Quest Of News Scam

quest of news scam

Product Name: Quest Of News
Product Owner: Unknown(Not their first similar site)
The Verdict: Avoid This Site

Quest Of News Scam

Quest of news is a scam, sorry if your hopes were high. You may even be waiting on that nice $2300 “payday” by using their site, but I’m here to tell you the money won’t be coming. You should also remove your account and Paypal information ASAP!

Here’s my quest of news review and why you should avoid this site completely.

Quest of news claims to pay it’s users $5-$9 per each news article read. Which is rather simple to do, all you click is “Read News” on the website and it takes you to a page with these simple instructions:

1. Choose any news.
2. Read the news.
3. Press “Confirm” and get profit.

quest of news scam

The image above was taken directly from

Next you choose a “news article” to read as shown in the image above. After selecting any news article, you are presented with one sentence to read. To prove you are not a “bot” you will then be asked to select ‘Confirm’ and solve a simple math problem, for example 40+11. Enter and submit the correct answer and you are then “paid $5” for that news article.

Looks OK so far.

After this you may repeat the process by selecting another article, the ones previously read are no longer available for “credit”. As a “beginner”, you are only allowed to read 10 new articles a day. To advance from beginner status, quest of news alleges you need to come back and read 30 news articles, will take three days, or refer 10 friends. In doing so you will also get an increase for each news article you read.

Ok, so what’s the problem?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? This is either the greatest thing since Youtube, or complete nonsense. Sorry people, it’s complete nonsense and unsafe as well. Quest of news claims the reason you are being paid is:

“Mass media wants people learn current news from their site and they are ready to pay for that. They pay for news readers and we pay 70% of that sum for your work.”

There is no truth in that, at least from this site or any other paid to read website I have come across.

What I have discovered through research for this site and similar ones is:

  1. Same owner(s). This isn’t their first or last “paid to read” news website scamming people.
  2. Do Not Provide Any Personal Info. They are harvesting Email and Paypal addresses, then selling them off to the highest bidders.
  3. Do Not Bother Contacting Them. I would love to see this be put to an end for wasting people’s valuable time. Just to be safe and avoid further hardships, avoid contacting them. All the information about the company and contact information them is fake.
  4. One more thing I noticed. They are so greedy, they even have advertising in place by Adchoice. This advertising of other companies on their websites allows them to earn a little bit more money when clicked on, which can add up.

quest of news scam looks legit and some-what promising I know, but they are swindlers. The video testimonies are phony, the pay is fake, the whole site is fictional. Please don’t invite your “partners”, as they put it, to this bullsh**.

 You don’t have to take my word for it, but there’s one thing I can guarantee. No money will ever be sent your way by Quest Of News. It’s a scam!

Sorry to those who wasted any time expecting to get paid through their new “Internet Job”. Scams like this exist all across the internet, my intentions for this website is to expose the scams and help people learn a truthful way to earn money online.

Why should you believe me?

Well, take this very website for example. It is mine, made just this year in 2015, and has created success for me already which only seems to improve. My goal for those interested is to help them identify scams in the future, avoid scams altogether, and guide them to a place where they can learn more about earning money online.

Take the steps to learn and start your first real business online today. See you at the top!

quest of news scam

So if you’re ready to shake off the Quest of News blues and learn how to efficiently earn money online from home or anywhere you like.

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    lamisha - 6 years ago

    How would I take my paypal off questofnews and delete my account?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      I haven’t been able to delete my account with Quest Of News, but to remove your Paypal – I would enter “made-up” information and select Save.

      This will at least remove your information from being saved on the website.

    Omendar - 5 years ago

    How to withdrawal my $2300 of questofnews .com read news

      Jason - 5 years ago

      You don’t.

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