É 10k Negócios Training A Scam? Não comprá-lo!

is 10k business training a scam

É 10k Negócios Training A Scam?


Segundo o site 10k Negócios Training, Com base neste sistema é ensiná-lo a construir um negócio online.

Você pode realmente construir um negócio de sua escolha usando este sistema, ou é 10k Negócios Training uma farsa?

Eu não estou comprando o “90% Feito para o seu sistema” e por isso aqui!

aviso Legal: The review below contains some of my opinion and personal experiences while beinginvitedto 10k Business Training, also known as Global Affiliate Zone. You the consumer are free to purchase and pursuit any products of your choosing.

See How I Work From Home Full-Time.

UMA “CommunityWith No Name

I first encountered 10k Business Training while on Facebook and ran across this video (advertisement), and decided to check it out:

is 10k business training a scam

It explained living a life on your own terms, of travel, and pretty much absolute freedom.

Very motivating stuff.

So I decided to give it a further look, the only link available was to a StreetSuccess.org, which the only purpose is to capture your email.

The email I received took me to 10k Business Training, it’s here we see a (replay) webinar and also a chat area.

Nice, finally some more informationso I thought.

este (2 hour) video vaguely explains affiliate marketing and shares some statistics of online marketing (some of which are accurate).

They talk about their foolproof funnel, go over the “preços”, eo resto do tempo eles estão praticamente exagerando o sistema.

O tempo todo, Eu estava curioso para saber mais sobre o próprio sistema, por exemplo, nomeá-la de que nunca é mencionado.

Eles referem-se a fazer parte de uma “comunidade” numerosas vezes, também nunca mencionou.

É difícil confiar em uma comunidade e sistema sem um nome – e você não sabe sequer sabem exatamente o que é que você está comprando para o $99.

Eles fazem um trabalho muito bom de NÃO revelá-lo durante todo o webinar.

I couldn’t even get an answer when asking the person who led me there in the first place:

is 10k business training a scam

I don’t appreciate this kind of hush-hush system especially when you are asking for money upfront ($99).

Referring me to a webinar which DOES NOT explain muchdoesn’t sit very well.

There’s a reason why they have it setup like this and I will get to it soon.

Here’s What You’re Buying

You’re not buying some new or unique system, your buying into an MLM system which is posing as affiliate marketing training (huge difference). Either they themselves are confused or willing to tell you just about anything to ensure you buy.

Either they themselves are confused or willing to tell you just about anything to ensure you buy.

Here’s proof. Eric Carlson tells you this himself:

is 10k business training a scam

Finally A Name

After further looking into finding a name for this secret “comunidade”, I was able to inquire the information I was looking for:

is 10k business training a scam

Finalmente, an answer after asking directly if this was Project AWOL

is 10k business training a scam

então, de fato, you are NOT buying 10k Business Training as it is only a website name.

The system you are buying is actually Project A.W.O.L. or AWOL Academy.

Atualizar - This is Global Affiliate Zone

10k Business Training is Global Affiliate Zone. It has been brought to my attention, thanks to some of the comments below, that Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ is charging their buyers thousands of dollars more.

Membersare being asked to purchase a ‘water filter system’, from Enagic Kagen Water, for about $8,000.

Why the need for a water filter system when you are building an online business?

o $99 appears to be an entry price.

Is This System Any Good?

When researching for more on Project A.W.O.L. all reviews I came across were from 2013 – or earlier. So this system really is a thing of the past.

This explains why the name of the system and community are not shared during the webinar.

The Pricing

Entrance fee: $99

I can appreciate how they were upfront about the tools you will “necessidade” para o seu sistema, Incluindo:

is 10k business training a scam

They mention the 4 tools will cost $1,676/yr, which differs from the total of each tool displayed above. $2,017/yr is the real total for the four tools they have shown.

This does not include the costly price it will take to run ads on Facebook in order for their system to “trabalhos”.

So according to the webinar and site, your looking at $2,116 your first year using this system. It doesn’t cost that much to start a real online business.

You can spread that out over the course of a few years in spending using a more effective platform which actually teaches affiliate marketing.

$99 to get access to a 90% feito para você sistema, it’s too good to be true.

Here’s the truth and the experience from a recent Project AWOL purchaser:

is 10k business training a scam

O treinamento

Como mencionado acima e mostrado, isto é NÃO treinamento de marketing afiliado.

