What Is Lines News

what is lines new

Product Name: Lines News
Product Owner: Unknown
The Verdict: Scam! Remove your personal info!! (See below)

What Is Lines News

Lines news is no different than the other false “internet job” reviews I did for News-Doc and Quest of News. As a matter of fact, I am convinced the same person(s) are behind this scam. Bottom line it is not safe to use, you will not be getting any payments from them and if you have entered any personal information, you need to delete it now.

what is lines news

To do this:

  • Make your way to the Lines-news.com website
  • Select ‘more’ under Your Balance
  • Next select ‘reset’. Next to ‘account system’
  • Clear the text field of your account number for Payza or Paypal
  • Select ‘edit’

Selecting edit will clear the field of your account information. Now this will clear it from their website, but they may have your personal information stored in a database. To be on the safe side make sure you check your Paypal or Payza accounts for any bizarre or unusual activity.

The Truth About Lines News

The person or people responsible for Lines-news.com have many similar sites on the internet, where they are hoaxing people into believing it’s an actual internet job that pays you to read the news.

I have never come across a real internet job that “pays to read” the news. According to the geniuses at Lines News, starting out you “earn” $5 to read news articles (usually one sentence), then solve a simple math equation. After this you make $5 then move onto the next article.

As a “beginner status” you only earn $5 per article and can only read 10 of them within a certain time frame. To move up to a “Professional status”, you may invite your friends and family to be a part of this hoax.

Do this and you will “receive” up to $9 per article. It took me less then 3 minutes to make my first “$50” with Lines-news.com

what is lines news

Easy enough?

What Makes Lines News So Unsafe

Do not expect to get paid using Lines News or any of these other “paid-to-read” websites, if you do receive payment ever, let me know. What you can expect from Lines News however:

  1. Same owner(s). This is not their first or last “paid to read” news website scamming people.
  2. Do Not Provide Any Personal Info. They are harvesting Email and Paypal addresses, then selling them off to the highest bidders.
  3. Do Not Bother Contacting Them. I would love to see this be put to an end for wasting people’s valuable time. Just to be safe and avoid further hardships, avoid contacting them. All the information about the company and contact information for this site is fake.
  4. One more thing I noticed. They are so greedy, they even have advertising on display by Adchoice. This allows advertising of other companies on their website. When clicked on they receive a little more money, which can add up.

You don’t have to take my word for it, just a fair warning and would like to save you the time and energy.

Don’t Give Up Just Yet

Lines News was faulty.

But there still are many ways to earn honest money online, right from the comfort of home. As someone who works primarily from home (I get to work and travel from laptop as well), I would like to invite you to a platform that will teach you how to earn real money online.what is lines news

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I now have a successful home business, but I would like to note it did not happen overnight. It required some effort and time on my part. But I was ready for a change over my ordinary job which I became fed up with. I was tired of working hard to make someone else’s dream come true. It was time to work for me and make my dreams come true.

I Took Action, It Paid Off!

I looked for alternatives online, I came across scams like Lines News too often, eventually I found Wealthy Affiliate and joined for free. As a free member I had access to the first 10 training lessons, my own websites, and access to other members to ask questions along the way.

I was halfway into the first 10 lessons when I decided to upgrade using Wealthy Affiliate (upgrading is optional). Best decision I made in a long time. As I said, I took the time to learn and apply all the great material and it paid off big time.

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