Real Online Profits Review – Avoid This One!

real online profits review

Real Online Profits or RealOnlineProfits, found at, is a website promoting a chance to make $300-$500 days online by purchasing one of their Real Profit Websites.

Though earning $300 or so a day from an online business is something that can be achieved through hard work, it is certainly odd to tell people that they can begin earning any amount of money with an online business on the very first day.

We look further into these “done-for-you” websites in our Real Online Profits review below.

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Real Online Profits Review

One thing that stood out to me while visiting the Real Online Profits website, and is one of the many reasons I chose not to buy the system myself, is that they continuously tell you that it is free.

You get the impression that you will be handed one of these “professionally designed and ready to make money websites” at no cost.

Only you don’t. There is a $47 fee despite being told on two or more occasions that it was free.

In my opinion, they would be far better off being upfront about the price rather than saying anything to keep people interested in their system.

This seems to be a common theme with them. They are willing to say anything to get people to buy, even if it’s not true.

Take the testimonies for example.


There are two separate sales videos which can be found on the Real Online Profits website.

The second video starts out with user testimonies claiming to have made $1,000’s within a short amount of days.

Having user testimonies is a great way to display how a product can be beneficial to potential customers.

The only problem is none of the testimonies given on this site were made by actual users.

The majority of them, if not all, were hired over at and given a script to vouch for this system.

guy claiming to make $700 first day of joining

same guy offering spokesperson or promotional package on

guy claims to have made $4,479 in 8 days

same guy offering spokesperson service within

This is either one huge coincidence and these people really made $700 the very first day of purchasing their “free” websites, or Real Online Profits paid $5 for fake user testimonies.

The Websites

As we’ve shared, these websites are not free even though you are constantly told that it will be free.

There’s a charge for $47, and based on my experience with very similar systems, you will encounter more upsells after the initial purchase.

(Feel free to confirm if there are any upsells after initial purchase in the comments below).

In the video, we’re told that in about “2 minutes and 3 clicks” you could have a professionally designed, coded, and tweaked website.

These websites come stocked with the hottest selling products on the internet and are ready to make money, according to Real Online Profits.

What’s also stated is that “without practically having to do anything” you could make up to $500 per day with these websites. Just a few clicks of the mouse,

Unfortunately, running a real profitable online business doesn’t work this way.

And nobody will hand you such a website or business generating such money for basically nothing.

How Much These Sites Really Cost

In the real world, a website earning $500 per day would cost a minimum of $300,000.

Websites and blogs are considered as real valuable assets and businesses and believe it or not, people sell and buy websites all the time.

In order to purchase a website which generates a profit already, you’re going to have to invest some money. How much depends on how much the site is earning among other factors.

Empire Flippers determines a website’s worth using the equation below:

[6-12 Months’ Average Net Profit] x (20 to 60+) = Listing Price

I share this only to tell you that it is highly unlikely that Real Online Profits are selling such profitable websites for the cost of dinner at a restaurant for two.

They are, however, doing there best to trick people into buying their low-value system only to upsell them more things they don’t need to run a real online business.


There are none


  • Tells people it’s free when it’s NOT free
  • Fails to demonstrate how these websites work exactly
  • Fails to show people an example website, which they are paying for
  • Phony testimonies
  • Websites earning $500 generally don’t sell for $47
  • Potential upsells


I’ve been reviewing these types of programs and systems for years now.

It’s become quite evident when a program is low-value or down right a scam.

Based on our findings shared in the review above, we do not recommend Real Online Profits or their Real Profits Websites.

You are free to purchase and take part in any system of your choosing.

I’ve invested lots of money in online business courses. Some were good, some not so much.

This is our favorite overall and you can even create a Free Starter Account to try it out for yourself.

Anywhere claiming to help you make $500 per day with minimal work, and fails to provide you with any helpful details on how their program actually works, is likely not real online business training.

Share your thoughts and experiences using this system with us below. We’d love to hear from you!

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