Corrija-me para baixo nos comentários abaixo se eu estiver errado, mas você vai ser ensinado a vender o mesmo item que você acabou de comprar para os outros (projeto AWOL).

Here’s what you can expect to learn (depois de gastar tanto dinheiro):

  1. Criando sua própria página de captura
  2. Aprender a pagar por anúncios no Facebook para promover o Projeto AWOL
  3. Atrair pessoas para sua página de destino de seu vídeo FB ad / texto
  4. Capturar alguns e-mails
  5. e-mails automatizados de você e um “6 Figura Adquiridor” will go out to any leads
  6. Attract them to the webinar(s) and hope for a commission

The great funnel they mention during the webinar (which brought you to the webinar) is all you are learning to do.

I know Eric Carlson said you can choose a business topic of your choice for this (a separate niche) but this is completely false!

You will not be able to plug QUALQUER other items into their “funil” as suggested.

That’s a fact.

How am I so sure?

If you did choose to promote anything else it would not fit the “90% Done For You Business”, como anunciado.

The emails are designed to get people to Project AWOL’s offer. The done for you (1 Page) websites are designed to get people to Project AWOL.

Let’s not forget the “6 Figure Earners” – who handle all the phone calls and willclose the deals” para voce.

They position themselves as experts in closing deals for you. If I wanted to talk about computers, Esportes, dieting, fitness or whatever as a topic for my businessis 10k business training a scamand lead people through this “ótimo” funil… How would these “6 Figure Earnersbe expected to close the deal on something fitness-related?

Unless they’re experts in every field out there, which I doubt.

They are there to close the deal when you lead people to Project AWOL, nothing else.

You are going to learn how to strictly Project AWOL. This opportunity is very ‘pyramid like’.

You will not be free and traveling the world (como anunciado). You will be miserable hustling this system trying to get your money back by ‘suckeringin the next person.

Who Benefits?

The people at the top, the same ones hustling this MLM product that you see in the webinars and those who have been at it for awhile. Consider them your upline.

If you come across a program that relies on you buying into the program, upgrading to more expensive tiers, and then promoting the same program to others, stay away.

A Shopping Cart?

Como um comerciante afiliado, which they claim their system will teach you, there is no need whatsoever for ahighly secured shopping cartas Eric Carlson suggests.

Another clue that he has no idea what he is talking about.

Como uma filial, your role is to lead people to a company website who’s products and services you are promoting.

From there all customer transactions are handled so as an affiliate you do not have to deal with shipping, reembolsos, retornos, credit cardsnone of that.

A shopping cart serves no purpose as an affiliate

É 10k Negócios Training A Scam?

Infelizmente, Project AWOL was built to make the founders and the early adopters money while relying on ‘new leadsto lose out on money in order for their system work.

Can you make money with this? sim.

Can you build a real, lasting online business using this system? Talvez, but I don’t see it to be very beginner friendly and would have to question, why are they not upfront about their business, a precificação, e assim por diante…

It’s disguised during the entire webinar as a legit business opportunity and community, the truth is you’re buying old washed up projeto AWOL.

There’s a reason they keep the true identity of this system hidden during the 2 hour webinar:

is 10k business training a scam


A Safe Place To Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you believe in 90% done for you systems that will help you to anearly retirement”, then maybe you can try your luck with 10k Business Training aka Project AWOL.

I do not recommend either to anyone – 10k Business Training/Project AWOL is misleading and unreliable.

For those interested in learning affiliate marketing and would like guidance from a real community, dar ricos afiliado uma tentativa.is 10k business training a scam

You can join today and experience the community and training for free. The training speaks for itself.

I will mention there is an option to upgrade costing $47 um mês, but only $19 seu primeiro mês.

Here you will learn how to make money through your OWN website while choosing any niche (website topic) de sua escolha.

You can use ricos afiliado para adequadamente ensinar-lhe as cordas de criação de seu site afiliado e para ganhar dinheiro on-line a partir de casa.


Sobre o autor


    Meu objetivo para este website é ajudar aqueles que estão olhando para ganhar dinheiro on-line a partir do conforto de sua casa e oferecer às pessoas uma alternativa para o FIXO 9-to-5 vida. Se você está procurando para fazer a renda online em tempo integral ou apenas olhando para fazer algum dinheiro extra. Eu tenho você coberta.

  • JasonGideon diz:


    Thanks for the information, I’ve seen this program around but glad I don’t need to look into it any further. Just signed up to your recommendation for WA however and it seems to be pretty good. Quite alot of information to take in right now, but I like the live chat feature they have

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hey Gideon,

      Glad I could be of help. Yes 10k Business Training had too many red flags for me and wanted to share my findings with whoever I can.

