Smart Dollars Club – My 2019 Review

smart dollars club
  • Smart Dollars Club connects you with both good and bad opportunities
  • Very misleading claims of potential income
  • Surveys are a slow grind, don’t expect to replace your job with surveys
  • There are far better ways to begin learning how to earn from home. Let me show you!


Who wouldn’t be excited at the possibility of earning $100 from a quick and easy survey?

Let alone, the guarantee to make up to $300 per day. That’s almost 10 grand a month for taking surveys.

Ahh, the possibilities….maybe I can quit my day job, pay off my home and auto and still have enough money to take a much-needed vacation.

According to Smart Dollars Club, and whichever fantasy they’re living in, this could become a reality for many making an extra $300 each and every day.

smart dollars club sign up form

Unfortunately, this website is very misleading in their promotions and seem more interested in getting people to join their email list than to be truthful.

There are some very good survey sites out there, however, Smart Dollar Survey doesn’t seem to be one of them.

As we explain in our Smart Dollars Club review. Read on…

Smart Dollars Club Review

In exchange for an email, Smart Dollars Club excites newcomers with exaggerated income claims.

$300 a day from survey taking is unheard-of. Yet, Smart Dollars thinks they can pull this off as they position themselves as having access to the best survey sites and so will you by joining.

And to make it even sweeter, you get a $100 bonus just for joining. I never got that bonus…

These are pretty huge income claims from a website that doesn’t actually do any of the payouts.

It’s their job to connect you to the “best” survey sites though that is not what is happening here. Instead, you are sent a mix of well-known and even spammy offers.

The people at Smart Dollars Club earns money each time you sign up to a new website or once you complete a certain task.

They seem to be the only ones truly benefiting.

$300 smart dollars club

What Is Smart Dollars Club

“The Smart Dollars Club is the #1 online prize reward’s program. By joining the Smart Dollars Club, we give you access to daily paid surveys, reward’s, and giveaways. Smart Dollars gives users’ a platform to voice their opinion and participate in community events, all funded by the world’s leading brands. With over 1,000,000 member’s, Smart Dollars is leading the online reward’s industry with more money paid out than all other competitor combines.”

According to them….

This is Survey Voices, only, it’s being called Smart Dollars Club this time.

Previous names Survey Voices has used in the past would include Opinions That Pay and Brands Need You.

There all connected to Survey Voices.

Survey Voices is a product of Rewards Zone USA and if interested, feel free to visit our review for full details.

In short, they offer both good and bad surveys and other work from home opportunities. It seems whatever can help them make a dollar is fair game.

It’s done without the member in mind.

How Much To Join?

All you need to join is to enter your email, though we do not recommend doing so.

Can You Make Any Money?

Ultimately this just depends on which surveys or offers are reaching your inbox but yes, you can make money.

Be wary though that survey taking can be a slow grind and not always will you be paid out in “cash”. Some places offer only gift cards or some other form of monetization.

I’ve experienced Rewards Zone USA in the past through one of their products known as Survey Voices. My main issues with Survey Voices was the fact that they were combining legitimate survey sites along with ‘scammy’ websites as I explain in the initial review.

Smart Dollars Club is very similar to Survey Voices except that it doesn’t offer a member’s area. Instead of having a member’s area where you can pick and choose surveys that you “qualify” for, Smart Dollars Club sends offers straight to your email inbox.

These offers will vary between survey studies and other “work from home” offers.

The safest course of action when it comes to Smart Dollars Club, or any website for that matter, is to do your research ahead of time to check its legitimacy before getting to vested.

Smart Dollars Club Affiliate Program

Another potential way of earning with this particular site is by referring others to join. Personally, I haven’t referred anyone to their site and have no intentions on doing so.

I couldn’t tell you if the affiliate program is any good or if there are any payouts.

To join, you would need to send them an email.

Likewise, for any complaints, you could try emailing them:

Smart Dollars Club Alternatives

Some of my favorite survey sites and great alternatives to Smart Dollars Club would include, Swagbucks, and User Testing.

The payouts in respondent are much higher than your typical survey site and the same could be said for User Testing.

As a Tester, with User Testing, the payout is usually around $10 per job and each job will take no longer than 20 minutes. has studies and surveys that sometimes pay into the $100’s, per survey.

Each of these sites are unique in their own way and are free to join. Definitely worth looking into.


  • They do connect you with legitimate survey sites. (Not 100% of the time, however).
  • Free sign up


  • Your at risk of being sent spammy offers
  • Exaggerated income claims. (Survey taking is a slow grind)
  • Many other low-value sites similar to Smart Dollars Club (ex. Brands Need You)
  • There are far better opportunities out there to learn how to earn online!


Though Smart Dollar Club survey offers some legitimate survey sites, they also expose their member’s to potentially harmful sites.

From the bogus income claims to the misleading “$100 bonus survey” used just to trick people into signing up…

It’s not worth the risk and is why we do NOT recommend joining.

I shared some of my favorite survey sites with you just above which are free to join so be sure to check those out if interested.

Have any questions or comments regarding the SDC? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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