Do You Have What It Takes To Work From Home? 5 Essential Traits To Cultivate

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For as nice it is to set your own schedule, to spend more time with your family, and to avoid that nightmare commute to work every morning and evening, let’s be frank: it’s not easy to work from home.

While virtually anyone who has ever held an unsatisfying 9-5 job has likely dreamed about one day working from the comfort of his or her own bed, many people find it a bit overwhelming at first.

After all, spending all day inside can lead to a serious case of cabin fever and thus we’ve in the past suggested ten different tips or habits that are good to cultivate for any home worker.

But there are also essential character traits that if you don’t already possess you will want to work at developing them because they are absolutely fundamental when it comes to working from home.

Without a boss to look over your shoulders and days where you might not make a single buck, you will need the following five traits to make your work from home dream a reality.

5 Traits That Make It Easy To Work From Home

1. Self-Discipline

OK, was there really any doubt about which trait would come first?

When you first start to work from home, it can be easy to develop some extracurricular activities like increased social media time or doing chores around the house.

In fact, having activities that will act as mental “circuit breakers” for when you’ve been pounding the keyboard for a few hours will help your brain to reset and get more work done by not killing yourself all at once.

However, if you start to notice those Facebook conversations taking up a large chunk of your day or find yourself making excuses than you might have an issue with self-discipline, which is the backbone of any successful home business.

Just because you can sleep in doesn’t mean you should; in fact, as so much of online commerce occurs between 9-5 you risk missing out on a lot of opportunities by sleeping in.

You’ll also want to structure your day to ensure you get everything you need to done in a timely fashion.

Set a series of alarms or reminders throughout the day that signal when you should have finished a task.

By setting time limits for yourself and resisting the desire to procrastinate, you can ensure that you get the most of your time at home.

2. Self-Motivation

Self-motivation and self-discipline are like two sides of the same coin.

work from home

After all, while it takes self-discipline to keep you from procrastinating and sleeping in, it takes self-motivation to actually get your behind out of bed in the morning!

Furthermore, when you work from home that means you’re likely not going to be receiving much external motivation or words of encouragement from others, so keeping positive and always pushing yourself to seek out new challenges will serve you far in the long-run.

The trait is also essential when it comes to having an entrepreneurial spirit, something most home business owners share.

Self-motivated and entrepreneurial individuals are always coming up with new ideas, succeed without much or any external direction, and have the maturity to take responsibility for their actions as there is no one else to blame.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is a trait that is almost as important when it comes to working online as it is working from home.

If you have kids at home or responsibilities outside of work, then you need to be able to adapt to interruptions to your day and build in some padded time in case you expect to get interrupted in advance.

work from home

Additionally, the way that the online marketplace and digital marketing are constantly evolving at a near-blinding clip, you also need to be flexible in terms of your skill set and be willing to learn brand new skills on your own.

What held true for running a successful home business website in 2012 is likely much different that what holds true today in 2017 so do your research and stay on top of the ever-changing online landscape.

4. Tech/Communication Skills

If you work from home, there is a good chance you might work as a customer service representative or as a developer.

Having a strong technological skill set is always a boon to any home business owner as he or she is able to rely less on professionals that cost money and make the changes to their own website or provide a technical service themselves.

Similarly, whether you’re in customer service or not, much of your communication is likely to be held over e-mail or own the phone, meaning you don’t have certain nonverbal cue like hand gestures and facial expressions to help make sure your message is understood.

It’s easy to tell when someone is angry in person, but much harder if their email doesn’t suggest any ill feelings.

So not only do you want to make sure your messages are crystal clear, but you also want to get better at reading between the lines and understanding people’s tones in written communication.

5. Confidence

work from home

Our last personality trait needed to work from home is the one that will see you through the hard times and help you make the most out of the good ones.

Believing in yourself is not only essential for getting your home business off the ground, it also lets others know that you have strong confidence in your abilities and will be able to achieve the task at hand.

Often you have to make decisions in a vacuum without any feedback outside your own.

It is during times like these that it is necessary that you have a healthy dose of confidence to trust your gut and stick to your guns.

No one else will so it’s on you to handle criticism well and keep a positive attitude when things might seem bleak.

So there you have it, the five character traits that make the decision to work from home a far easier one.

By possessing self-motivation, self-discipline, confidence, tech-savviness and communication skills, and flexibility you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way while always keeping a positive and can-do attitude.

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