Work at Home Institute Scam Or Real

work at home institute scam or real

Product Name: Work At Home Institutework at home institute scam or real
Product Owner: “Bobbie Robinson”
The Verdict: Misleading/Scam (see below)
Website: wahinstitute. net

“Work At Home Institute Scam Or Real”

It took me less than 60 SECONDS to realize something was just not quite right with what was being presented at Work At Home Institute’s website. I spend quite some time on the internet as I actually do work from home and come across offers like these often.

Their whole claim is that you can make a living from home on the internet by posting links which is an “easy method where you will earn money from your living room” and you can work “just 4 hours a day”…

So is it Work At Home Institute a scam or real?

I did not want to call it a scam though it is EXTREMELY misleading, it is not a full-on scam as they do actually offer training, very out-of-date training I will add.

Their promotion has nothing to with the training and they only seem to want to get you to buy the product with the belief that making money online will be easy by using it.

After spending hours on the actual website reviewing it and reading what other people had to say about Work At Home Institute, I do not recommend this product at all.

Obviously I did not purchase this product or any offers related to Work At Home Institute myself. 6 months ago I would have considered buying into this offer or offers similar to this one, but since learning an honest way to earn money from home, I can pick out the real from the fakes almost instantly.

There are many sites alike this one which more than likely stem from the same owner(s), the only difference will be a switch in the name of the product. Such as Wealth At Home Institute, it’s the same nonsense with a new name.

Why do I find Work At Home Institute misleading and do not recommend it?

Misleading Evidence #1

You may have noticed this image:

work at home institute scam or real


If you take a close look you will spot ‘Work At Home Opportunities As Seen On’; They then go on to list some reputable news companies.

work at home institute real or scam

Work at home opportunities has NOTHING to do with the Work At Home Institute as a “program”.

Of course there have been work at home opportunities displayed or mentioned  on those popular networks at one point in time, this was placed to build trust with potential buyers of the program.

The photo above explains Work At Home Institute in a nutshell, very misleading and not to be trusted.

Misleading Evidence #2

Fake News Report

If you have been on the landing page, you may have taken the time to watch the video which starts out as a news report followed by some “user testimonials”. All of which have been stripped and edited from their already existing original video.

After doing some research online  I learned that this type of advertising is called an advert and is against the law in many US states that any site which uses this type of advertisement needs to make it 100% obvious and clear that it’s not a real news report.

Work At Home Institute fails to do so.

More Misleading Evidence

The initial price for Work At Home Institute is listed at $97 after a “$100 discount” from $197. If you try exiting the page you will see a pop-up offering you another discount bringing your total to $77. If this is done once more you can bring the price to $47 before exiting without seeing any more pop-up offers.

This seems to be a common practice with many scams I have come across. Not saying that EVERY website which has a pop-up offering you discounts is a scam but when I see the one like below, it always raises suspicion.

work at home institute real or scam

You may have also noticed:

work at home institute scam or real

Limited number of spots open, check availability in your area. Enter your zip, or not, and you will be notified there are only 3 positions left in your area.

This is yet another tactic used by scam sites to get you to ‘act fast’ and buy their lousy product.


I took the time to watch the video on the Work At Home Institute in it’s entirety having a feeling it was going to lead to some scam or false product. But it did give me a lot of info I needed to present a full review to you 🙂

Here are some claims they make as to why ‘posting links’ is a great option to working from home.

Reason 1. Companies are desperate for people to post links

No in fact they’re not. Truth is some websites advertising that you could make money online simply by posting links want you to spam other websites which will only lead them back to their site.

Reason 2. Cost of hiring employees saves companies money

Not going to dig too far into this, but posting links pays poorly.

Reason 3. Companies see real results from independent workers

If it was going on in the past, it is not currently dishing out these results. With spam protection and other moderators, these bad links get deleted fast and with ease.

These types of claims give the work at home or online industry a bad name, and why many people are jaded and miss out on real opportunities online.

It’s important to always do your research especially before buying into these companies who offer no value and do not have any interest in helping you ACTUALLY earn online.

Final Opinion

I do not recommend Work At Home Institute for anyone.

