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Step 5 to Beginning An Online Business – Avoiding Failure

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Step 5 – Avoiding Failure!

Here’s A List On Why People Who Plan To Start A Business Online FAIL

…And How To Avoid Failing

  • 1. Not Asking For Help

I was guilty of this when first starting out online. I’m more of a DIY type and even when I needed help, I would struggle for days instead of asking for help.

ho to earn an online income

Thankfully, I broke this cycle, left my comfort zone, and started reaching out to others for help within WA.

At times it felt like a dumb question, but nobody was there to judge, only offer there help.

I have approached members there who seem to have found a lot of success, the response is always more than accommodating .

One guy, who has been earning money online for the past decade, even took the time to create me my own private Youtube video to critique my site and offer instruction on how to improve it…He took time away from his business and schedule, just to help me, I am still very grateful for that! Not to mention the criticism helped big time.

We are here to make money online and build a business.

Don’t sit quietly in a corner when you need help, ASK FOR IT. You will be surprised by the helpful response just by being a member at WA.

You do not have to go into this alone!​

  • 2. My Website is “Finished

I see this statement being used over at WA all too often. You may have finished the initial framework for your website, it may even look really neat in your opinion.

But you are not “done”!

Just because the initial framework is in place, doesn’t mean the money and visitors are going to start rolling in. You need to keep researching your niche and adding quality content (pages/posts).

If you’re stuck for ideas, ask for help, seriously.

If you want to be successful, don’t say you’re “done”! Add new content (posts/pages), start making videos, start an email campaign. The more content you have, the more exposure your site will get.

More exposure = more visitors = more money!

Also adding anywhere from 2-3 post a week to your website is ideal, if you can do more, by all means do it!

  • 3. Empty Promises

Extra Paycheck Online exposes a lot of sites that are flat out scams, or comes up short in their promise to “make you rich overnight”.

A lot of people become jaded by the make money online industry after seeing so many phony promotions or may have fell victim to several scams themselves.

I feel for them.

The truth is the scams online far outweigh the honest sites and opportunities online. If you have been looking for an honest place to learn how to make money online just know by being apart of WA, You’ve Arrived!

I cannot promise WA will make you rich, or you’ll be able to quit your job, or you’ll buy your dream home.

It is all VERY 100% possible, but there’s no telling who’s going to do the work and take their online business seriously, and who’s not!

I will promise however, if you do the work, you Won’t Fail!

  • 4.  Shiny Object Syndrome

Staying focused is important.

It’s easy to lose focus when working online and just as easy to chase the next latest and greatest thing.

For example you see an amazing new book claiming to make you your first 1 million dollars within the next year, it’s only going for about $19.99, so you buy it.

extra paycheck online

The problem is there will always be a new book or product claiming to have found the secret to making money online. The bigger issue with these products are:

  • Turn out to be scams/low quality
  • Full of outdated information
  • Give minimal info, until you pay more
  • Begin to confuse you more than before making the purchase

There’s no program that can truthfully guarantee you will make millions online. If it does, it’s lying to you!

START with the mindset there’s no miracle solution – you’re going to need to work for any success you want to achieve.

  • 5. Giving Up Too Soon

Creating a successful business will happen over time. It may not happen your first month, second month, maybe not even your first year.

Why is that?

Well, do you think Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s Founder) assembled Facebook overnight building his net worth to over $46 Billion? Not a chance.

People don’t go to college just for a month and then become successful the next! It takes 4+ years to graduate and then on average an additional 6 months for a new graduate just to find a job. Not to mention the chances of them landing a job with their desired salary is very slim.

Point is it may take several months, a year, or even two before you get to where you want to be. Do NOT let that discourage you. Within this timeframe you will be learning more and more and sharpening up your skills to have an established business online.

If something isn’t working for you, change it. If you get bored, pick a new niche. Just keep going til something “clicks” with you.

My Thanks To You!

Just wanted to congratulate you for completing the course and being a part of it! You are making great progress!

make money online as a teenager

“The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the successful people do all the things the unsuccessful people are not willing to do!”​

By now you know how to choose a niche, build a website, and how to use keywords to drive traffic, and a better understanding of how to make money online.

Your website may not be “perfect” yet and you may be a little unclear in some areas but don’t worry as time goes on you will get a good hold of everything.

Not to mention you are apart of Wealthy Affiliate (should be signed up by now!), the best training center for building a business online available! At any point in time you need help, that’s what the experienced members at Wealthy Affiliate are there for. You can contact Kyle & Carson (the owners) directly for help as well.

If you have any questions for me or just want to say Hi, feel free to do so at any time! I will respond ASAP and confident I can help you get on the right track.

Way to go and Thank You for being a part of my course.

PS. Look out for helpful tips and tricks from me in the near future I will be sending your way!

Chat Soon!

– Jason

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