      It’s unfortunate that so many programs promise you the world and that you can make money on autopilot or with only doing “10 percent of the work”.

      The truth is starting a REAL business online requires a commitment of time and effort.

      You will learn how to start a business and get the proper training and guidance at ricos afiliado.

      I see that you have joined and just sent you a message to help you get started.

      Welcome aboard!


  • JasonKevin diz:

    This article was very informative and helpful.

    I can not believe people are out there filling our heads with false promises and expecting us to pay for this nonsense. I am glad that you pointed out this programs flaws and hope no one buys into it.

    Thank you for the rundown and saving me some money.


    • JasonJason diz:

      Don’t mention it, Kevin.

      There’s too many programs out there that are deliberately taking people’s money. projeto AWOL, 10k Business Training, or whatever they want to call it is unreliable and will not last as a company.

      Project AWOL has had it’s issues in the past come to find out.

      (hence the reason they won’t tell you what your buying)

      For those serious about succeeding online (or offline) it’s going to require real work. It can be done and is completely worth it in my opinion!


  • JasonTom diz:

    Thanks for the great article Jason.
    It was entertaining and worrying at the same time.

    Infelizmente 99% of the make money online sites are only there to take your money straight from your wallet. And even worse they advise you to do the same to other people. Project AWOL sounds like no good, good thing you didn’t have to pay only 99$ for it. Not to mention the high costs involved later on in the “programa”.

    It’s a good thing you take the time to warn people about this. When I uncover a scam I also shout it out to all who want to hear it. Don’t embrace the scam, fight it!

    Keep it up mate!

    Kind regards,

    • JasonJason diz:

      Couldn’t have said it better!

      People who are new to making money online and are unfamiliar with the process usually fall victim to these kind of ploys.

      They unknowingly get caught up in ALL of they hype and at the prospect ofliving life on your own termsthat they forget to ask questions and even do their research before buying.

      If you are being rushed to make a purchase (“limited time offer”) or having a difficult time contacting the Owners/Founders to inquire further information about their program, run for the hills.

      Project AWOL is no exception and while $99 is affordable, the up sells that come with it are a bit more drastic ($1,000’s)…

      This review is my way of trying to help them avoid this trap and even offers an honest alternative.

      Thanks for chiming in, Tom.

      Have a great weekend!

  • JasonChris diz:

    Wow I had to laugh at his response to your messagewhen was the last time you were treated like a 4 year old? I can’t tell you anything until you pay the $99 – one of the worst sales lines I’ve ever come across online. The other thing that hit me was 4k affiliate marketersis there any proof this community has that many members?

    • JasonJason diz:

      ri muito.

      The response I received made it obvious that the people involved with Project AWOL are only interested inclosing the dealand willing to say QUALQUER COISA to people interested in joining.

      I don’t believe anything they say including their membership numbers.

      They are very sneaky yet convincing. I took the time to put this together to help people make an educated decision before buying into an IDEA of making money online.

      These kinds of programs need to be avoided as their is no such thing as a legit “90% done for you businessand all you are doing (after paying $1,000’s) is working your tail off trying to sale Project AWOL to others.

      Where’s the freedom in that?

  • JasonGood work diz:

    In this day and age people try to get the most for their buck. They don’t want to spend their hard earned money on a project that is not going to deliver. $99 is kind of expensive just starting off. Especially when a product isn’t a guarantee. I like how you broke down everything for what it is and gave a non bias review. In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate would be the better choice.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Obrigado por comentar,

      I agree with you, people want to know that the money they’re spending will be worth it, that the item they are investing in will be worth their time, and it will prove results.

      As I have stated you can make money with 10k Business Training but it is NOT what it seems.

      You aren’t learning anything valuable, their funnels and program is not unique. Ao invés de “living a life of freedomas they promote, you WILL be hustling your ass of trying to convince others to buy into the program just as you havehoping to get your money back.

      ricos afiliado is hands down the better option and you can even see what they have to offer for free.

  • JasonAlfred James diz:

    Great review, I like the way you covered so many information and at the same time you´re giving something really brief. Brief and direct is the formule. I´m agree with you, there are so many online business where you can make money, of course it´s possible, but not a during money or, ou ainda pior, not a during business, which is really important the existence of those kind of reviews. Thanks Jason.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hey Alfred glad I could help!

