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the best work from home business ideas

The best work from home business ideas aren’t necessarily a deeply hidden secret,  yet it may be hard to come across sound advice and ideas as there are many people (websites and on social media) trying to convince you that their way is the best and only way.

Even worse, they sell you on the fact of how easy it will be and how fast you can become an overnight millionaire.


The truth is, you have many options to choose from when exploring a potential work from home business.

We dive into these different options just below while sharing some real examples of people creating success.

The Best Work From Home Business Ideas

We’ve shared our top online business models in the past, well here’s our new updated version for 2018 and beyond.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Starting a long-term business usually is a slow grind before seeing monetary results (true for both online/offline)
  • The more time you can put into your online business, the sooner you can expect results
  • If you are looking to earn money IMMEDIATELY, a home business may not be right for you – there are jobs you can do from home as well
  • Legitimate training, which we will share below for different business models, will give you a competitive edge
  • As it should go without saying, hard work always delivers the best results

Bottom line, building an at home business using the internet is a process. But is truly worth it as there’s nothing quite like working for yourself, on your own schedule, earning from something that you created.

Here’s the best work from home business ideas. If something interests you, take action on it!

We also recommend focusing on just ONE that interests you the most, as opposed to taking on several.

Your Best Options & Where To Start

Just because each of these options we share below are viable ways of earning an income from home and the best we’ve come across, doesn’t mean they are all equal in terms of earning potential, upfront costs, or a right fit for you.

We’ll break it down for you here.

1. Ads

First up is ads.

a building with lots of monitor ads displayed on the side of it

You know ads – you see them using social media, watching videos on Youtube, everywhere, really.

If you were to choose ads as the main way of monetizing your online business, it would take a lot of regular website visitors in order to earn a reliable income.

While this could work, I don’t think it is the best business model in terms of earnings per visitor.

How It Works

A common way of running and earning from ads would be to join an ad network like Google Adsense.

From here, setting up is as easy as copying and pasting the code from the ad network to your website.

Every time someone views that ad (or the ad is visible on their screen), you earn a little bit. When someone clicks on an ad, you can earn a little bit more.

Ad earnings range vary depending on the network and the ad amongst other factors. But you can expect to make a few cents to a few dollars per click.

This is why we say it will take a large amount of traffic to see a decent income from ads alone.

Don’t have a website yet? Build your first here.

2. Physical Products & Dropshipping

With physical products, you can create something and sell and ship it to others.

Profit margins can be low here compared to creating an online info product (more on this below), as there are shipping fees, the cost of creating the product, you have to deal with refunds and returns, and more.

It is a possible business model and many are having success with it.


Another business model would include dropshipping.

The best description I’ve heard for dropshipping is:

A fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a wholesaler and ship them directly to your customer. Instead of purchasing a large amount of inventory, you simply partner with a drop shipping supplier and list their merchandise for sale.

Obviously, there’s going to be some upfront costs as is with most businesses.

If money is tight at the moment, we share a business model and training where you can get started for free, just below.

The best, helpful tutorial that I’ve come across for setting up for a dropshipping business can be found here. If you want to learn more about Shopify, I have written a detailed article on it – How Does Shopify Work. If you are already aware of the benefits and ease of opening a store through Shopify you can join Shopify here.

3. Freelancing

More specifically, online freelancing, allows you to earn money while working for yourself but usually completing tasks others need done in their business.

person working form his laptop using wordpress

We dive deeper into freelancing in our How To Make Extra Money From Home Part Time post.

Sharing what kind of jobs you can do to earn money and excellent training on where to get started, even if you have no experience.

4. Selling Something You Create Online

Something you create and sell online could include your own online course, video course, or other information product.

You can take your skills and experiences, things you already know, the skills you already possess and package it into something people will pay for online.

Though creating your own product takes a lot of work and time upfront before seeing your first sale (if any), it can also have the highest earning profit margin of these businesses.

You control your destiny, people will buy. you can take the skills and experience of things you already know and package it into something people will pay for and sell it online.

To get the best advice regarding creating your own online courses, videos, etc. head over to Growth Lab to learn more and be sure to join the email list if interested.

5. Affiliate Marketing

There are affiliate programs for everything.

And with affiliate marketing, you earn commissions by recommending others products or services.

All of the shipping, payment processing, returns, refunds, is handled by the merchant.

You can earn simply by recommending products people were already looking for.

For example, I was recently in search of a new laptop and ultimately ended up purchasing a Chromebook that I felt was suitable for business use based on recommendations of an affiliate site.

Since I visited their site and eventually clicked on their affiliate link to purchase my new PC, that site will earn a commission.

The commission rates depend on the affiliate program you join.

There is no shortage of products or services you can recommend, you name it, you can sell it on your website as an affiliate and earn money.

The best way to go about succeeding with this business model is to recommend products you truly believe in or ones that you know will help your audience.

More on Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been my bread and butter over these past few years earning me a full-time income and allowing me to work from home.

I think it is a great business model for beginners interested in learning more about online business.

Instead of telling you, let me show you some examples of a few success stories happening for everyday people within a community that I use to grow and run my business.

Where To Get Started

One place that I recommend to others interested in learning online business in general, is Wealthy Affiliate.

Though the training is mainly focused on affiliate marketing, there’s all sorts of information to learn regarding online business there (email marketing, ads, selling physical items, selling your own product, etc).

WA is community, online business tools, excellent training, personal help, technical support all wrapped into one.

It’s beginner friendly and many average, everyday people are creating their own success.

Success Stories inside of Wealthy Affiliate:

first success story from inside of wealthy affiliate

second success story example

third success story example

fourth success story example

fifth success story example

These are just a handful of examples that can be found in the community from members who decided to share some of their personal accomplishments.

Do not mistake the WA training, or any online business training, as an easy or guaranteed way to making money online.

Learn more and get started with Wealthy Affiliate today.

Speaking from personal experience, it takes hard work and commitment if you wish to create your own work from home business online.


Remember, creating a long-term, legitimate online business is a process.

Anyone telling you how easy it will be or that you can make $10,000+ within the first few days – is lying to you.

What I recommend for those who can spend a minimum of 10hrs per week on their new business, is to dive into one of the training above.

With each of the training’s shared above, you can expect a safe and reliable place to learn. Likewise, you don’t have to have any experience to get started.

We all have to start somewhere.

What’s holding you back from getting started right now!?

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