What Is Home Wealth Business About – Any Good?

what is home wealth business about

So, What is Home Wealth Business About?


Home Wealth Business, founded by Brian Thompson, which claims to be located in Houston, TX, US, poses as affiliate marketing training which can help members earn “$3,000 per day on average, on autopilot”.

These type of claims are usually made by scam websites as they tend to use wording like “fast, easy, autopilot, done-for-you”, and so on.

Creating and owning a website is not impossible, but it’s also not super easy, as some places imply.

Also, for real online business ventures, don’t expect to make millions of dollars within just a few months.

Not going to happen.

When it comes to Home Wealth Business, I have a hard time safely recommending using this system due to the numerous (obvious) red flags.

I would recommend saving $49 by not purchasing this particular system…

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Home Wealth Business Review

While reviewing the Home Wealth Business system, it was hard to miss the constant mention of Internet Wealth Biz within the presentation.

This is because Home Wealth Business is a remake of a not so popular system in Internet Wealth Biz.

They make this very obvious on the Home Wealth Business website:

Why They Remade It

Home Wealth Business or Internet Wealth Biz, may also be operating under the name Home Cash Business.

The reason Internet Wealth Biz is relying on changing its website name, while the sales video and everything else virtually remains the same, is because it’s been proven to be a scam through numerous reviews and by dissatisfied customers.

The person(s) behind it simply buy a new domain name, which costs only about $15/yr, in hopes to find new customers while operating under a new name.

This is nothing new as I’ve come across many faulty products who have done the same.

What’s also common among such systems is the use of fake testimonies.

The “Testimonies”

A great portion of the sales video focuses on member testimonies.

Hearing how wealthy others have become by using a system that you are potentially interested in buying, can be a very convincing factor.

Unfortunately, some people like to abuse the power of a testimony by going out and hiring someone to vouch for their product.

That’s exactly what Home Wealth Business has done and it would be safe to discredit each testimony found on the website.

HWB took it upon themselves to pay several individuals to vouch for their system.

As we can see above, the same person who claimed to have a $3,000+ day using their system, can also be found on Fiverr.com selling a service to others where they will testify or be a “spokesperson” for anyone willing to pay.

Again, this is a common tactic I’ve seen used by scams.

What Is Home Wealth Business About?

Home Wealth Business poses as affiliate marketing training.

They promise to teach you a method that could make you a millionaire while only working less than an hour, per week.

As appealing as this may sounds, starting and running online business DOES NOT work this way.

For starters, if you can’t dedicate a minimum of 5 hours per week towards an online business, it may not be the right opportunity for you.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert

Without computer skills, marketing experience, lots of money or time, and an understanding of SEO and paid search, you can succeed with Home Wealth Business.

According to them.

While you don’t need to be an expert in ALL of these areas to succeed online, I always recommend proper training as there are certain things you need to learn that will be critical to your success.

You will be far better off than purchasing a done-for-you system that 100% will not pan out.

One of the most disappointing things about Home Wealth Business is that they spent 30min. pitching an idea that people will become rich by simply buying their system.

In that 30 minutes, you learn nothing about how online business works, what to expect once you buy, or what makes their methods so unique.

It’s 30 minutes of pure hype-garbage.

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Is Home Wealth Business a Scam?

Genuine online opportunities and training usually don’t operate like Home Wealth Business, formerly known as Internet Wealth Biz.

The only reason Home Wealth Business exists is that Internet Wealth Biz built up a reputation so bad they had to change the name in an attempt to attract more customers.

To wrap this up, the only positive we could find about this system is the 60-day money back guarantee.

We do not recommend using Home Wealth Business.

The good news is that there is quality, beginner-friendly training out there for individuals interested in learning how to create an income from home.

For that, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can find our full review on WA here!

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    Dave - 4 years ago

    Hey Jason,

    I did not know that the Home Wealth Business was operating under a different name before. Had I known this I wouldn’t have researched more on it.

    The thing is, I don’t trust systems that keep changing their brand names especially with this one that has had bad reputation.

    I think I will go with wealthy affiliate as my plan B. Thanks.

      Jason - 4 years ago

      Not a problem, Dave.

      You can check out my full review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

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