What Is My Optimized Success Plan – Legit or Scam?

what is my optimized success plan

For anyone whose landed on this page, you’re probably interested in learning what is My Optimized Success Plan? And whether or not if its safe to use or a scam?

Well, here’s our take on this system dubbing itself as “the most exciting opportunity on the planet”.

What Is My Optimized Success Plan Review

My Optimized Success Plan, found at www.myosplan.com, claims to help its partners (customers) by “cranking truckloads of cash into your bank account, every single day, like clockwork”.

When you see an opportunity or product making claims like these, it’s usually a good sign for you to run for the hills.

My Optimized Success Plan also goes on to say that it is their goal to help people:

  • Eliminate debt
  • Increase family time
  • Financial freedom

These types of promises were well thought out and are being used to capture your attention and to trigger emotions.

Basically, your being promised a “Millionaire Website”, a website that will generate millions of dollars for you all for a one-time fee of $97.

The reality is that real, legitimate online businesses usually take months or years to create.

You will not be handed a “millionaire website” for a fee of one hundred dollars and start profiting “truckloads of cash right away.

There Is A Way

One way to begin earning instantly from a website is if you were to purchase a website that is already profiting.

This usually will cost you and requires a big budget.

For example, a website that is making $10,000/mo will cost you anywhere between $200,00o to $600,000.

[6-12 Months’ Average Net Profit] x (20 to 60+) = Listing Price. (Example from empireflippers.com).

I point this out just to show you what it would really take to acquire a site already producing income.

And that nobody is going to hand you a millionaire website…

The Reality

Back to My Optimized Success Plan, this is not a new and unique opportunity, despite what you hear in the sales video on their website.

In fact, My Optimized Success Plan looks awfully similar to items we have reviewed in the past on this website.

See AE Success Plan, Ultimate Online Success Plan, and Cash With Matt.

We have strong reason to believe that whoever is behind the creation of My Optimized Success Plan, put together the websites listed above as well.

The REAL goal of these websites is to lead people to a system known as MOBE.

And there’s a strong reason why MOBE is never mentioned to you on the My Optimizes Success Plan website.

(For full details on MOBE, we recommend seeing our Cash With Matt review).

None of these systems are recommended as they are misleading and not the best “opportunities”.


Just a quick note here regarding the testimonials we see in the sales video and also the checkout page without going into full detail.

image of testimonials from my optimized success plan checkout page

Be wary, we’ve seen the exact same video and images numerous times spread out across the internet.

They are typically shown on websites with low-value products and offers.

These recycled “testimonies” are used to convince you that actual people are getting results for the product.

Testimonies can be a great way of showing potential customers how a product may benefit them

They’re great so long as they are not being wrongfully used and are not original.

This happens to be the case for My Optimized Success Plan.

Another Misleading $500 Promise

This is another tactic we’ve seen used over and over since we began doing reviews on this website 3 years ago.

One of the catches of joining the system is that you are promised “the absolute least you will make is $500.

All you have to do is watch the entire 20min. (or so) video and you will get $500 credited to your account, according to the website.

This is only done to get you to buy their system and to believe the $500 is yours.

Even if you cancel, they will refund you the initial $97 fee, plus the $500 is yours to keep.

So they say.

The Real Catch

In order to qualify for this money, the $500, you must fully complete 21 of their steps.

This step requires you to spend $1,000’s of dollars more. Only then will you qualify.

As shown directly on the website:

$500 guarantee from purchase agreement of my optimized success plan

Total horse sh**, I know.

Conclusion – My Optimized Success Plan Review

If you think all of your problems will go away and you will be a happy owner of a brand new millionaire website, all for a one time cost of $97, then you are in for a shock.

Is My Optimized Success Plan a Scam?

Based on the things we have expressed in this review, we do not recommend My Optimized Success Plan.

The entire website is misleading and an attempt to lead people into joining MOBE.


  • They offer a 30-day money back guarantee


  • Set up like your typical get-rich-quick program
  • Blindly funnels customers to MOBE
  • Recycled testimonies
  • The $500 Guarantee, actually requires you to spend $1,000’s before qualifying
  • Very similar to other systems we’ve reviewed and not recommended
  • There are far BETTER and LEGITIMATE opportunities out there

Create Your Own Business, The Right Way

If interested in making real money online from home, creating your own business is the way to go.

We’re not just talking about making a few dollars here and there, but with the right training and support, you can make a full-time income right from home.

And I’d like to offer my help.

The first thing to do is get rid of the idea that making real money online comes fast and easy.

There’s a process involved and generating revenue from your own online business, month after month, usually requires dedication, time, and effort on your part.

Secondly, I recommend you get properly trained. From a real community, with a real service, and very helpful training that can turn a beginner into an online business owner with a great understanding of how online business really works.

This is the same route that I took and I would like to invite you to join me where I can personally help you along the way.

You can learn more about Earning an Income From Home here.

Feel free to share your comments regarding My Optimized Success Plan just below, we love hearing from you!


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