The Auto Money System Review – A Scam?

the auto money system review

The Auto Money System Summary

Name: The Auto Money System
Owner: Kathy Graham
Price: $37 (or $27 if you click on the “coupon”)

Summary: The Auto Money System is not some new revolutionary system that will allow you to sit back and earn money at the click of a button.

No such program exists and I am going to show you what I found while reviewing this system which made me realize that there is no way I can trust or recommend such a system.

Take your time reading the review below as I think it will help you decide if the Auto Money System is right for you.

Recommended? No.

See How I’m Able To Work From Home Full-Time Using A Laptop.

The Auto Money System Review

The entire promo for The Auto Money System surrounds this mysterious software which will allow you to earn money on autopilot.

Not to mention, all of the work is done for you and all you have to do is “click once” a day to claim your money.

According to their website.

This, however, is what concerns me the most as I have come across numerous websites like The Auto Money System which promises big earnings for minimal work.

You are not even given a demonstration of the product, or software in this case, to see how it works.

That would have been nice considering it is what you are paying for, after all.

No real information is given, just a lot of people telling you how great the system is and how life will be after buying.

None of these websites ever live up to the hype. Instead, they often rip people off and deliver low-quality training and results.

Not to mention, it’s kind of hard to trust an unknown software when the people vouching for it are complete liars.

False Testimonies

Testimonies serve as a great way for businesses to give their products or services some social proof.

It’s a great way to show how a product can benefit the potential buyer.

When it comes to the Auto Money System, however, each of the testimonies seen on the website can be completely discredited as they were all paid for.

Take the two “testimonies” below for example:

The people seen in the sales video were hired on and given scripts to read.

This is a ploy that I see used often when it comes to ‘scam’ websites.

There are times where I recognize these paid actors right away when reviewing these systems, which immediately draws a red flag.

Travel & Earn

While listening to the testimonies you can hear claims from people earning $3k – $20k per week.

While others claim they are able to travel around the world and watch the money come in.

Having a legitimate online business will allow you to earn while on the go.

I am confident that The Auto Money System will not allow you to do any of these things.


When it comes to scarcity marketing, AMS does this pretty well.

You are told that there are “only 45 spots remaining” and also that the “page won’t be here when you come back”.

Neither is true unless they finally decide to take down the website.

They are going to try and make as many sales as possible, so don’t think that you need to rush and make a quick decision.

Another thing I would ignore is the fact that your account is already set up and earning you money.

Again, this is just another tactic used in order to make people make a swift decision and to get more sales.

You think that you are earning $200+ right out of the gates and that you will only need to spend $37.

Unfortunately, there is no money waiting for you. It’s another false claim.

The Power Of The Internet

There are a few things I agree with which Kathy, the one narrating the sales video, had to say.

More and more people are looking online for ways to make money.

I know this is true as more people are becoming aware of the potential that exists when it comes to earning money on the internet.

But with that comes people who try to take advantage of others who are usually in the process of learning how the whole thing works.

Or are curious to see if it’s possible in the first place.

(Earning online is possible with the right help and guidance!)

Places like The Auto Money System target newcomers who are interested in learning how to make money online.

Sadly, they won’t teach you how to as they are just another get rich quick program which offers low value, in my opinion.

Is The Auto Money System A Scam

1/ 0
The Auto Money System - Overall Rating

There is no place on Earth (or the internet) that will allow you to earn thousands of dollars week after week with one click of a button.

If you think that you will become a millionaire after spending $37 and that all of the work will be done for you, then maybe give The Auto Money System a try.

I can personally tell you that working from home and earning consistent income online will require you to work.

For these reasons, and the many reasons shared in the review above, we do NOT recommend The Auto Money System.

I have been working from home for the past 2 years and have reviewed many different systems.

Within this time, I have found some really excellent places which actually do help people learn how to generate revenue online.

You can find our favorite training and service here. It’s even free to get started.

Feel free to share your experiences or questions regarding The Auto Money System below. I will get back to you ASAP 🙂

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