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the profit shortcut review

I once read in a book that “there are no shortcuts to getting rich or becoming wealthy”.

The Profit Shortcut completely undermines this sensible advice by promising a “foolproof method” that could help you earn $1,000’s within weeks of joining their program.

They also imply that those who join, could make up to $100,000+ per month, later on, using the methods they teach.

We did a bit of digging and share everything we found in our The Profit Shortcut review below.

Also, why I decided not to buy it.

Name: The Profit Shortcut

Owner: “Sarah Highland”


Recommended? No

The Profit Shortcut Review

To summarize, The Profit Shortcut is really a funnel to a more popular system known as the Super Affiliate Network.

It is highly likely that the person who put together this website is an affiliate of the Super Affiliate Network.

super affiliate network

In fact, it’s sole purpose is to get you to join the Super Affiliate Network. At which point, they get a commission.

In my opinion, they do a terrible job telling visitors what it is that they are buying and getting into. Which is why this review was created.

While Profit Shortcut tells you how simple, automated, and great of an opportunity this is, don’t be fooled by the following.

The Earning Potential

Right off the bat, I would like to point out that though it is possible to make $10,000 per month with this system, only 2 of the 40,000 or so existing members who do use this system, actually do.

You can check for yourself on the Super Affiliate Network’s income disclosure page, which by law, they are required to share.

Here’s a closer look at the chart:

income disclosure page super affiliate networkOf the 40,000 members seen on the chart, only 12 are earning what most people would consider a full-time income.

I only share this because of the ridiculous claims we see on The Profit Shortcut website, where people shared they made between $5,000 – $12,000 within the first 30 days.

This income disclosure, which they are required to have publicly accessible, tells a completely different story.

Remember, Profit Shortcut’s only intention is to get you to join Super Affiliate Network. Apparently, they will tell you just about anything to get a sale.

The Testimonies

Once you land on the website, you are met by a sales video and user testimonies. Like the one below.

the profit shortcut testimony

Each of the testimonies goes a bit like this…” thank you Super Affiliate Network for changing my life, I made $8,000 in my first month”.

Though from the income chart above, we know that this is highly unlikely.

I don’t doubt that these people are actually involved with the Super Affiliate Network, but keep in mind, the ones giving these testimonies are affiliates of the program and possibly aren’t sharing the full picture.

They’ve invested into this program, and the way to get a return on this investment is by getting others to join, which is totally fine.

My only wish is that The Profit Shortcut wasn’t so misleading.

The Empty Promises

Anytime I hear someone mention lots of money with minimum work, I immediately evacuate.

The Profit Shortcut is promoting and selling not only a “secret method” that makes its members rich, but all it takes is 60 minutes per work per day.

“Most of the work is automated and done for you”, according to the website.

This may work and fool beginners, but for those of us with experience, we know that this is nonsense. These “automate systems” never work.

If you plan on making money online, I recommend finding valuable training while being prepared to learn new things and work hard.

There are no shortcuts are secrets to earning money online, 99% of the time it’s hard work.

The Price

Another thing that The Profit Shortcut fails to reveal is the real costs involved.

While the checkout only asks for $37, you can expect tons of upsells once inside, including a monthly fee.

One of the products inside of the Super Affiliate Network costs $17,497, this is the all-inclusive or “All In” plan. Here are some of the other membership fees:

  • Basic membership – $24 to $47 a month
  • Annual membership – $297 or $397 annually
  • Pro Silver membership – $2497
  • Pro Gold membership – $2997
    Maui Intensive membership – $12,497
  • All In membership – $17,497

Super Affiliate Network offers training, mentorship, a community and more. But basically, people who purchase these packages obtain the licensing rights to turn around and sell these packages to others.

If you want to sell a high-ticket item, you must first own it.

This operates very closely to a pyramid scheme and larger, similar companies have been shut down this year by the FTC for such tactics.

While technically SAN offers a product, there is no way in hell any of these products actually contain that much value.

The only value they hold is the ability to sell these high ticket items to others. Which is morally wrong.

The joke of it all is that you DON’T NEED any of these to start or run a legitimate online business. Nor do you need to spend this amount of money to get started.

You will be far better off without it.


  • Risky, but there are people using and earning with Super Affiliate Network (not The Profit Shortcut)


  • The Profit Shortcut doesn’t exist (it’s a funnel to another system; SAN)
  • Unrealistic promises of income
  • Biased testimonies on sales video
  • Sales video fails to share any value
  • Your being sold a “secret method”, avoid these
  • Not upfront about the costs or actual system
  • High-ticket, low-quality products
  • Too risky


One of The Profit Shortcut’s biggest shortcoming’s is the lack of information they give potential buyers.

They spend 25 min. explaining how great and financially free you will be once you buy their system.

(Which by now, we know isn’t true).

The best description we get is “placing simple little online ads” and “from there, everything else is 100% done”.

These never work out.

Is it too much to ask to see the actual product or training center? The training module and what we can expect to learn? Access to support or anyone to ask questions before buying? Real results from real users?

Some places, have no problem executing this. Which is why we recommended this affiliate marketing training to newcomers, you can even try it out for free and jump right into the lessons to see if it’s right for you.

Bottom line, anyone promising you $1,000’s for little to no work, is lying to you. Avoid these places.

Making money online is possible and many people are doing it. It’s a result of hard work and usually, helpful training.

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    Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson - a couple of years ago

    Thank you for this information Jason. Luckily even with all the time spent researching this online income programs I have not yet invested real money, only a lot of time. I want and need to find something that actually works regardless of how hard I have to work. Now with you information and insight I think I am one step closer to my goal!

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