actually tried out the programs and give us their real experience. Keep it up!

    • Jason Jason says:

      Just happy to be doing my part, thanks for the compliments!

      There are a lot of people online seeking to gain their own benefit while other come up short. I hope to point people in the right direction so they can save time and money when trying to work online.

      The best thing about what I do is anyone can do this and earn money online as well.

      Just have to find something which works, and more importantly works for them!

      I have several posts and honest opportunities listed within this site, everyone’s free to look around and ask any questions.

      Have a great week!

  • Jason Charla Porter says:

    Hello Jason, I watched your video last night and paid both of the programs, and the purchase went through. But I did not received anything at my email as to how to log in or any other instructions! $67 $ 37 I believe were the amounts, Jason I am very disabled with Multiple Sclerosis, with a son who has turned his back and money away from me. That I have forgiven, God will handle that part, but He did lead to your link, and when I read and heard you I have the most 100 pound weight off of me.
    Our cell, electricity have been turned off, I’m using the neighbors plug to reach you.
    May God bless you,
    Charla Porter oldandgraying@@gmail.com

  • Jason Curtis Nash says:

    I have dun this over 50 times and haven’t got a check yet!!!!! I

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hi Curtis,

      A check from whom? This website contains free information and we never deal with any sort of transactions. This website contains information for those interested in learning where and how they may earn money while using the internet.

      Do let me know if I can be of further help here.

  • Jason Enoobong says:

    Thanks!! Thanks ..you are a gem

  • >