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My initial intention when making this page was to post different websites that I found to be scams. Not based off opinion but sites I’ve looked into and when all the research was done they turned out to be scams.earn extra money online from home

There are countless scams when looking for ways to make money online, which ones shouldn’t you trust or at least question?

Here’s a little insight. Listen, if it looks to be good to be true then it probably is! First “red flags” for me are sites who focus on how much money you will be making and present life in the fast lane with zero to little effort.

Make $1000’s of dollars each month and my team will do all the work, spots are limited, just enter your credit card information over here”

Be wary of purchasing something online before any instruction or products are provided to you!

Be wary of personal testimonies, including by video, that never actually identify the person so you can further investigate. This is tricky as well, a lot of the times paid actors are hired to make a testimony.

Things To Try

If you have fallen victim to an online scam, you can try filing a consumer complaint by heading over to

By following the link above you can scroll down to the third section and review different options under ‘File a Complaint About Online Purchases’, simply find an option that best fits your situation.

Point here is, always do your research to save yourself the heartache and cash of falling victim online. There are no shortcuts in becoming successful online or off.

Hard work and commitment will lead you down the right path just like in anything you do.

Any concerns or questions drop a comment below.


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