      Yes there’s more than one way to earning money onlineas in there are plenty of business models out there.

      10k Business training on the other hand does NOT provide a reliable or long-term business solution. I think many people will struggle making there money back or any money at all using this system.

      It’s not a good one!

      I’m not sure what you meant bynot during money, not during a businesscould you clarify?

  • JasonSaralee Johnson diz:

    oi Jason,

    I was looking through pictures of disaster relief for the earthquake victims in Ecuador and moments later I found myself watching this video by Eric Carlson about 10k Business Training. I thank God I had just seen sobering pictures of lives destroyed that no money could buy back otherwise I may have just bought into Eric’sMake money, financial freedom, use our system to have the key to a whole new lifemumbo-jumbo. Instead I was skeptical at best and continued to research. Your page was extremely helpfulnon biased and just true. obrigado. It sucks that some people are picking up the pieces of broken bridges, digging out helpless victims trapped in rubble, and setting up relief hospitals while others are over here falsifying the truth.

    No final, the Truth will see you free.

    God bless you.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hi Saralee I am glad I could help.

      You make a good point and it’s unfortunate how some people are willing to feed off of people who are really in need of a break for their own personal greed.

  • JasonJuraida diz:

    Oi, your blog is very helpful. There are so many money making system online that looks like they are legit, but actually is a scam. I believe that there is no easy money, we have to work for it, it is just either you work hard or work smart. Do you know anything about making money online through forex trading? If so, I hope you can make a review on that too. obrigado.

  • Thank you for writing about uswe are grateful for the press!

    You actually broke down or system pretty wellbut added some fun flare
    to get people to believe that you are their real savior when it comes to making money.

    A verdade é, you are doing a similar thingcapturing peoples emails to then send them more info
    about why you’re better than anyone else in the industry. Funny game to play with people

    Lol wow all that shit talking just to promote himself, that’s pretty discrediting! What a douse bag” … just some of the quotes you may continue to see when you try this game.

    I have been in this industry for 13+ anos… We have simply solved the problem for the 99% of the people who have failed with marketing online. Nobody knows HOW to market when someone LIKE YOU tells them it’s easy, you can build your own funnel for cheaper, and do this yourself. VERY sad comment on your part.

    You can be an affiliate or sell Networking products view the information you are taught inside of “comunidade… 3,000+…” and to be CLEAR, we are NOT associated with AWOL, we are simply products of the AWOL Education that we now teach
    the people who are ready to build a business online.

    We don’t promise anythingwe actually say in our income disclaimer thatSome people make no money at all…” because it’s obvious not everyone has the drive to be greatbut our system has helped HUNDREDS of people. And you have done what?

    Wait until you see what we have rolling out next.. Just the BEST in the industry. Not some brand new wannabe.

    Wish you the best of luckYour program is $47 a month for that?

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hi Eric thanks for stopping by, and further confirming my review.

      To answer your question, one of the systems that I HIGHLY recommend does cost $47 um mês.

      With that comes a community of over 500,000+ (both experienced and new), site de hospedagem, a website builder for up to 50 personal websites per membership, excellent website support, beginner-friendly training that will take you from not knowing a thing about websites to ranking on the first page of Googlegaining the attention of low-value product owners (like I have done here), Live Chat, one-on-one help, relevant tools such as a keyword tool (a shopping cart, realmente?), weekly webinars which actually TRAIN people, access to other member’s training, e muito mais.

      Você pode obter uma better idea here for what $47 will get you and also what is included when you join for free todayyou really should consider.

      You won’t find ANYWHERE that I claim making money online is easy or any guarantees, that’s been your role.

      I do permit an email opt-in on my page which is a free 5 Day course, thanks for noticing, this has nothing to do with your setup at all. I have invited many people and never had 1 complaint by anyone.

      Thanks for stopping by and confirming thatI broke down your system pretty well”. A lot of time, curiosity, and consideration goes into each and every review.

      Have a great rest of the week,

  • JasonLaura diz:

    Thank you for this review. There are so many scams out there and it’s important that they are exposed.

    I find it very annoying to go to a website looking for information and all it does is go on and on and on with a bunch of puffing and no actual information about the so called product or service.

    If you have a product or service worth offering then there should be no problem in telling people what it is up front.

    Thanks again for exposing this fraud.

  • JasonBarry diz:

    Minhas, meu. meu. So they say pay me $99 then I will tell you. I always get a little doubtful when the videos talk about mansions and cars rather than what they offer.

