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your dream websites review

Having encountered many sites like this one, I can easily share with you that Your Dream Websites is not worth the time or money.

In fact, it’s very similar to sites we’ve reviewed in the past on this very website.

Like Facebook On Fire and Easy Internet Plan, for example.

Not only will you notice striking similarities in their “setup” but the type of language being used to convince people how much better their life will be for minimal work at a one-time low fee.

Making money online doesn’t work like that, and Your Dream Websites is what I consider extremely low-value.

I’ll show you why in our review.

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Your Dream Websites Review

If you’re considering buying this product, by all means you have every right to as the consumer.

I do not recommend Your Dream Websites and won’t be purchasing it myself.

If you would like to get a sample of the type of training you can expect once you do buy, you can get a free glimpse by visiting their YouTube page.

(Notice the exact sales video from Your Dream Websites sales page?)

The “training” seen their is beyond low-quality and teaching people how to sell other low-quality products through email marketing.

In short, its setting people up for failure and not a reliable way to earning revenue online as promised.

Times Running Out

Companies use something what’s known as scarcity marketing all the time.

These can be your “limited time deals” or even “hurry, only 3 left” deals.

Scarcity marketing can be very effective when done right and a company stands by their deadline.

Your Dream Websites uses this same type of marketing by telling people that “doors will be closing tonight” and “don’t miss out”.

This is not true and you could revisit this website the next day or weeks later and the same “offer” will be their.

They directly tell you in the beginning that “your account is already making you money as you watch this video”:

your dream websites sales video

You’re also told that if you close the page, you miss out on the money you are already making.

Again, another lie.

If it isn’t obvious yet, Your Dream Websites is desperate and willing to say anything to keep people interested enough to stay on the page and to eventually trick them into purchasing the system.

Personally, I never rush myself into making such purchases, especially if I have no clue what it is.

What You’re Buying

As shared above, Your Dream Websites contains extremely low-value training and is deceiving.

I was able to find that Your Dream Websites is the same thing as Profit With Our Sites, only they decided to change the name.

They spend 10 minutes in the sales video explaining how much your life will change and how financially free you will be that they forgot to describe the product or system.

How does it work?

Is their a member’s area?

What do the lessons cover?

How can we expect to make money?

None of this is explained and you’re left completely in the dark.

This is done on purpose and every LEGITIMATE online business training I bought, offered a full and complete description of what their product had to offer before purchasing.

They shared training modules, strategies, plans, results from actual member’s, and more.

Your Dream Websites fails to do any of this and you really have no idea what you’re buying. You’re only told how easy their system can make you money with no proof.




  • Empty promises
  • Fails to describe how system works
  • Fails to give any useful examples or proof
  • Extremely low-quality training
  • Teaches people how to scam others
  • Bad marketing practices


I’ve reviewed many of these sites over the past few years and do my best to offer solutions to people interested in learning how to earn money online, the right way.

This is for people who aren’t afraid to do actual work to see real results.

As for Your Dream Websites, we do not recommend it. We even show you above how to access part of their training for free so you can see for yourself.

They typically target people who don’t have the funds to begin with, so when they hear of fast and easy riches, they easily fall for it.

They also target newbies who don’t know any better and understand how building an online business works and the work involved.

These types of low quality sites will continue to pop up. The best way to stay safe is to either seek out legitimate training or watch out for sites that promise fast and easy money “directly into your bank account”, but don’t share anything of real value.

Feel free to share your experiences using Your Dream Websites in the comments area below. We’d love to hear from you.

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