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  • Shopperweb Org is one of many one-page websites promoting the same ‘junk’ opportunity
  • On the website, they tell you themselves that the article is fictional
  • I’ve been working from home since 2015. Get my help here! I will provide you with an honest shopperweb org review.

I am just glad that you have taken time to do your research before investing in program. This Shopperweb Org review will be short and sweet as I explain exactly what it is and what they want.

More importantly, how to avoid having your time wasted on such meaningless “opportunities” in the future.

Despite becoming a well-known scam over the past months, they continue to call myself and I would assume many others, in hopes of luring other suspecting people.

My most recent call was earlier this month from “Sarah” who is now promoting Earn Using Amazon.

Make no mistake, Earn Using Amazon and Shopperweb Org are related. And are just two of MANY websites which fall under the umbrella promoting an extremely low-value opportunity known as MSW. There are other sites like, and many others who advertise programs similar to shopperweb org scam.

Shopperweb Org Review

Most people encountering this supposed online job which pays $27/hr, according to them, have done so by way of voicemail or text message.

The voicemail will usually go like this:

“This Is Sarah calling with…we need people in your area to work online with Amazon. Hourly pay starts at $27 per hour. Sign up at”

We’ve seen the exact same strategy and tactics used before by another low-value online job opp named Cash Website Success. You will notice striking similarities between them and Shopperweb.

That’s because they’re both the same thing with one end goal. To get you to join MSW, a system we do not recommend for many reasons.

In short, Shopperweb Org is a bogus opportunity and I’ll show you why it’s not recommended…

This Started About A Year Ago

Well for me at least.

The first time I recall getting a voicemail from these leeches was last summer. That’s almost a year ago and they continue to call to this day.

Using different phone numbers and of course a different website name.

It seems I’m not the only one to receive a barrage of calls form Shopperweb Org either. There’s an entire discussion on Reddit from dissatisfied people.

What Is Shopperweb Org?

Shopperweb org is a one-page website designed to get you to join a system known as MSW.

msw home page

They pose as an online job for Amazon but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Unexpecting people receive a text or voicemail which could sound like quite the opportunity for those who don’t know any better.

Which is the reason we felt the need to put this review together addressing Shopper Web Org, Earn Using Amazon, Cash Website Success, and more.

Each of these are funnels to a well-known scam.

Is Shopperweb Org A Scam?

They tell you directly on their own website that the entire article is fictional and to not be taken literally.

Here’s an excerpt of the disclaimer which can be found at the bottom of the page:

It is important to note that this site and the comments/answers depicted above is to be used as an illustrative example of what some individuals have achieved with this/these products. This website and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, and the comments. Thus, this page, and any page on this webste, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story. Any statements of income or earnings are either examples or estimates of potential income and should not be considered typical.

This is done to cover their ass from any potential legal trouble.

So there’s that. Not much else to say when the whole thing is clearly a dud.

fake testimony shopperweb org

For even more info, where we break down their false testimonies and more, visit our Cash Website Success review.

The testimonies are fake, check the disclaimer at the bottom of the website They tell you themselves.




  • Shopperweb Org website is based on fiction. None of it should be taken as literal including income claims
  • Leads you to MSW, a very low-value system
  • Continues to contact people using different “company” names and different phone numbers
  • The only ones to benefit from this, are the cheats behind it


There are far better opportunities available to you when it comes to earning online.

This could be by way of your own online business, something that could take several months before seeing any monetary results.

Or by finding a legitimate company who is hiring at home positions.

Both are very real things, it’s just a matter of doing your due diligince. And if you’ve landed on this website, you’re one step ahead of most as we do our best to share reliable, legitimate ways to begin earning from home.

Here’s our top recommendation for anyone interested in learning how to create an income from home with your own business. It’s beginner friendly, and you will have my personal help each step of the way.


There are many Shopperweb Org reviews out there which warn of this non-existent opportunity to work for Amazon.

Now we’re seeing others pop up like Earn Using Amazon, etc.

They’re each an attempt to get people to join MSW also known as Money Sucking Websites.

We strongly recommend against either of these low-value systems.

I’ve been working from home since 2015 and before doing ‘this’, I worked in transportation for many years. I decided I wanted something different so I looked toward the internet for solutions.

Turned out to be one of the smartest moves I made. Though it should not be confused as easy work or a qick fix to all your financial problems.

If interested in learning more, be sure to follow our links shared just above and as always, feel free to share your own experiences using Shopperweb Org in the comments below.

We’d love to hear from you.

There are more scams that you should watch out for as scammers are leveraging on Amazon brand name to deceive people.

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