    Did you find anything good about this program? Sounds like you have to be a detective just to see what it’s about. I feel a little bad for Lisa that spent the money.

    Unbelievable that you got told pay me then I will tell you. How the heck did you keep calm and not tell them off? Or did you?

    For many people $99 is a good deal of money and these types of marketers just don’t care about anybody but themselves.

    It’s refreshing to see you offer a training program and offer the price right up front. Are you a part of Wealthy Affiliate? I know you have a website so I wonder did the training you offer work for you?

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hey Barry, I found that a bit unsettling as well. ri muito, there’s no need to tell anyone off as I did not spend a single cent on this.

      But that is a ridiculous business practicePay me and then I will tell you what you bought”? Followed by a phone calling telling me to spend more on mandatory products just to be able to continue with the program. I avoid nonsense like this.

      Yes I am apart of Wealthy Affiliate and am active their everyday engaging with other members and expanding my knowledge for online business by using the training. It’s a one-of-a-kind service and I have made (way) more than I have spent as a result of their training.

      Check it out for yourself.

      Thanks for commenting Barry.

  • JasonNox diz:

    Yet ANOTHER person online calling everything a scam and pushing Wealthy Affiliate so you can get signups. Typical

    • JasonJason diz:

      If you took the time to READ the review, you will notice that I do not use the word scam once except in the title. I explain why I refuse to purchase it as well.

      Where is the word scam coming from? And what’s your point?

      I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate along with other solutions on my website. Not everything’s a scam online, but there are MANYmake money online opportunitiesthat are misleading or a straight up scam.

      I’m constantly learning by using the Wealthy Affiliate platform and am active there everyday. Why not offer such an outstanding (free to try out for yourself) solution?

      Thanks Nox, eu acho?…

    • JasonMarty diz:

      Please, stop spreading disinformation!! This good man is attempting to spread awareness about a group that is prying on people who are just trying to live! The horrible part about ‘AWOLis they included some wise words that proved to be a great hook. ‘carlsonis right in that you control Your destiny in Life, this IS true, and to people who are seeking hope, of coarse they will be tempted!! They CAN operate this ‘businessbecause in truth they are doing nothing illegal in the realm of business. But the step on the hand of your fellow man practice is Evil, and it shall not last. Thank you my man for shedding light on this ‘business opportunity

      • JasonJason diz:

        Thanks Marty, completely agree.

        As pessoas são livres para fazer o que gosta, but I try to prevent people from wasting time and money with programs like the one above.

        What happens is they believe that earning online is a scam entirely and give up. Making money online is for everyoneyou just have to seek out the real from the fake ‘90% done for youbusiness nonsense.

  • JasonJames diz:

    Haters gunna Hate.

    I can see our hustle, don’t get me wrong.

    But if you had 500,000+ members I’m sure you would be a bigger Name in the industry.

    You also just have a picture and a first name as your introNo information on your background, your struggles, your intro into affiliate marketing, or anything else that really helps understand who you are and what you offer. Big thing for me is where you learn your craft from because if you haven’t been taught on most of this stuff, you aren’t going to be the bestteacherin the industry.

    Its pretty easy to go after the champs in the industry(on a site called extrapaycheckonline.com), its a whole other ball game trying to compete with them. I would rather be side by side with the champs personally, but if you like going after them all the power to ya.

    I’m not sure if your just trying to steal leads or if your just trying to throw rocks at the king. But you kind of have a track record of trying torevealthese affiliate marketers and trying to poke holes in their system. All while putting your 2 cents in at the end of every post trying to get people into your “equipe”. Believe me man I know its all business in this blog/website whatever it is, but its a little hard to take you seriously when your just trying to belittle everyone else options.

    Respect goes a long way in this industry as well.

    Keep doing you man. Maybe it will end up helping you in the long run.

    • JasonJason diz:

      I don’t have 500,000+ members as I do not yet own any product. I think you’re confused.

      Also I clearly explain why I chose not to purchase “10k business trainingin the post above.

      You do realize I offer more than just one way on this site to making money online, certo?

      As there are several business models and several places that will legitimately teach you. Working online is a great opportunity and I try to weed out the programs that are all hype or just downright take people’s money for little to no quality in exchange.

      You do realize I could of easily joined “10k Business Trainingand referred the near 1,000 visitors who found this pageto the program?

      Earning me money for eachlead”.

