What Is UpVoice – A Brief Review

what is upvoice

It’s likely that you were searching for ways of making money online prior to coming across UpVoice.

So, what is UpVoice anyway?

In short, it’s an app which monitors the ads being displayed to you while visiting certain websites, like Facebook.

For participants (you and I), there’s a financial incentive.

For UpVoice, well there’s financial incentive as well. Big brands are paying them to monitor how you interact with ads and to collect data on which ads you see.

Update from management team:

“We actually don’t monitor how users interact with the ads (we don’t monitor users at all). We only look at the ad itself, and how many likes, comments, shares it received and what demographic it targets.

User privacy is #1 for us, with everything that’s going on…”

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What Is UpVoice?

UpVoice, created by BrandTotal, is a user-research panel which can be found at www.joinupvoice.com.

This review should not be confused with the Upvoice app, found at www.upvoice.app.

Basically, a user-research panel is a list of participants who are recruited for specific activities.

In this case, those activities require you to regularly visit popular sites like the ones listed below:

upvoice participating sites include facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, linkedin, amazonWhile on these sites, UpVoice can and will monitor the ads being displayed to you and maybe how you interact with them.

(Did you click on the ad, hover over it, scroll past it quickly, etc).

Big brands and companies are willing to pay for this kind of information.

In case I wasn’t clear before, hopefully, this cleared it up.

How To Join UpVoice

To join UpVoice you will need 3 things:

  1. A Facebook account
  2. A laptop or computer
  3. Chrome web browser

UpVoice is kind of like an app only it’s not for smartphones.

It’s for Chrome users.

Much like an app, you download the UpVoice chrome extension right to the web browser. It should start doing it’s job from there.

If you have these things, joining is a matter of signing in with your Facebook account and filling out a sign up form.

The signup form asks for name, email, your birth year, gender and location.

And that’s it…

You will be met with a popup telling you if you qualify and notified by email.

qualifying for upvoice

Can You Make Money Using UpVoice?

According to the website you can earn up to $75+ annually.

You earn by regularly visiting Youtube, Amazon, FB, or any of the other participating websites using your computer.

UpVoice does it’s thing, by anonymously collecting the ads you see, and you are given daily tokens in return.

Here’s how the token system works:

  • You will receive a signup bonus of 300 tokens. You can only sign up to our panel once.
  • You will receive a daily total amount of 10 tokens for visiting one or more of the participating sites. For example, if you visit any one of the participating sites for 15 days in a certain month, then you will earn 150 tokens.
  • You will receive an extra tokens bonus every time you’ve reached increments of tokens earned over time (i.e. when reaching 2,100tokens over time you will get an additional 120 tokens).

The tokens can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards only.

Any Similar Apps?

I mentioned earlier that UpVoice is not the first of it’s kind.

That’s because I’ve actually downloaded and used similar services like Smart Panel and Mobile Performance Meter.

I think UpVoice is unique in that it is restricted to Chrome users.

Other research panels like Smart Panel and Mobile Performance Meter are very similar apps that will pay you in exchange, you allow them to collect certain data.

This data serves big companies – all in the name of market research.

Is UpVoice A Scam?

We give UpVoice the OK.

They are totally transparent when it comes to the information being collected, how that info is used, the work involved, and the rewards involved.

Get started with UpVoice.

I chose not to download UpVoice – which was just a personal choice. It’s not for me.

But they definitely seem legit.

It’s only a matter if you are comfortable with them collecting certain data or not – which is not new or unusual among apps and many services in this day and age.


  • No extra work needs to be done on your end, if you use participating sites, you can browse as normal
  • Could earn Amazon gift cards
  • UpVoice is transparent
  • Can cancel any time (contact them at contact@joinupvoice.com)


  • Low payout


If you don’t mind being monitored for certain actions and are looking for an easy way to make a few extra bucks or Amazon gift cards in this case, then UpVoice may be right for you.

They are very transparent on the website, plus if you have any further questions, you can always reach out to them to ask.

(Or leave a comment here. I have no problem answering any questions I know the answer to).

Companies like to see how and if people interact with ads. UpVoice’s role is to provide them with some of that data.

By becoming a participant, you are contributing in a way.

The ones getting the real payout here is UpVoices, which is fine. It would be nice to see larger payouts from them.

But that’s their call…

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