Your Freedom Mentor Review – Waste Of Time!

your freedom mentor review

 “Brand New, Your Freedom Mentor”, Don’t Waste Your Time With This

Your Freedom Mentor, not to be confused with Freedom Mentor, can be found at and is selling!?!?

Well, we’re not exactly sure what their offering, which is part of the problem.

What we did encounter in our Your Freedom Mentor Review is poor scarcity marketing, false testimonies, and untrue income claims.

All of which we will be discussing in our review below.

Don’t waste any more time with get-rich-quick programs and seek out real online business training, if interested in learning how to earn from home.

Your Freedom Mentor Review

The owner of Your Freedom Mentor, Meghan Harper, is likely someone who was paid to narrate the video and not likely the actual website owner.

Just like the testimonials that are seen in the sales video were paid for, in part of putting together this poor quality product.

Your Freedom Mentor claims that they are searching for 45 people to join their system.

No experience is needed, all the training you need will be provided to you, and all you need is to clear up your schedule for about 15-20 minutes per day in order to join.

With these qualifications, you will make $1,000’s each day, according to the website and sales video.

Products/systems that make claims like this, never pan out.

They overpromise and underdeliver, 100% of the time.

Frankly, this is not how legitimate online businesses operate, look, or advertise.

This Is Not A Real Opportunity

In my experience, legitimate online business training opportunities NEVER operate in the way Your Freedom Mentor does.

For example, you are promised to make $1,000’s of dollars a day, but not once do we hear an explanation of the type of work involved or see a demonstration of the product or “method” in action.

In other words, you don’t have a clue about what it is you are actually buying.

Instead, they focus on selling you on the IDEA that you will become rich.

All you have to do is spend $67 on their system and all of your problems will go away.

Online business doesn’t work this way.

Safe Training

Here’s an example of legitimate online business training and one that I use to help me grow and run my online business.

Notice the difference?

No hype or big income claims, a free trial so that you can see EXACTLY what is being offered, training, live chat for a chance to connect with other experienced members, and so much more.

The point is, you should no what you’re buying beforehand.

With Your Freedom Mentor, you’re left in the dark.

You’re literally buying into the hype that for $67 you will make over $300,000 per year.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has made a dime after purchasing this low-value product.

These Are Not Testimonies

Testimonies are a great way of showing social proof.

You can show how your product may be beneficial to potential buyers.

In the online business world, this means that you are going to teach individuals how to start an online business or ways to generate cash using the internet.

Your Freedom Mentor intentionally abuses this with false testimonies:

woman claiming to have made over one thousand using your freedom mentor system

same woman can be found on oferring testimony service

The same person claiming to have made over $1,00o within days of using this exact system can also be found on offering their services as a “spokesperson”.

These spokespersons will read the script they are given for a fee.

This system loses all credibility and even stoops so low that it has hired people to vouch for them and say they benefited from the system when clearly they did not.

Well, not by joining at least.

Hurry Up And Buy

I think it’s important to mention ‘scarcity marketing’ because these low-value products do it completely wrong and do it often.

It’s very common amongst “scammy” websites to abuse this as well.

wall clock

Scarcity marketing is a type of marketing technique that’s based on the principle that people want what is difficult to obtain. … A common example of a scarcity marketing technique is an invitation-only event, product or service that is only distributed to high-status individuals in a particular group.” –

You know the “hurry while supplies last” or “this weekend only” sales would be an example of scarcity marketing.

Where sites like Your Freedom Mentor go wrong is that there is no shortage or limited time to purchase.

You are even told that the “video will come down at midnight” and that they are “only letting a handful of people” join.

This is done to get you to hurry up and make a decision without thinking because you don’t want to miss out on the deal.

The problem is that the video will not come down at midnight. And the doors are open to as many people as they can trick into buying the system.

This was written on the 8th of June, chances are you are reading this at a later date, to prove my point.

Is It Free or Not?

Despite the fact that they are “not asking for a single penny today” and they are “giving it away”, the price for the system is $67.

I would expect to encounter lots more upsells after purchase as well for this unethical business in a box.

Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam?

There’s no wacky method that will generate tons of qualified, buying traffic to your done-for-you website which in turn puts thousands and thousands of dollars into your bank account.

For 15 minutes of work per day at that.

It’s nonsense. And I’ve seen the same lazy sales tactics for similar low-value products across the internet.

For the many reasons expressed throughout the review, I chose not to purchase this system. You are free to purchase and pursue any products of your choosing.

We, however, do NOT recommend Your Freedom Mentor.

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