All you need to know about Timebucks

Timebucks is a Get Paid To platform created in 2014 and owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd. It offers people so many opportunities to earn online and pays users for carrying out various tasks online like completing surveys, installing apps, playing games, watching videos, drawing photos of different people, and more. There are also simple tasks that can give you cash immediately such as liking their social media pages and subscribing to their Youtube channel.

Getting started with Timebucks

The website is free for all to join. The first step to owning an account on Timebucks is registering on their official website using your email address or signing up with your Facebook account. After registration, you are automatically directed to the dashboard, where you get to complete your profile. Once your profile is completed, you can begin to carry out tasks and cash out weekly. Timebucks operates perfectly well in all countries except 5 countries which are Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, and Cuba. The minimum age required to get signed up is 18 years old.

Earning money with Timebucks
There are multiple ways to earn money on this platform and the amount of money a user can earn is dependent on the tasks completed. Below are the various tasks a user can carry out and their rate.

Surveys: there are many surveys available on Timebucks that a user can complete, which are run by different organizations. For one to complete a survey, you must be qualified for the survey you wish to take up. The number of surveys a user get access to depend on the user’s location. Earning also varies as each company get to set their own rate, but the average rate per survey is $1–$2.

Watch videos: there are many videos a user can watch including Youtube videos, as new videos get uploaded from time to time. Most of these videos are promotional videos and the average pay per video is $0.011.

Install free apps: there are various free apps users can download and install on their mobile devices. Each app has its own requirement concerning the earning of rewards. Some may require you to keep the app on your device for a period of time, while others may require you to interact and use the app before you can earn your reward.

Referral: Timebucks has a referral program, which allows you to earn rewards for each person you bring to the site that ends up registering and earning. You can also earn commissions on the earnings of your referral.

Offer walls: there are multiple offer walls to choose from, as various companies has different offers. Some offers tells you to download games and play them, while others tells you to participate in a quiz before earning rewards. The average pay per offer is $0.50.

Roll: this begins with hitting the roll button on the website for an opportunity to roll into winnings. Before you can partake in this exercise, you must have completed 10 tasks on the platform that day. You also get to earn 50% of your referrals win when they roll. You can roll again after 24 hours of your previous roll.

Vote in polls: there are some polls on the website where you get to earn money by participating in them. The average rate one can earn from participating in polls in $0.01.
One-time cash offers: this includes completing your profile, liking their Facebook page, uploading a promotional video, registering domains, etc.

Numerous and trustworthy payment options: Timebucks get to pay its users through different payment options depending on the payment option accepted in your location. The payment options used includes Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Bitcoin, Tangocard, and Bank Transfer.

Multiple money making options: unlike other platforms, there are various tasks which users can complete in other to earn rewards. Aside from the tasks that have been mentioned earlier, other tasks in which users can complete includes signing up on websites, creating TikTok videos, completing Captcha, clicking on links, sweepstakes, etc.
Fairly low cashout minimum: on other platforms, the average rate of the minimum cash one must have earned to be able to withdraw is around $20 to $25. Timebucks offers a minimum of $10, which is fairly low compared to other platforms.

Great referral program: Timebucks offers a great referral program where you get to have commission off every person you refer, and the people your referrals refer. You also get to earn 50% commission off the win of your referral’s money roll.

Free to join: anybody that meets Timebucks’ requirements can sign up and complete tasks at their own convenience from any location. No special skills or knowledge is required before one can start earning on this platform.

Available worldwide: it is available in all countries except 5 countries due to their terms and conditions. The countries where Timebucks is not available are Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba.

Low earning potential: most offers on this platform pay very low, ranging from $0.001 to $1. If a user gets $0.01 for watching a 20 minutes video, it would take several months before they can get to the $10 threshold. It pays little for cumbersome tasks.

Limited tasks: sometimes, users depending on their location may end up not seeing any tasks to complete due to unavailability. Some categories remain unavailable for days and weeks, and users affected by this get to earn less over a period of time.
It doesn’t support PayPal: For PayPal users, you won’t be able to receive payments into your account directly. You will have to choose AirTM as your payment option, then withdraw with PayPal on AirTM platform after you have been paid.

Possibility of social media accounts getting spammed: there are tasks where you are required to put in your email on other websites, thereby risking getting spammed. There is also a possibility of getting your Instagram account blocked due to mass following and unfollowing carried out in accordance to task given.

Survey limitations: for users to take part in a survey, they have to pre-qualify, which can be a very huge waste of time. Another issue is that they don’t host their own surveys but redirect users to other survey platforms.

Timebucks is a legitimate platform with majorly positive reviews from its users. It is very good for making a few bucks in a short time. However, you cannot make use of Timebucks if you are interested in making a bigger amount of money.

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