Start Your Online Business Through These 5 Simple Methods

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When it comes to coming up with an idea for starting an online business from home, it’s easy to come up with nada.

Most people spend years honing a certain skill set, working their way up a company ladder and staying there until retirement.

Or at least that’s how things used to be.

Nowadays an advertising account executive can start her own business creating custom clothes on Etsy or an IT security admin can become an online consultant.

The internet has opened up things where people can now change entire careers in a couple months depending on how much planning and effort they put into their idea.

If you know you want to escape the 9-5 cycle but are unsure just how to do so, here are five helpful ideas to get you started and maybe come up with a twist all your own!

5 Easy Ways To Start Your Own Online Business

1. Start a Professional Blogging Service

While starting your own blog is a great home business idea in its own right and something we’ll get to in a minute, if writing is something you can do well, quickly, and that you enjoy, then there are tons of professional writing opportunities online.

After all, with content marketing becoming the dominant and most popular form of marketing, many companies are starting blogs but lack the writers to compose the engaging content they so desire.

By looking on sites like Upwork and even just turning to your own personal network to find local businesses in need of writers, you can start a part-time business that can easily flourish into a full-time job.

2. Start Your Own Blog

Now, this is a business idea that is almost as old as the internet itself and for that matter, it is extremely difficult to stand out as a blogger.

And yet it seems like every week we read a new story about someone who started a blog and has turned it into a mini-empire.

What those people all have in common is that they hit upon a topic or niche that no one else was servicing.

And when you get deep into any industry or topic, there is always low-hanging fruit in the forms of areas that other people aren’t servicing that are just begging for a content hub to exist. By reading threads on your chosen area of interest on Reddit and participating in the relevant online communities, you’ll quickly get a sense of the hot topics that get the community fired up and talking.

By reading threads on your chosen area of interest on Reddit and participating in the relevant online communities, you’ll quickly get a sense of the hot topics that get the community fired up and talking.

3. Go From Arts & Crafts to Arts & Cash

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Not everyone is good at writing, just like not everyone can use whatever materials are present in a room to create an attractive keepsake or piece of art.

If the success of sites like Etsy, that allow you to bypass creating your own eCommerce platform by using theirs and giving them a cut of your sales, have shown us anything, it’s that there is a huge variety of handmade items out there that people will spend money on.

Of course, no successful Etsy business just started making whatever was hot at the moment and rode that to financial success.

Just like writing, you need to create something truly unique or something that people feel like should exist but doesn’t yet.

Often when people have success with an idea, others try to diminish it by saying, “Well I could have come up with that.” And that may be true.

But which one of you actually went out and did it?

In the world of online business, simply making the decision to do something and see it through is the greatest battle of all.

4. Become an Online Affiliate

While we’ve talked about affiliate marketing and looked at the different marketing programs you can enroll in that will provide your site with an injection of ad revenue, online affiliates are resellers of products that they don’t manufacture or create, but simply sell online.

For instance, Amazon Affiliates works by getting bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers to sign up and hawk certain products or simply provide their users with a code, perhaps for a discount.

When that user uses the code, the affiliate, in turn, receives a small percentage of the sale.

While you certainly need a large and faithful audience to really make the bucks being an affiliate, if you have a large audience already, this is a great way to leverage it into a full-time online business.

5. Consulting

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Like writing, consulting can take on so many different forms of focusing on a particular service across verticals like social media consulting or a particular vertical like fashion blogging consulting.

Ultimately, the most successful consultants are those who consult on what they’re most passionate and knowledgeable about and are often providing that information well before they realize they can monetize their advice as a service.

The main key is figuring out a business plan that offers what is an invisible product like consulting into palpable packages that stipulate just what you will provide based on how much a client is wanting to spend.

In the end, there are truly an infinite number of ways to start an online business but doing it for the right reasons plays a big role in its success.

If you’re doing an idea solely to make money, then you might not have the passion for seeing your home business through the hard times.

But if you’re doing something or providing something that no one else can that you’re passionate about, then you’ll be shocked at how easy it can be to get your home business off the ground. 

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    Paul - 5 years ago

    Great post-Nick on how to earn an online income.

    I enjoy reading blogs that offer real ways of growing an online business. As you mention, there are so many snake oil salesmen out there that it can become quite frustrating at times.

    The 5 methods you describe all have a proven track record and are legitimate ways of gaining online success.

    Online success is based on original ideas and lots of hard work. There are no get-rich-quick schemes online or in real life.

    Thanks, Paul

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Totally agree, Paul. Thanks for the comment.

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