What Is All News Round

what is all news round

Product: All News Roundwhat is all news round
Owner: Unkown
The Verdict: Unsafe/Avoid Using!(see below)
Website: Allnewsround.com

Here we have another website claiming that they will pay you up to $5-$9 per each news article you read. Well I have some news for you, All News Round will not provide you with a “internet job”, and don’t expect to get paid from these scammers. Here is my All News Round review.

What Is All News Round

First of all, if you have entered either your Paypal or Payza account information you may want to make your way to their website, remove it, then click edit. This will visually remove it but I wouldn’t doubt the personal information was stored somewhere. To be on the safe side make sure you check your Paypal or Payza accounts for any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

what is all news round

I am not trying to send anyone into panic mode or a frenzy, but I have dealt with similar sites like this before and I like to review them to save you time, money, and heartache. Now, I work from home(more on this in a minute) and I have never came across a website that pays random people to read the news.

Think about it. You may have been caught up in there flashy promotions and the “Need Money”/”Begin Now”, but when you think about it, what company asks for your email, password, Paypal information, and then hires you.


How All News Round Works

The “company” itself claims to pay you $5-$9 for reading news articles. Great, except when it comes to the paying part, again don’t expect nada. If you stayed on their site and tried their offer you probably noticed something odd, instead of reading articles you read one short sentence followed by a math problem.

what is all news round

Wait 3 seconds, click confirm, solve the simple math problem, hit ok, you then “earn $5”. You can do this 10 times within a certain time limit, then wait a few hours to go another round at it. To earn the astonishing $9 per read article, you would have to build your account from a ‘beginner status’ to a ‘professional status’. To do this you have to refer people(invite friends) to join in on this scam, waste their time, and potentially have their personal information ripped off too.

What Their After:

If you caught on and didn’t enter your personal information, Way To Go, and avoid the All News Round scam website altogether. As I mentioned there are numerous websites like this, and I am convinced the same person(s) are behind them all. Here is what they are after:

  1. As mentioned, same owner(s). This is not their first or last “paid to read” news website scamming people.
  2. Do Not Provide Any Personal Info. They are harvesting Email and Paypal addresses, then selling them off to the highest bidders.
  3. Do Not Bother Contacting Them. I would love to see this be put to an end for wasting people’s valuable time. Just to be safe and avoid further hardships, avoid contacting them. All the information about the company and contact information for this site is fake.
  4. One more thing I noticed. They are so greedy, they even have advertising in place by Adchoice. This is advertising of other companies on their website. When clicked on they receive a little more money, which can add up.

Do yourself the favor, avoid revisiting this site….Unfortunately All News Round is a complete scam, but I do have good news;

Learn How To Earn Online

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This is an awesome platform that will teach you the process of making money online and an honest way to build your own business right from home or wherever there is internet access. Kind of nice to be able to work from the beach, a park, or your favorite hangout area, eh?

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so at first too. Turns out to be the real deal, unlike All News Round it will require some effort and a ready-to-learn attitude on your part.

With that being said, it’s free to join and use. Note that you will have limited access to all the training and support available unless you upgrade. As a free member you will never lose access to the first available lessons or your own websites that you will gain as well a free member. It’s definitely worth trying out for yourself.

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