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To start a business with a free website, there are a few things that you will need and need to know to help you smoothly transition into a new online business owner.

This ranges from what your website will need, including some potential cost, and what it takes to build a truly successful website.

Yes, you can get hands-on access to a free website and free website hosting, and I will show you where just below.

But eventually, there are a few investments that you are going to want to make while in the process of building your website.

Like a domain name, which only costs about $13 per year. Learn what else you will need to get started just below.

What Every Website Needs

One of the biggest mistake people make when building his or her first website is trying to do too much.

You get caught up adding plugins (which are like apps for websites) and other useless things you may not need, especially early on.

What you end up with is an ongoing list of things you need to do and things you need to pay for.

But again, may not necessarily need.

Soon you are overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. I know because I have been guilty of doing this myself.

My advice, start with a basic version of the website you think you will need.

For starters, test to see what is working and what doesn’t on your website.

Once you get a better feel for what works for your own website, you can then invest smartly.

In short, keep it simple when getting started.

Here are the basic essentials which every website needs.

   #1 Get a Domain Name

We mentioned there being some costs. This is one of them.

You can claim your own domain name for about $10-$15 per year.

A domain name is often the first thing you need when starting a website. It is your URL or digital address that people will type in to get to your website.

For example,

Where to find available domain names: Namecheap, GoDaddy.
Where we buy our domains: SiteDomains by Wealthy Affiliate.

   #2 A Website Builder

start a business with a free website

Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest steps to starting your own business website.

That’s because of website building software such as SiteRubix, makes it easy for anyone to build a professional looking website.

You don’t need to learn to code. You don’t need to hire anyone to design your website for you.

I’ve created websites in a matter of minutes using the SiteRubix. An easy-to-use yet powerful website builder.

Other website builders: Shopify, Wix.

   #3 Website Hosting

Things to look for when choosing a hosting company:

  • Issues with sites being down – website stability
  • Page loading speeds
  • Technical support – helpful? do they respond promptly?
  • High levels of security
  • Daily website backups
  • User experience – for website creators and end users

This all comes standard with Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting.

Other places to get hosting: BlueHost, WP Engine.

Note: With places like Shopify and Wix and Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about hosting as it’s included with the monthly ‘membership’ fees. Allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business instead.

   #4 A Website Theme

Every website needs a theme. A theme makes up the design of your website.

For this, I DO NOT recommend hiring a website designer and spending thousands of dollars on a custom site design. If you are just getting started.

That’s because there are other aspects of your business you need to worry about before spending X amount of dollars on how your website looks. You can preselect your own professional looking website theme for free

You can preselect your own professional looking website theme for free. Most website builders, see above, allow you to pick your theme in the process of building out your website.

Optional. We’ve decided to share a few optional items to the list.

#5 Logo Design

A great way to brand your online business is with the use of a logo.

In the past, I’ve used services like to get a custom logo design but there are also places like where you can get a neat looking logo.

Fiverr usually being the more affordable option of the two.

And of course, there are free options where you can design your own logo. this can be done using Canva, Logomakr, or just do a search in google for “free logo creator” and see if you find something which captures your eye.

#6 High-quality Images

The use of high-quality images not only creates a better experience for visitors who will be visiting your website.

But it will make your website look more professional, as opposed to having blurry, unprofessional images on your website.

You can find plenty of free to use quality images on the following sites:

There are also paid options, which in my experience, offer the best looking images but it can get a little pricey:

#7 Custom email address

Again, this has to do with professionalism.

While it’s OK to add and use your personal email to your website, a business email that is relevant to your website will only help create credibility and a more professional experience for potential customers.

For example, my personal email is (don’t ask, lol).

The email that visitors can find on this site and reach me at is

I feel this looks more professional and is related to my website. What do you think is the better of the two?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can create custom business emails as part of the Premium membership.

Likewise, you could use GSuite to get your custom email for a small monthly fee.

#8 Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to keep track of how much traffic is coming to your website and where it’s coming from.

It’s another free tool and one that provides valuable data.

What A Succeeding Website Needs

start a business with a free website

Above are things that every website needs to “Go Live”. Like hosting, a website builder, a theme, and a domain name.

With how simple it has become to create a website, just about anyone can do it.

Creating a successful website, however, requires a bit more.

Who’s the website for?

In other words, who is your audience? What is the website intended to do or who is it intended to help?

This is something you want to think of prior to purchasing a domain name and creating a website.

Get help finding your niche here.

Attracting visitors.

This is another aspect that new website owners struggle with.

Look, you can have the best-looking website with the best offers on Earth, but if you don’t know how to attract the (right) people to your website and lead them to your offers, then essentially your beautiful looking website is just a ghost town.

From paid advertising to free methods, such as SEO, there are plenty of ways to attract people to your website.

I primarily focus on the free methods using this training.

How will you earn?

Before we get into the earnings part, it’s important to realize nobody gives a damn about how much money you want to earn.

I see aspiring entrepreneurs sharing their goals on the internet all the time:

“I want to make $1,000,000 by 2018”. “I want to make 50k a month”.

That’s great. But, nobody cares how much money YOU want to make.

This just goes to say that if you want to make money online, you have to focus on helping your audience or website visitors in some type of way.

For starters, you could offer helpful, reliable content.

There are many different ways that one can earn from a website including, your own products – such as a video course or training.

You can also offer physical products, get paid by way of ads, earn money by selling other people’s products. Or even a combination of these.

Visit our 6 Best Options for Starting an Online Business page to learn more about which types of business you could start and earn money with, using a website.

Summary + Bonus (2 Free Websites!)

To start a business with a free website, there are a few things that you NEED:

  1. A domain name
  2. Website Builder
  3. Website hosting
  4. Website Theme
    And here are the things that we recommend adding within the near future.
  5. A logo
  6. High-quality images
  7. Custom email address
  8. Google Analytics

For a place to learn how to not only begin building your first website but to learn how to create a successful one, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

This is also our #1 rated service.

A membership there includes everything you need from website hosting to custom email address, to a website builder and free themes. You name it.

You can get started today with 2 free websites, hosting, and their training will teach you how properly set them up.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a shot, where you can literally begin building your business for free.

Learn more about WA here.

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