youth to earn review

Youth To Earn Review

Youth To Earn is a free-to-join website which alleges to users they can ern up to $500 a day by completing different tasks and activities given to them.

If you use Google+, Facebook, Twitter (who doesn’t nowadays?) you can begin earning money everyday and receive payments for your efforts bi-weekly, or every other week, according to the website.

But is this all true? Has Youth To Earn been paying its registered members? Or is it all a hoax?

Let’s find out!

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What is Youth To Earn

Youth To Earn poses as a “referral company” in which its users can begin collecting cash online simply by referring other people to the company.

So, if someone clicks your referral link (which Youth To Earn provides your very own) and registers through your link you earn $5, according to their website. This is for each person who joins thru you.

If you’ve successfully invited someone using your referral link, which they demonstrate how to do within the website, you may have noticed your earnings actually go up.

The whole process is really simple, and there is no other tasks or activities in which you need to do in order to “earn” money as the homepage indicates.

I regret to inform you however, NOBODY’S GETTING PAID HERE.

Is Youth To Earn A Scam?

Youth To Earn is in fact a scam and is an exact repeat to a similar site I have reviewed known as The Youth Job.

Why do these exact sites keep appearing online?youth to earn review

  1. The owners (people responsible) of this repetitive scam can reach more people by creating more sites.
  2. They are all the same in appearance and functionality, therefore really easy to create. Only the name changes.
  3. People catch on to their previous sites so they make new ones
  4. The owners get paid!

One of the reasons these sites keep showing up in abundance online is because the owners have done a semi-decent job in getting people to believe that it is real online work.

Those who fall for this scheme are quick to join and tell their friends about it via social media, at which point $5 appears in the “Account Area”.

Convince enough people to follow and that they too can begin earning as simple, and it begins to spread like wildfire.

The fact remains however, no one is getting paid from Youth To Earn or any duplicate site they come up with next.

Only the owners are benefiting.

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Your Payment Withdrawal

In order to withdraw any payment you must first receive a minimum of $300, which comes after inviting about 60 others.

You can find all of your stats in the Account Area and even choose to withdraw:

youth to earn review

The problem is, even after hitting the “$300 incentive”, you are then instructed to complete a survey and ONLY THEN will you be paid.

So you’re told.

These surveys become never-ending and you truly begin to take survey after survey, click after click in hopes of finally recieving the money you earned.

For those who wasted their time on this, I am truly sorry.

In a nutshell: You are inviting as many people as you can, to earn as much money as you can as their is no limit (money which you will never get) when you go to cash out however, you are presented with a continual cycle of surveys which helps the Youth To Earn owners make money, not you!

If you are using the site and hoping it will help you earn money, your best option is to stop using it.

Want More Proof?

If you go to the site now and enter a fake address and information in the registration area, you will always be successfully registered. No matter the address you place.

youth to earn review

youth to earn review

Regardless of what you put for an address or payee name, you’re going to be accepted.  I agree, you should be responsible for inserting your correct address, but in this case it doesn’t matter as no checks will be sent to you anyway.

You may have noticed A LOT of broken english throughout the website.

youth to earn review

I’m no English Major myself, but for a professional company based in the United States Of America, you would think their grammar would be a bit sharper.

My thoughts, they are not based in the U.S. but overseas rather and doing their best to appeal to an American audience about this scam.

It’s On The Website!

They tell you exactly what they are up to, I copied this from website as well:

youth to earn review

This can be found from the Account Area under the “member’s guide” and also happens to be the only info available on the FAQ page.

“We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them”. They only fail to mention you will in fact not get paid.

Feel free to visit my review on The Youth Job, which just so happens to be the exact same junk. I think you will find the comments there helpful as well when deciding about Youth To Earn.

Final Opinion

I do not recommend using or wasting any more time with Youth To Earn, if you have already.

Unfortunately no one will be receiving any payment from them and I expect more similar websites will be created by the same people responsible for The Youth Job and Youth To Earn.

There are honest ways to earn money online, though it never comes as easy as copying and pasting something on Facebook and Twitter then “cashing out”.

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Did you notice something we missed for the Youth To Earn website? Feel free to share below to help others out!


About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Shreyas Lucas dsouza
    Shreyas Lucas dsouza - 6 years ago

    Hello Jason,

    Its really sad to know that there are so many scams out there that just thrive on many innocent people! This youthtoearn is also one on the list! They just make so many false promises and don’t ever bother to delivery any pay or concern to the time we wasted to make them more bucks, also what a really sad and lucrative system the pose to have! Just $5 and you’ll get $300 after a number of people sign in, it even destroys the credibility of that person who sent anyone the request.. Guys like this much be caught and brought to light!

    Thanks a lot for the info and I hope you get the word out to every out there who’s getting sucked into this scam.


      Jason - 6 years ago

      I would have to agree entirely.

      Though it is free to use many people have probably spent days if not weeks reaching out to friends and family getting them to join in on this scam. As getting 60 referrals (equivalent to $300 min.) for your average person will not be an easy or quick task.

      Then as new people join and pursue referring more people the cycle only continues, only to never be paid out any money at all.

      So a lot of time and belief in this company is being wasted, which sucks.

      Stay away from the Youth To earn program or any programs like it!

      Thanks for commenting, Shreyas

      Have a good weekend.

    Brendan - 6 years ago

    Hi, I been looking at Youth to Earn for a while and wasn’t entirely sure whether this was a scam or not but after reading your article I’m now sure that this is the case. Interesting though I see that you are proposing that I look at Wealthy Affiliate and I have looked at the trial and this seems to be very interesting. The tools and resources seem to be great. Thanks.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      You are welcome, Brendan.

      So what can be gathered from this review and others alike it online is that Youth To Earn is a total waste of time and complete scam, nobody’s getting paid from it. For more evidence of this, check out the comments down below by others for The Youth Job review I did.

      In joining Wealthy Affiliate you are placing yourself in a position where you can learn how to build YOUR own legit business online and earn from it. It’s not going to happen overnight but completely worth building up your own business from a computer. – You can reach me on my profile page inside if you need any help ever!

      Thanks for commenting Brendan, have a great week.

    Chris - 6 years ago

    Oh that’s a shame – once you start taking these surveys it must be extremely hard to stop. I mean you have $300 in your account and I’m sure you are desperate to see it in you back pocket.
    You keep on completing survey after survey with no payment…and the website owners get paid for every survey!
    A clever setup but a horrible one – unfortunately there are no rules against this online…

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