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Step 2 of 5 to Beginning An Online Business – Choosing The Right Business For You

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Step 2 Choosing The Right Business Topic!

Welcome to step 2, you are making great progress!If for any reason you didn’t receive step 1 or need a quick review, go here.

Choosing The Right Business Topic For You​

You will need to choose a topic for your online business and as previously mentioned, this can be just about anything.

This topic and starting point for your business is known as a niche.

What Is A Niche?

To keep it simple, a niche is a group of people looking for something.

As previously mentioned, before creating your website, you need to find a topic for your website. This can be any passion of yours, something you are knowledgeable in, something you wish to learn more about, or something you really enjoy discussing with others.

A niche can be anything really. It is advised that you choose a niche (topic) you are passionate about when just beginning. Think of something you can talk to all day long about with friends, something that gets you going.

Isn’t it exciting to know that you can earn money from a passion? That’s what we’re learning to do over at Wealthy Affiliate, where you should have created a free account already.

Well regardless of your passion or interests, MANY other people out there share your same interests and you can reach them all online within a website of your own.

Choosing A Niche

Your first niche may not be your last. Don’t stress too much over this or spend DAYS thinking of your first one, it’s important to start moving forward and avoid getting caught in (what should I do) mode.

My first 2 niche selections did not work out for me, so I simply moved on. The third time around was much different and I began earning money consistently from it.

1st Niche: Video games: too broad!​

2nd niche: Wireless Speakers​ for Television/Surround Sound: Lost interest to be honest.

When choosing a niche, you have to make sure it is not too broad of a topic. (Due to lots of competition online).

For Example: I am very much interested in sports, Football in particular. I love Football and have played 7+ years while a youth and learned a lot from the game and enjoyed the experience. It is still a passion of mine.

When it comes to niche selection, I would not just go out and make a Football website. With all the competition that exists online for Football (NFL.com, ESPN.com, NCAA.com, etc) it would be VERY hard to gain any recognition or visitors to my website.

Especially to stand out in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines.​

Not saying that it can’t be done, but that is NOT what we are aiming to accomplish here.

When it comes choosing a niche within Football or the Sports area in general, something more tolerable would be “how to catch better”, “how to tackle better”, “how to jump higher”, or even “football cleats for kids” would work well.

These are things not only Football athletes could benefit from but all athletes. Not to mention ranking and getting my website noticed and gaining visitors (in Google, etc.) becomes a way easier task than selecting Football.

Another potential niche would be selecting your favorite team (any sport) and selling jersey’s or other fan related memorabilia.

These are to give you ideas when it comes to niche selection. Having trouble, contact me via email or WA.

For more information on Choosing A Niche, view this lesson over at WA.

Getting To The Money

I mentioned being a complete newbie not too long ago. I only had basic computer knowledge such as using email and social media. That was it.

I’ve come to realize you DON’T have to be an expert to be profitable in your niche.

Every expert surgeon started off at one point as a first year student. Every person with expertise within the online business world started off with ZERO knowledge. That should be exciting to you knowing that you can enter absolutely ANY niche you want and become the expert and build a full time income doing so.

Making money online is actually more simplistic than you think. The video (as seen on WA) will give you a core understanding on how YOU can begin creating success online.

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After finding something that interests you and deciding on a niche, the process goes something like this:

  1. Create a website (your chosen niche)
  2. Attract visitors
  3. Monetize your website (Read 6 ways to monetize your website)

I learned the importance of following these steps in order.

If I can start all over, I would do these in this order and ensure I am adding helpful material to my website. As opposed to trying to jump ahead straight to the earning point, which I have done in the past.

It flat out doesn’t work.​

By being helpful and understanding that REAL people are going to visit your site and to not only go after money, you will be very successful online.

Offer your best help in your particular niche​ and the money will come naturally, I guarantee it.

Todays Tasks​

 Our first task today will be to write down

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  • Write Down 3 hobbies or interests you have and list a couple of products or services related to them. A great way to do this is to head over to Amazon.com and view shopping departments list. Here you can find many great products and services regarding your interests! Sports, video games, fashion, fitness, health, outdoor activities, whatever really!
  • Lesson 3 at Wealthy Affiliate – Choose Your Niche.

*​Bonus Video*

Having trouble deciding your niche? I recommend the video below.

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With your chosen niche in mind, in 2 days we will be creating our own websites for free and will dig into applying your niche to your new website!

Congrats on making completing this Step 2!​

Chat soon.


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