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what is gofounders

I first came across GoFounders by way of email.

One of my regular “try this new opportunity” contacts sent it to my inbox as part of their daily spam promos.

I keep these people around, who send me spammy emails, as opposed to blocking them because:

a) they often give me new products to review

b) rarely, these products turn out to be good

Could that be the case for GoFounders? Is it any good and worth the investment or is GoFounders a scam?

What Is GoFounders

GoFounders positions itself as a ‘guaranteed to succeed’ business opportunity. Meaning that regardless of skill level, experience, or whatever, anyone can succeed by joining and using their system. According to them.

After doing a bit of digging on what is GoFounders, I found other websites calling it a pyramid scheme while others were recommending people to join and promoting it as a life-changing opportunity.

Based on everything I’ve learned while researching this program which we share in our review below, we do not recommend GoFounders.

But that doesn’t mean we’re calling it a scam. I’d rather share why we do not recommend it which rings true for many of these “everything done for you” systems.

That’s because they never work out.


It’s important to note, you are NOT actually joining GoFounders. Instead, GoFounders is actually a front for a system known as OnPassive.

The funnel you are put through in order to join is a hassle and the sales videos feel a bit outdated.

You are taken from an invitation page containing a 2min long video, from here, they collect your email at which point the person who “invited” you will send you an email and the next phase of the signup process.

The next page contains a 23min video and a 45min video. This is completely fine but they don’t teach you much to be honest.

Another concern is the person narrating the video is basically complaining about the same business model he is asking you to join. He’s sharing his experiences in MLM and how past companies have tried to steal his “recruits” and essentially income leading to legal action.

I love the openness, I hate the risk factor based on everything heard in the sales video.

It is not the best look from a potential customers perspective.

Especially considering the fact that there are far better options available when it comes to learning and earning online.

To Join Or Not

Basically, the sales page comes down to two options.

To become a founder or not.

gofounder sales page

If you become a founder by joining today, you can save lots of money by doing so.

But what are you saving money on exactly? What does GoFounder have to offer and why does it cost so much?

How Much Is It?

The initial cost to join is $97.

Along with the initial “founders” fee, you can expect to pay $25 – $500 per month for access to the various tiers within the system.

Here’s a glimpse of the matrix positions or tiers:

$25 Matrix (positions cost $25)

  • $2 on level 1 per position filled
  • $3 on level 2 per position filled
  • $2 on level 3 per position filled
  • $1 on levels 4 to 8 per position filled
  • $2 on level 9 per position filled and
  • $1 on level 10 per position filled

$125 Matrix (positions cost $125)

  • $10 on level 1 per position filled
  • $15 on level 2 per position filled
  • $7 on level 3 per position filled
  • $5 on levels 4 and 5 per position filled
  • $3 on level 6 per position filled
  • $2 on level 7 per position filled
  • $3 on levels 8 and 9 per position filled
  • $2 on level 10 per position filled

$250 Matrix (positions cost $250)

  • $10 on level 1 per position filled
  • $25 on level 2 per position filled
  • $10 on level 3 per position filled
  • $8 on levels 4 to 6 per position filled
  • $7 on levels 7 and 8 per position filled
  • $8 on levels 9 and 10 per position filled

$500 Matrix (positions cost $500)

  • $20 on level 1 per position filled
  • $30 on level 2 per position filled
  • $15 on levels 3 to 5 per position filled
  • $10 on levels 6 and 7 per position filled
  • $15 on levels 8 and 9 per position filled
  • $10 on level 10 per position filled

These matrix positions are monthly recurring fees. Even though you are told there are none in the opening video:gofounders price

“No monthly fees”.


The owner for GoFounders is an experienced marketer named Ash Mufareh.Ash Mufareh

During my research, I came across this on the BehindMLM website:

“Ash is credited as being the founder of OnPassive, and looking at his Facebook page, we can see that he’s credited himself there as the Founder and CEO of another company known as GFI Fusion.

Going even deeper in Ash’s past involvements, he launched another company, AshMax, at some point around 2010. AshMax was a recruitment scheme.

Lately, Ash has been spending his time promoting a bunch of schemes that promote passive incomes to people.

With all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at OnPassive and see just what it’s bringing to the table.”

What Do They Sell?

Here’s where GoFounders, really named OnPassive, is seriously lacking.

OnPassive doesn’t offer any products, goods, nor services.

The only thing being sold is membership for the sake of selling membership.

Affiliates, or those who decide to join, will earn money by getting others to join. The problem is, is that there’s no real value or tangible products available to customers.

This is a problem with many MLM, not all. There’s nothing being offered and this type of business practice usually ends up getting shut down.


There are none really


  • GoFounders doesn’t exist. You’re really joining/purchasing OnPassive
  • MLM with no real products, training, goods for members
  • Not clear on the many pricing points
  • WAY BETTER opportunities when it comes to learning how to earn online


I’ve been working from home and running this website for over 3 years.

In those 3 years, I’ve learned a lot about this industry and have reviewed numerous products within it.

Basically, my best advice is that learning how to earn online and finding a safe place to do so, doesn’t have to be so difficult.

This is why we recommend WA. A place where you can begin learning for free and upgrade whenever you’re ready for full member experience.


For the many reasons shared above, we decided to not recommend GoFounder or even purchase this system ourselves.

So, what is GoFounders?

It’s simply a funnel to another system known as OnPassive.

The confusing price points, the failure to contain any real products, and the somewhat “shady” past of GoFounder’s ownership were enough to turn me away.

Getting started online doesn’t have to be so complicated, which is why this website was put together. To help people learn where and how to get started without all the BS.

Here you can find our top recommended service. A place where I can work one on one with you and help you achieve success from home.

Have a moment? Feel free to share your experiences using GoFounders below. We’d love to hear from you.

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    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    James Waiya
    James Waiya - 3 years ago

    Thank you Iam one of the GOFOUNDERS MEMBER and Iam not afraid of this system.A friend who I trust very much from Canada(Roger Pepin) sponsored me.Even if it will come up as scam I feel that no gain no loss.Sometimes we have to take risks in order to come up successfully.

      Jason - 3 years ago

      James, do keep us updated on your experiences as a GoFounders member.

      Although I would agree that there are some sacrifices usually involved if you want to become successful, there doesn’t necessarily need to be financial “risk” in order to become successful.

      And keep in mind, GoFounders is really OnPassive (a name you have certainly come across by now as a team member).

      Keep us updated, James. Thanks.

    Mohamad - a couple of years ago

    Thanks for for review. However, I prefer to think well instead despite the risk in any business. Onpassive is an IT company with state of the art AI products and every start up company needs some time to grow and succeed. The IT products will be lauching soon to the public so stay in the news. There are now about 80k founders and the volume speaks itself about the positive progress of Onpassive.

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