Is Work At Home EDU Legit?

is work at home edu legit

Is Work At Home Edu legit?

Work At Home Edu also known as Work At Home Institute and found at is part of an ongoing cheat known as the link posting scam.

For clarification, I am not a customer and refused to purchase this “opportunity” based on my findings, which you can read about below.

If you would like to receive a real education on how to start a legitimate business from home, check out my #1 recommendation. There’s no hidden fees, it’s free to try out before spending any money. This enables you to see if it is right for you.

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Product Name: Work At Home Edu

Owner: Undisclosed

Price: $97


Work At Home Edu Review

Upon landing on the homepage for Work At Home Edu, you are met with a lengthy sales video which does not disclose too much information about the program itself, only a lengthy video about some “opportunity”.

In fact, I didn’t hear mention of “Work At Home Edu” once while watching the video.

Nor did the individual narrating the video, who claims to be the owner, mention his name once.

He does mention that so many have been “coming to him in recent years that he’s been called the #1 work at home consultant in America”.

Also that his website is rated #1 by some of the leading work-at-home review sites.

I have a hard time believing this mystery man with no name or face, and if this “#1 website” that he is referring to is, I know for certain he is flat out lying to us.

What Others Are Saying

I came across a handful of very insightful comments while visiting for this very program. These commentors/customers confirmed my suspicions for WAH Edu.

Here, an individual was told he needed to invest more because “he did not know what he was doing”, and cannot make money without the ($2,000+) advanced classes by a Work At Home Edu representative:

is work at home edu legit

Basically your free one-on-one consultation with an “internet expert” that comes with your purchase, as described in the video, is really a phone call from a salesperson attempting to up-sell and squeeze more money out of you.

Not to mention, none of these “bonus” products they’re trying to sell you will really help you earn money.

To read more experiences and testimonies from actual customers, head over to

What To Watch Out For

Aside from the already-numerous complaints against this “company”, I would like to bring to your attention a few other things to watch out for when dealing with “link posting” scams and other similar fraudulent sites.

Fake Testimonies

I become extremely wary of product testimonies now as it’s hard to tell if these “user testimonies” are genuine or not.

Especially after finding out that many of these scam sites can and do hire ‘actors’ to give their product or service the OK.

With sites like, this can be done for as low as $5. Here is one direct example of a fake testimony I encountered while on the Work At Home Edu website:

is work at home edu legit

is work at home edu legit

Same person, two different stories.

There are positive, genuine testimonies and reviews out there as well as genuine places that will teach you how to build an income online.

However use caution and always do your due diligence before buying into any old opportunity promising to make you rich.

The News

Don’t be fooled by the different segments of news reports that Work At Home Edu has decided to insert into their video – as none of them are actually related to their product.

Scam sites like to use these news clips, which can be found on Youtube, in an attempt to build trust or validity for their product.

The truth is anyone can access these videos from Youtube and share them on a website, as long as the ‘Share’ option has been enabled by the uploader:

is work at home edu legit

is work at home edu a scam

Is Work At Home Edu Legit?

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Work At Home Edu - Overall Rating

If you ask me, in this day and age there are plenty of great opportunities to make money online and places that will actually help you to get started.

Unfortunately, Work At Home Edu is NOT one of them and I do not recommend it to anyone.

The closest business model that Work At Home Edu attempts to describe is affiliate marketing, which more and more people are becoming aware of.

Affiliate marketing allows you to connect people to awesome products or services, by way of using your own special links provided to you by a company or individual.

By connecting people to the company or individual’s website, you earn commissions.

Affiliate marketing is how I make most of my income and you don’t have to do it in a sleazy way, like Work At Home Edu.

Work At Home Edu is an affiliate marketing scam, more so, an upsell funnel. What they’re doing is selling ‘get-rich-quick’ dreams to people for a low price point ($97).

They then (with all of your information including credit card and phone number at hand), try to sell you more and more crap that you don’t need ranging in the $1,000’s of dollars price range.

While telling you that these are items that you need to succeed, which is simply not true.

And good luck trying to get your money back dealing with cons like these…

Move Forward

Learning affiliate marketing or how to earn consistent income online shouldn’t be so nerve work at home edu legit

If you wish to avoid all of the BS and would like to learn how to start a reliable, long-term business – I invite you to check out my #1 Recommendation.

It’s free to join and try out. This allows you to see if the opportunity is right for you before ever spending a single cent.

You can learn more here.

Have any comments or questions about Work At Home Edu? Be sure to leave them below along with some of your experiences with the program.



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    Tim - 6 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you so much for the heads up about work at home edu by you describing the company so many read lights kept on going off in my head. Like, for example when the owner of the company doesn’t even say his name in the introduction video. Another one is when you have to pay $97 to get into the business. If it was legit it would let you try it before you buy it. Thanks again for the heads up.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Tim, no problem at all.

      I agree with you as well, too many red flags and NOT enough information for such a price.

    Mike - 6 years ago

    Jason, Very good Review.!
    i like it that you went to the point of explaining your thoughts and opinion about it…straight to the bone!
    I am earning an extra pay check from home with this:


      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Mike, for obvious reasons I had to remove your affiliate link.

      Seems like a site that may be worth looking into however, thanks for stopping by.

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