What Is Your Easy Business – Scam or Legit?

what is your easy business

In My Experience, Legitimate Training and Opportunities
Doesn’t Look Like This


So, what is Your Easy Business?

Not too much info can be found regarding the Your Easy Business system, but based on their website and sales video. Here’s what we were able to determine.

Your Easy Business Review

Your Easy Business, found at youreasybusiness.com, and owned by a “Paula Shaffer” appears to be your typical get rich quick scheme.

The Offer

You are being offered a done-for-you website.

Paula states that as you are watching the video not only is your website being set up, but you are making $100’s of dollars just for watching.

Which is a complete joke.

The whole thing is a charade to keep you on the website and to eventually make a purchase.

It comes off as pure desperation on their end.

The Issue

One of the primary issues I have with Your Easy Business is the lack of info you are given in the sales video.

Instead of taking the opportunity to teach people how there system works, what to expect after they buy, and the kind of work which may be involved to succeed with their system, you encounter terms such:

  • “the easiest way to make money online”
  • “make $1,000’s every day”

Of course, I don’t have a problem with the possibility of making $1,000s of dollars – “super easily”.

The problem is that systems such as Your Easy Business are designed to target internet newbies looking for ways to earn some honest income online.

The information and promises made here are all false.

Of course, there are safe ways to learn how to make money online and even, eventually, work for yourself from home.

Your Easy Business isn’t one of them….

If you consider yourself a newbie and decided to buy this program, don’t beat yourself up.

There are (too) many programs out there like this one owned by people who spend lots of time and money preying on individuals who may not know any better.

And I’m willing to bet that Paula Shaffer, supposed owner and millionaire, is a fictitious name.

The Proof is Laughable

In an attempt to show some sort of social proof, Your Easy Business displays it’s user testimonies in the form of text.

Here’s an example:

Social proof from actual users is a great way to show potential customers how [insert product] could help benefit them.

Using text testimonies is perfectly fine yet not very convincing coming from this particular system.

You may have noticed a few of these generic messages within the sales video yourself.

And not to mention, the bank account screenshots which could be easily manipulated:


No Help in Sight

All too often I see systems like this one who do a good job of selling the idea of how rich you COULD become if you just hurry up and buy, but they fail to inform us about what it is we are buying.

On top of that, there’s no one to communicate with if you have any questions regarding their system, just another red flag.

Connect with real people and get help building your own successful website.

Is Your Easy Business A Scam?

It’s set up like a get rich quick scheme and we do not recommend it.

You as a consumer are free to pursue any products of your choosing.

You are sold on the idea that you will make $1,000 of dollars daily and automatically after a one-time investment of $37.


Use caution with this one, nobody is going to “copy their exact money-making websites” that made them wealthy and hand them over to you for $37, so that you can earn lots of money, and fast.

But you CAN build your own successful niche website.

You can even create your own website(s) based on things you enjoy and create content around topics that you enjoy.

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