Work From Home Without Talking On The Phone 2019

work from home without talking on the phone

How can I work from home without being required to use a phone?
Do such jobs exist?


The good news is that there are plenty of jobs online that DO NOT require you to talk on the phone. Or require the use of a phone at all.

For some people, being on the phone all day is less than ideal.

After high school, I landed my very first job as a telemarketer.

Thankfully, this was short lived as I was hired elsewhere as having to be on the phone all day just wasn’t for me.

For others, maybe they’ve had jobs where they had to be on the phone for 8 hours or so a day and are looking for something different.

Maybe there’s a lot of background noise at home throughout the day.

Or maybe it’s the fact that they would prefer not to talk on the phone because it would ruin the ‘freedom’ one should feel working from home – it would almost feel like being at another job.

Whatever the reason, we plan to show you some legitimate places that hire for such positions.

Also, I will share how I am able to work from home full-time without ever having an ‘online job’ and without ever needing to use the phone.

First, let’s look at a few of the job positions and where they might currently be hiring.

Work From Home Without Talking On The Phone

Below are a few phone-free work from home positions to consider.

 1. Freelance Writer

One thing is for sure, there is a large demand for this type of work and this demand ranges from big media companies to personal blogs.

With millions of new pieces of content being published online every day, companies and individuals do their best to keep their websites ‘up-to-date’ with fresh, relevant information in an attempt to maintain or grow their business.

The demand for freelance writing will not lessen anytime soon.

My buddy Nick, who is an excellent freelance writer, wrote an entire article on this particular matter geared towards helping aspiring writers learn how they can begin earning profits within this position from home.

We discuss how to become a freelance writer.

2. Data Entry

Just like the demand for more content and the need for freelance writers, data entry is often outsourced by businesses.

You will also find that most of the companies hiring for this position do not require experience.

Though it would be handy to have fast and accurate typing skills, experience with word processing, database, and presentation software.

If interested in data entry try: The Smart Crowd, Smart Locating, or search “data entry” using

3. Customer Support

I know what you’re thinking when you hear “customer support”. You need a phone in order to perform this job. Right?

What you might not be aware of is companies like Apple, Operator, and Needle provide online support positions where you will be able to assist others via live chat or email.

Feel free to visit the sites listed above for customer support to see any current open positions.

4. Search Engine Evaluation

Companies like Google and Bing also hire for work-home positions and this particular position.

Search engine evaluation is needed as it helps these companies to ensure that their search engines provide the most accurate results.

To qualify for this position, you can expect to take a test during the application process.

Certain places don’t require any experience to apply.

Try Leapforce, Appen, or Lionbridge.

5. Virtual Assistant

Lots of companies need help with their day to day tasks so they may seek out the help of a virtual assistant.

Sure this may require you to use a phone, but there also may be a lot of tasks that need doing which will not require the use of a phone.

Tasks like social media management, internet research, responding to emails, graphic design, writing, and so on.

Try Upwork, Fancy Hands, or Zirtual for work related to this position.

I hope you enjoyed reading the various positions above.

If something caught your eye, feel free to follow the link. If you have any questions just reach out to me in the comments area below and I will respond ASAP 🙂

Working From Home

Working from home can be awesome.

Work from home without talking on the phone is even better, for some.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home for myself for the past two years.

However, don’t consider it to be one big vacation.

Yes, enjoy the fact that work is now only a few feet away but still make a schedule, get dressed in the morning, and keep a neat work area.

I’ve written a few other tips that may help anyone stay sharp while working at a home office.

Online Business Is A Great Option

I mentioned working from home for some time, yet never having an online job or having to answer the phone or make outgoing calls.

I am able to do this as a result of my online business.

You have several options as well when it comes to the different online business one could pursue.

How I’m able to make a living from home using the internet, without a phone and no job?

Recently, I’ve put together a special, free training explaining exactly how. Feel free to sign up for the free email series when you visit the page.


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    Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor - 4 years ago

    Hello Jason,

    I just read your article about how to work from home without talking on the phone.

    I’m not a phone person so that would not be a job for me.

    The best way for me to make money online is Affiliate Marketing.

    It’s the best way I know how to work from home. It takes a lot of work but is very rewarding.


      Jason - 4 years ago

      Agreed, Jack.

      Affiliate marketing, just like any other business model out there, does take a lot of work but can be very rewarding. Especially when taught the right way!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting our post on how to work from home without talking on the phone.

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