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earn extra money online from homeearn extra money online from home

Step 1 – Working Together!

Be sure to shoot me an email at any point you are needing help or just have a question in general. Also to follow the tasks below… I promise there not too complicated and will be worth your time.

Welcome to Step 1!

Is Starting An Online Business Right For You?

Of course there’s more than one way to make money online​, what we will be discussing here is affiliate marketing which is an excellent way for anyone, of any experience level, to learn how to FINALLY make money online…

In other words, affiliate marketing is a great introduction to online business. Not to mention, you can earn some serious cash when done right.​

The reasons I enjoy it. It allows me to work at the hours I choose, work from anywhere I like (usually at home), and spend more time with my two young daughters – doing the things we enjoy.

I seriously do not set an alarm clock anymore (unless for an appointment or rahter), I do not have a boss, I no longer race to and from work trying to beat traffic.

Trust me when I say I have been there before. Working 6 days a week, being called into work on “off” days, ​forced overtime, working on Holidays, ungrateful management, etc.

I’m not complaining about having those experiences, I just knew there were options out there as opposed to working for someone else and retiring at the age of 60+ – doing something I had NO interest in.

Affiliate Marketing ​became a way out.

But this didn’t take place overnight. It took many months of hard work and learning. 

Like I said, there are NO legitimate ways to getting rich quick. Whether you are on the internet or off;

 It’s going to require some commitment on your end to build a business!

If you are willing to do the work, allow your business time to grow, can avoid chasing shiny new objects promising to make you “$10,000 by tomorrow” or whatever the case, then YES. This business is right for You.​

Decide right now that you will complete all 5 Steps of this course.

By doing so you will give yourself an honest chance at ​making a difference in your life!

How Does It Work?​

In simple terms, affiliate marketing allows you to promote other people’s products and services, earning you a percentage.

Think about the last purchase you made or maybe an item you saw on TV or magazine that sparked your interest.

In today’s age, naturally we hop on the internet and do a search for that particular item for more information.

During this search… What were your results? Did you find the information you were looking for? Did you make a purchase?

Chances are, you could have went through an affiliate site.​

What’s An Affiliate Site?​

Ultimately, this is what we will be creating.

As an affiliate site owner, you are allowed to sell products and services online without owning them. 

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Starbucks, Target, Old Navy, NFL, etc. etc. Allow you to “partner up” with them and sell items on a site of your own. Earning you commissions for each purchase.

There are literally THOUSANDS of companies (above is a small handful) available with affiliate programs that you can join for free, and sell their product.

You name the item, I will show you an affiliate program.

Just to be perfectly clear, Yes, Walmart (or any affiliate program) will pay you for referring someone to their website and if they make a purchase!

One more fast example.​

Let’s say you are standing in line at the grocery store, and another individual happens to notice a watch that you are wearing.

extra paycheck online

They complement the watch​ and you go on to explain some of the watches features, such as:

  • ​Atomic control (keeps time accurate)
  • Has a stopwatch and alarm
  • A heart rate monitor and is water-resistant
  • Equipped with compass, light, etc.

You even tell the person where you purchased the watch and based on your recommendation, they go out and purchase it there for themselves.

Affiliate marketing works a lot like that, only you’re getting paid based on your recommendations ;)​

Another exciting factor is there’s no limit here to how many people can visit your site or how much you can earn!

But first, we need to learn how to properly set up these sites, how to choose the right business topic, and how to attract visitors.

If at any point you begin to feel overwhelmed just know that it is….

Completely Normal When Trying Something New

​That’s why I’ve created these 5 Steps. To help you step-by-step in understanding the basics of affiliate marketing and to get started with your own real business, today.

What To Expect!

Getting started and todays tasks are going to be easy.​ Also keep in mind real businesses are not created in days, it could take months before you see any positive results such as earnings.

It’s natural.

I personally didn’t see my first earnings online until around the one month mark. I made my first sale for A Whopping $8!

$8 isn’t normally life changing, but in this case IT WAS.

I was completely new to building websites, working online, and a skeptic that money could actually be made.

That first $8 was all the proof I needed and helped me to continue working on and building my online business.

Fast forward to today and close to a year of working online, I now earn income on a monthly basis allowing me to comfortably work from home.

​I didn’t just keep reading how to get started earning money, I took action and I still do daily!

Yes you can work at your own pace. But I always say do the work now, build  and grow your business the correct way, and only then can you begin to relax more and kick your feet up.

extra paycheck online

​Where To Get Started

I mentioned we will be “joining the Best training center and community available online for FREE”. That’s what we are going to be doing today.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I started out nearly a year ago and I still am very active there to this day.

Here you can access everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, building and maintaining a business from home, how to attract visitors to your website, the process of earning money, and so much more.

You will also have the ability to connect with 1,000’s of successful and aspiring entrepreneurs within the site.

Trust me when I say this, they are there to help you. I was clueless when I joined but asked around the community for help.

I’ve had people ranging from Wealthy Affiliate Owners, to experienced marketers earning 6 figures a year, to beginners as well, take time out of their busy day to answer my questions and assist me.

One guy even made me a personalized YouTube video pointing out how to improve my site months ago and it really has helped.

I am forever grateful for being apart of this community knowing that normally it would cost money for the kind of help you receive there. It’s wonderful and has provided me with so much!

Not to mention you can try it out completely free when you join Wealthy Affiliate today.

Let’s get to our first tasks!

  • Add an image (any image of your choice)
  • Give a description (share as much as you like about yourself, or keep it short and sweet)

That’s All For Today.

Feel free to check out my profile page within WA and say Hi!

In 2 days, I will be sending Step 2. We will be discussing Choosing The Right Business For You and more. Be sure to follow the link above to create an account within Wealthy Affiliate. A service and community you will love that will help you to earn online.

Chat Soon.

– Jason

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