Ways How To Earn Money From Home

“Always Do Your Research”

There are several ways how to earn money from home. When searching for different methods to do so you must be careful to

avoid the scammers. Like I always say, do your research and avoid people/websites depicting life in the fast lane with little to no effort, and who are asking for your hard earned dollars just to get you there.

It’s just not reality, making money from home requires effort and sometimes hard work, but it can be done. For more on how to avoid scams visit my web page Here.


“Get A Stay-At-Home Job”

A legitimate way to making money from home is to get an online job. Here is a list of a few:

  1. Telemarketer– Telemarketing usually involves persons contacting other people or business by phone in order to promote or offer a product or service. It takes thick-skin and  high patience to perform this job. Many companies are outsourcing their cold-calling campaigns to third parties who then hire home-based workers to place the calls. You can look to Telereach.com or Intrep.com for positions if available.
  2. Customer Service Rep–  Take calls and orders. Check Westathome.com, Arise.com, WorkingSolutions.com for more information.
  3. Survey Taking– Get paid to take surveys online. In my opinion this shouldn’t be considered full-time work due to the length of some surveys and the small reward. Here are a few sites to try if interested: MySurvey.com, VindaleResearch.com, epoll.com, SurveySavvy.com
  4. Blogger, writer, freelancer– If you have a passion to write this may be for you. Why not get paid doing something you enjoy, and to get you started I recommend WealthyAffiliate.com where you will have the freedom to create your own blog/website and gain proper knowledge on how to get your website/blog up and running.

“Stop By Wealthy Affiliate (WA)”

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate every chance I get to anyone interested in how to earn money from home or anyone interested in making their own website. It’s free for life, there is an option to upgrade to premium but that is 100% your say.

If you don’t like WA as a starter member (completely free) then you have my permission to stomp on Wealthy Affiliate, wrestle it, and throw it out the window! Which will not be the case, you will have step-by-step guidance in developing your website/blog through training videos and live support from other members at WA.

Ultimately you are in complete control of how your website will look and which content you want it to contain. It truly is an exciting opportunity to begin your new website/business with full support. Click the link below to get started at Wealthy Affiliate, and be sure to thank me later:


Or Check Out My Review On Wealthy Affiliate!

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

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    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    TheDopestMatrix - 7 years ago

    I like it- very straight to the point. It’s important to do your research because there really is a vast amount of opportunities out there! I know about this guy where I’m from that rides a bike and hands out ice cream all day- there are so many options, don’t get placed in one just because you have to!
    Awesome article, thanks!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

      Jason - 7 years ago

      Thanks for visiting the website, and leaving a comment!

      As for the guy on the bike handing out ice cream all day, don’t be surprised if you see him in his own ice cream truck, and then becoming the next Cold Stone creamery. Right mindset, right attitude, and the work ethic, anything can be accomplished.

    Marc - 7 years ago

    Short sweet and too the point. It is really hard to find legitimate ways to earn money online. You are right about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great place to start. One that you failed to mention in your post is to freelance as a writer if you like to write. There are so many sites out there. Maybe you could write a post about that in the future.
    Thank you ,

      Jason - 7 years ago

      Thank you Marc for the heads-up. I think I will add a post on that. Thanks for leaving a comment as well!

    Stephen - 7 years ago

    Hi JHeard,

    Very interesting post on scam sites. I agree with you 100% when a site looks too good to be true that it most likely is the case. I never knew you could report them to the BBB and get your case resolved. Thanks for the insightful tips. Much appreciated. Look forward to your upcoming blogs regarding online opportunities.

      Jason - 7 years ago

      Hey thanks for leaving a comment,

      Yes visit often for more posts!

    Viljoen - 6 years ago

    My favourite method is the 4th one which involves blogging. The reason why I love blogging so much is because you can earn a passive income from it.

    I never knew this until a couple of months ago when I logged into my affiliate network account. The last time that I have touched one of my blogs is one year ago and that specific blog is earning me $300 per month which is great.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      That’s pretty awesome Vijolen

      It’s a great feeling to know that a project you have not touched for a year is still earning you monthly income.

      I like to share with people that once your site is live, it’s live!

      Meaning that once you put up your site, the only person who can remove it from the internet is you. So even if it’s a website like yours that hasn’t been “manned” in a while it is still available for people to see and yes can earn you money.

      I have heard many similar stories online. However I have noticed that certain individuals will show and tell you that the best results in terms of earning online comes when you are blogging or updating your site regularly.

    Mr. Davidsen
    Mr. Davidsen - 6 years ago


    Great blog.

    I agree very much with you that making money from home requires a lot of effort – but it is all worth it.

    I myself teach other people to trade forex at (EDIT) for as little as $5 pr. person. Now – how can I make a living at this? Well – I can not, and that is not the intention. But I am doing what I love.

    That is the most important thing as you also mention – to do what you feel is right for you.

    I also do a lot of other thing beside teach forex – but the reason I do this is my drive for helping people not to fall in the hands of scammers in trading. I have seen many different possibilities for making money, but trading is sure the one, where I have seen most scammers.

    Of the possiblities you mention in your article affiliate is perhaps the most easy to start. It requires very litte money to start (but it takes time and knowledge to start)

    Thanks for you article – keep up the good work.

    Mr. Davidsen

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Thank You, Mr. Davidsen

      People do have options when it comes to learning/earning online. That is good you found an area in which you enjoy and can help others!

      In my opinion affiliate marketing is a great option as well because of low start up costs and the potential is huge, you just have to be prepared to go thru a learning curve if it is something that is completely new to you.

      Have a good weekend

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