Ultimate Home Profits Review – A Scam?

ultimate home profits review

Ultimate Home Profits Short Review

Name: Ultimate Home Profits
Owner: “Emily Hudson”
Website: www.ultimatehomeprofits.com
Price: $98

Summary: Ultimate Home Profits is a website which depicts and promises a dream job working from home that ultimately will allow it’s participants to live a “dream lifestyle”.

You are guaranteed to earn up to $500 per day, according to the website.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but their is no dream job, and you certainly won’t be making $500 posting random links around the internet using this system.

Recommended? No.

Ultimate Home Profits Review

There has been countless times that I’ve encountered Ultimate Home Profits, and each time, it went by a different name.

Here is what I mean:

ultimate home profits review

ultimate home profits review

ultimate home profits review

ultimate home profits review

ultimate home profits review

ultimate home profits review

There’s TONS more out there.

This should be somewhat alarming to those interested in getting involved with the Ultimate Home Profits system.

Even though the website or “company” name changes, the exact same offer and sales page remains the same. Feel free to check out a recent review I did on Online Income. Notice the similarities?

The problem here is that someone(s) taking the exact same offer, renaming it, and treating it as a unique opportunity. It is my belief that the name continues to change to avoid the bad reputation the sites are getting.

If one of these scams gets exposed, they proceed by creating a new name and website while copying and pasting the same crap offer.

If you would like to begin learning how to earn a consistent income online, scam-free, I suggest you get started here.

Other Scam Hints

The sales page opens up with a random news clip where the story is related to working from home, but know that the news clips being displayed have nothing to do with Ultimate Home Profits.

You can find the same random videos that Ultimate Home Profits has decided to compile together and place on their site, on Youtube:

Aside from the news clips, the rest of the sales video is the same exact one that I saw for another scam known as, Cash With Matt.

Use caution, their entire site has been copied and pasted together in an attempt to trick it’s visitors into buying a false program.

Here’s proof of copy and paste:

ultimate home profits review

ultimate home profits review

[/caption]Both images are intended to represent the product “owner”, they both display the name as Emily Hudson as the owner.

The one on the left is from Ultimate Home Profits and I guess in their haste to rip people off, they forgot to change the name for image showing a male from Emily Hudson.

More Scam Hints

Don’t fall for this:

ultimate home profits review

Of course “Work From Home Opportunities” have been featured on ABC, Fox, and CNN news channels. But Ultimate Home Profits hasn’t.

They make this clear in a statement at the bottom of the website, while trying to deceit you at the top of the page with the banner.

Lastly, don’t fall for this link posting scam. It is literally the oldest trick in the online book.

You will not make $15 for every link you post on the internet at whim, and you will be lucky to make any money at all following this system.

Ultimate Home Profits is attempting to mimic a very popular business model in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is how I make all of my income these days and has allowed me to work from home.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing and also explore your other best options for starting a business via the internet.

Is Ultimate Home Profits A Scam

0/ 0
Ultimate Home Profits - Overall Rating

Without question Ultimate Home Profits is a scam with many existing duplicate websites. The sales page for each of these duplicates remains the same.

However, depending on which of these you decide to purchase (if you decide to), will determine what you are purchasing exactly. Sometimes it’s not so obvious, until after you buy.

For example, I have been lead to 37 clicks following one of these sites which is a well-known scam. Not to mention, the number of up-sells you will encounter immediately after buying one of these low quality systems.

No thanks!

It’s best to avoid places online that make ridiculous claims in terms of earnings while doing very little work.

Establishing a successful business on the internet or off, requires real work and commitment.

Don’t fall for the fallacy that building a successful business that pumps out “$500 cash daily” will happen over night. With patience, persistence, and the right training, this can become a reality for you.

If you would like to join the same training that took me from no job, to ‘full-time’ income from home, feel free to head over to my #1 recommendation where you can begin your education in online business for free.

Have any questions or comments regarding the Ultimate Home Profits? Please share them in the comments section below and I will respond ASAP 🙂


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