I personally refuse to spend a dollar when there is so many red flags involved. During my research on the product I found nothing but negative reviews which is not uncommon for such sites.

If you took the time to watch the video on the website you may have noticed claims of being able to work your own schedule, having more time to spend with family, and pretty much having the freedom to live a more flexible life without answering to anyone or doing some job you dislike day after day.

Though I strongly disbelieve you can achieve any of those things using Work At Home Institute, I happen to know of a place that will teach you how to earn money, start a business, and learn true value online.

I use Wealthy Affiliate and am active daily there learning more how to improve my business and income online. It is excellent for beginners, there’s no upsells, and it’s completely free to join and use with their Starter account offer.

What you will learn with a free Starter account:

  1. Choosing an interest
  2. How to build website(s) around any interests
  3. How to attract visitors to your website
  4. How to earn money online/start a real business

I would like to make one thing clear in spite of all these other claims that making money online happens overnight and that it is an easy thing to do. It’s simple but it’s not easy and you are unlikely to make money the same day.

It requires work and a bit of time. If you were to put in the time and work now you can begin learning how to earn online which can lead to never working for someone else again, having more time for family, and working virtually from anywhere.

Try WA out for free today by selecting here and share your experiences below. I will be sure to respond 🙂

About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Mark - 6 years ago

    From how you describe the program it does have all the hall marks of a scam.

    Having been on the receiving end of internet scams before I really love it when one more is exposed for what it is.

    I really like the way you promote what is in my opinion the best mentoring program on the Internet Wealthy Affiliate.

    The only way to be successful online is with hard work, patience, consistency and knowledge. WA provides the knowledge in abundance – you provide the other 3.

    Great post thanks for sharing


      Jason - 6 years ago

      That is a very good way of describing what online work consists of Mark.

      Glad to hear you are a member there as well.

      As far as Work At Home Institute goes, it is indeed a scam. The sad part is they offer to teach you how to post links on the internet from home. Even if Work At Home Institute were a legitimate company, which they’re not, posting links online is a hassle and the pay is poor.

      In my opinion this is not a good use of time while online, especially if you are looking to earn real income from home.

    Peter - 6 years ago

    Hi Jason,
    You’ve done a good job pointing out the many reasons to stay clear of Work At Home Institute. I’ve seen several similar sorts of programs, promoting link posting as a way of earning money. To me this looks like a scam, although you give them the benefit of the doubt. Sites that promise easy money are very misleading, because as you say earning money online is hard work.
    The other site you mention, Wealthy Affiliate, seems to be a much better option and with a free trial it’s certainly worth taking a look.
    Thanks for highlighting this scam.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      No problem Peter,

      Yes sir, earning money online does require work. For those who are new, it’s a good idea to get started in the right direction and WA is THE place for that. All the help, support, training, and more you ever need to start a business online.

      As far as Work At Home Institute, it’s unfortunate how many sites like it exist. Giving people the wrong impression when it comes to working from home online. It really is the best career move I have made.

      Hope to see you there Peter, I will be in contact with you shortly after joining and will be here to assist you along the way.

    Andrew - 6 years ago

    Hi, there are lots of these systems around and it looks like this system simply uses standard techniques to draw people in. Like you say, build trust with misleading claims of being seen on TV the fake news report, all signs of something that is just designed to get you to pay up. I’m guessing that this would be an old outdated affiliate marketing training program by the sound of it. Probably full of old outdated techniques.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Andrew,

      Yes all the usual traits of a scam were there. But that didn’t lead me to not doing a thorough review. Well as thorough as you can be without purchasing the ripoff program.

      The news report is in my opinion so corny and outdated itself, which leads me to believe the “techniques” used after buying the program are not up to date.

      The funny thing is they talk about posting links, but the program itself has nothing to do with it. I only hope to keep making people aware of these horrible scams.

      Thanks for commenting

    Andrew - 6 years ago

    Hi, there are lots of these systems around and it looks like this system simply uses standard techniques to draw people in. Like you say, build trust with misleading claims of being seen on TV the fake news report, all signs of something that is just designed to get you to pay up. I’m guessing that this would be an old outdated affiliate marketing training program by the sound of it. Probably full of old outdated techniques.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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