Swagbucks is a Get Paid To platform founded in 2008 by Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson, and based in El Segundo, California. It offers people so many opportunities to earn online rewards and pays users for carrying out various tasks online like completing surveys, shopping, installing apps on your mobile device, playing games, watching videos, and more

Getting started with Swagbucks

The platform is free and available in seven countries. The first step to owning an account on Swagbucks is registering on their official website using your email address or signing up with your social media accounts. After registration, you are automatically directed to the dashboard, where you get to complete your profile. Once your account gets verified, you get credited with 15 SB points, and you can begin carrying out tasks to earn more rewards. . After completing a task, you are paid in Swagbucks points (SBs) which can later be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards from numerous retailers including Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Mark & Spencer, iTunes, and more. The lowest SB points needed to cash out for gift cards is 300 which is equal to $3, while 2500 SB points is the minimum needed to get PayPal cash.

Earning money with Swagbucks

There are multiple ways to earn money on this platform and the amount of money a user can earn is dependent on the tasks completed.

Below are some of the tasks a user can carry out and their rate.
Complete surveys: there are many surveys available on Swagbucks that a user can complete, which are run by different organizations. For one to complete a survey, you must be qualified for the survey you wish to take up. Swagbucks uses your demographic information supplied during registration such as age, gender, interests to match you with surveys that would be a good fit for you. Earning varies depending on the value of the survey and time required to complete the survey, but the average rate per survey is 40 – 100 SB points.
Watch videos: Swagbucks watch has many videos from different categories including fashion, education, travel, and sports, which users can watch to earn rewards. The average worth of each video is about 1-3 SB points.
Shopping online: this platform offers the opportunity for users to earn SB points by shopping online using Swagbucks website or app. If you need to buy something online, you can access the store’s site through Swagbucks, and get to earn SB points without stress. SB points are earned per money spent in buying stuff e.g. 5 SB per $1 spent.
Referral: this platform has a referral program that allows you to earn rewards for each person you bring to the site that ends up registering and earning. Your friends get to earn 300 SB when they register, and you get yours when they earn 300 SB within their first days. Also, you will earn 10% of your friends’ earnings.
Swagbucks search: this platform has its own search engine, which allows you to earn SB points for searching the web. They made it possible to download Swagbucks search Chrome Extension so as to make it your default search engine. Earning in this category is random and difficult to predict.

Playing games: Swagbucks offers many free games such as Bejeweled, Solitaire, Slots, and Angry Birds Champions that a user can play to earn extra SB points. It also host its own games like Swago, Swagasaurus, etc. You have to reach certain level in these games to earn points, and you can earn up to 500 SB points.

Multiple money making options: unlike other platforms, there are various tasks which users can complete in other to earn rewards. Aside from the tasks that have been mentioned earlier, other tasks in which users can complete includes activating cash back, purchasing discounted gift cards, signing up for product trials, donating to charities, participating in sweepstakes, searching for codes, etc.

  • Great referral program:

Swagbucks offers a great referral program where you get to earn SB points off every person you refer, and the people your referrals refer. You get to earn 10% commission off every winning of your referrals.

  • Great mobile app:

Swagbucks has a nice app for iOS and Android users where users can take online surveys, purchase gift cards, track their SBs, and more. Instead of using a browser, you can access Swagbucks’ website through your mobile using the app.

  • Great user experience:

it is very easy to navigate through Swagbucks’ website and find what you are looking for in a short time. There are numerous ways to get access to the platform including browser extension, website, and mobile app.
Free to join: anybody that meets Swagbucks’ requirements can sign up and complete tasks at their own convenience from accessible location. No special skills or knowledge is required before one can start earning on this platform.


  • Unavailable worldwide:

one of the major drawbacks of this platform is the unavailability in most countries. Unlike some platforms, it is only available in seven countries which are US, UK, India, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Ireland.

  • Limited payment options:

Swagbucks’ points can only be redeemed in two ways which are gift cards and PayPal. Other platforms like Timebucks uses multiple payment options such as Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, Skrill, etc.

  • Long wait time to get paid:

There are several complaints about waiting for several days to get paid on Swagbucks platform after requesting for payment.
Low earning potential: most offers on this platform pay very low, especially watching videos, where you get to earn an average of 2 SB points for watching a 30 minutes video. Low amounts are offered for completed tasks, which makes it difficult to earn a substantial income in the long run.


Swagbucks is a legitimate platform with majorly positive reviews from its users. It is very good for making a few bucks in a short time. However, you cannot make use of Swagbucks if you are interested in making a bigger amount of money.

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