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If you are into web hosting, and you are looking for certain resources, things like reliability, web hosting services and web hosting reviews are something that you are looking for in web hosting companies.  When selecting a reliable web hosting service, it is important to find useful search guides to help users choose the right web host for their personal or professional website. Additionally, you can also choose your hosting service by following these real and independent reviews from the best web hosting providers.

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HostGator has been around since 1992. HostGator has gained worldwide acceptance in no time and remains the most reliable website hosting provider to date. The fact that this host provider has its own data center is a good thing and allows for better availability. HostGator has made a name for itself in the web hosting world through years of web hosting experience. After reading the reviews, you will get a better idea of what the community thinks of HostGator. The downtime frequencies are close to zero, which equates to the reliability of the server.

Most HostGator reviews reveal a positive multi-user experience. To ensure total customer satisfaction, HostGator also offers a 45-day money back guarantee, 15 days longer than the norm. Many users have seen the authenticity of HostGator test their hosting without fear of losing and investing.

HostGator Hosting Pros
+ Top 5 uptime (99.99%)
+ Top 5 speed (399 ms)
+ Free website transfer
+ No bandwidth and storage limit
+ Multiple datacenter locations
+ Unlimited email accounts
HostGator Cons
 Higher renewal cost

HostGator is fast at customer service by phone or email. Hosting websites can be a difficult task for all the non-programmers who run your site. But these users can also take advantage of the many options available on HostGator.

HostGator provides a free website builder, website templates and various other free options. This can be helpful for non-programmers. With this feature, HostGator gives businesses a boost with relative simplicity.

Also, HostGator provides basic website hosting plans for almost $ 4 a month (starting at $2.75/mo), which is relatively inexpensive. In addition, they also have reseller hosting options, which allows them to sell the accommodation to their customers. HostGator user reviews will help you determine how they have benefited from HostGator web hosting services. For limited time they have an amazing deal – Domain + Email + Hosting for $3!

Besides being fast, HostGator also provides users with the best servers with the most reliable connection. The unlimited features of the MySqL database allow you to plan the hosting of various blogs, forums and other networking sites. You can get more practical information about your services by consulting the HostGator analyzes.

Anyone who’s just starting to buy a hosting account can get great help with HostGator Analytics. They can also share their own opinions or criticisms. Notices are available for user support, where they can find relevant information about coupon promotions and get information on different types of web hosting plans.


Starting with their interface, it is simple and very easy to navigate. This interface makes it very easy to create own name servers, and sending domains to friends and clients, it is always simple and quick.

Talking about its market, domains are very easy and quick to sell. Easy payment and transfer of ownership is pleasant and smooth. It is also very easy to list an area for sale, and there are always people who buy.

The support team, I personally tried this out. I emailed the support team several times, which was not desirable. The staff came back to me with a pleasant and knowledgeable response, but it took three days. I was very disappointed. The second time, they came back to see me twice the same day. So I think it could be worse.

Talking about its order form, order process and the prices; it is very simple and classic. You type in a domain that you want to register and it will guide you through the process. You can usually register domains and configure the site in an hour. They will register and configure your domains quickly, and once that is done, you’re ready to go. The order form and process are easy. Prices are excellent, at $ 8.88 per domain without coupon and $ 7.98 per coupon. Good, cheap and useful.


GoDaddy is the first company to register host names. And, whether you are an Internet novice or an Internet marketing master, GoDaddy has many answers to meet your demands.

GoDaddy is one of the leading sites for major Internet hosting companies. They provide a set of specified services such as domain registration, web design, and web hosting and email services. They also provide specific business resolutions such as explicit email marketing, site service, customer relationship management applications, and search engine profiling.

GoDaddy is the largest provider of domain names in the world. They offer free configuration, acknowledgment software, 24/7 email support, web and phone support, endless storage and transfer. They have inexpensive, luxurious and unlimited design packages that can be purchased. Its entire hosting program allows entry into world class data centers, a 24/7 file transfer protocol approach, daily backups, the best routers, hosts and fire, absolute messaging destinations, advertising credit entry by Google and Facebook and many more features.

They have programs starting at $ 4.99 per month. They also accept predefined plans and guides which reach the web plan in a comfortable way. All of its programs support 1,500 predefined templates, no handset fees, no download package, easy one-click editing, unpaid hosting and email, 8,000 free images and a variety of different features.

The Design Ambition team will create and personalize a website as long as you always prefer not to create one yourself. They allow you with your personal site consultant to guide you through each step of the action, updates every month to keep your site up to date, hosting – with 99.9% guaranteed availability 24/7.

GoDaddy expands a fantastic number of services and products, as well as a committed buyer service team that reaches them among host names and network hosting providers.

GoDaddy’s search engine profile helps you develop your site so that search engines can find you. This product helps advance your site in search engine rankings and increase your visibility on the Web. They have an affordable, luxurious and premium design. Go Daddy’s Business Resolutions Pack helps you build, elevate and optimize your site with comprehensive enterprise software.

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We do not want to leave out another good contender – Blue Host! We will publish additional details soon, but see below their latest deals and basic info:
Bluehost Pros
+ Best uptime (99.99%)
+ Top 5 speed (405 ms)
+ One-Click-Install for WordPress
+ Easy to use, beginner-friendly
+ Free domain and site builder
+ 24/7 support (chat and phone)
Bluehost Cons
– Discounts for longer plans only, buy hey $2.95/ month ain’t bad :).
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