      I only recommend products/programs that offer quality and will help people learn how to earn money online.

      If you don’t like it, then Extra Paycheck Online is definitely not for you, please leave

      I have no “equipe”, this is all free information. If people decide to act or have a question about something related to my site or one of my recommendations, I am here for them.

      King”, ri muito.

      Good luck Jamesif you need any help I am here for you as well.

  • JasonMaria diz:

    Thanks for your review Jason!
    After doing a little research myself, you definitely curbed my interest in paying that $99 for something that I had no idea on what it was about. I was actually interested in what they were saying (obviously because every honest and hardworking person is looking to better their lives), but there was ZERO information about anything at allwhich to me seems totally dishonest, and incredibly sketchy. No mention of a company name, contact info, local na rede Internet, examples of other experiences, reviews of the product, reviews from past/present customers, nothing at all.

    Giving the run-around just doesn’t fly with a lot of people, including myself.

    Enquanto isso, I’ll keep building an empire the old fashioned way.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hi Maria, glad I could help!

      They do a good job of persuading people that this is a great opportunity and also that they offer affiliate marketing training.

      But they don’t.

      People who buy into this nightmare are going to be asked to spend muito more on their (10k Business Training) networking products. This will allow them to sell the products to other people in typical MLM fashion.

      Your being trained on how to sucker people into buying the same exact garbage by ultimately getting them to that webinar, the same webinar they play over and over again twice a week. It might be live, mas o “Treinamento” is the same exact hype as the previous one.

      There have been many who disagree with me but not one person has shown me their 10k Business or can state what they have learned from using it……

      I now make my living by affiliate marketing, and believe me these guys don’t teach it!

      Good luck Maria, and good for you for doing your homework before buying this “programa”.

  • JasonLinda diz:

    Thank you for that info. Must say the guy is convincing,, but then I have never liked someone speaking so fast. As if he wanted to hide something. I’m glad I decided to research a bit more about these guys. I would love to learn on line marketing and run my on-line business.

    • JasonJason diz:

      You’re very welcome Linda.

      I too was convinced that this program had something to offer, and couldn’t wait to share it with the readers here. It wasn’t too long into the webinar that I realizedsomething ain’t right. After days of research I found out what was really going on.

      MLM. Purchasing extremely over-priced items for the right to sell it to others in hopes for a profit, it’s wrong and there’s better ways to go about doing business.

      I believe you already got started Linda, I will see you on the inside!

  • JasonCasi diz:


    I came across your site trying to find reviews on GAZ. I joined the webinar from one of their members I had reached out to on Facebook. The way they talk about how you can basically just pay $99 and the sky is the limit speel, I about signed up for it, but for some odd reason my card declined. I figured it had something to do with my card so I wanted to research some more.

    Are you serious about having to spend thousands of dollars more in order “aprender” all the tools they have? Who has that kind of money laying around? I was going to sacrifice $99 because I truly want to make my life better. I want to create my own online business but not for someone ELSE’S business, but to learn how to market my own. Can I learn those tools with WA? Can they apply to ANYONE’S passion?

    I guess the disheartening part of GAZ is when I talked to the member and asked her this (copied from our messages on FB);

    Eu- “Hi Mary, I watched the video and watched a webinar. I had to watch it twice due to being a late night and being exhausted from work! So I rewatched it. I have a few questions before I make my decision. On a personal level for you, has it worked for you? I know its not a get rich scheme, but if I were to put a lot of work and faith into being trained will it pay off? Second, will I really have time freedom to do the things I want? I have two sons, and I would rather spend time with my kids than being gone 10 hours a day at a job I hate. Third, can I really use these tools toward a dream online business I want to do? Thank you for sending me the webinar. I appreciate it, and part of me wants to jump and the other is super cautious of someone just taking my money and there not being any value. Thank you again hope to hear from you soon.

    Said GAZ lady named Mary- “First I want to congratulate you on watching the webinar and getting back to me. I can also say, I was in the exact same boat, very cautious and yet, ready to jump at this crazy thing. I ended up jumping (against anything I thought I should be doing) and it has been the absolute best thing. While I am still new at this and what I’ve now learned has actually given me the knowledge to start writing my own pay checks, also there are tons of people doing this right now getting insane results! Once in the community you’ll see everyone getting results and it’ll make you see that it’s possible for you as well if you stick around and apply what they have to offer.
    But if you’re someone who’s lazy and not willing to take action and apply the training then don’t expect to get any results”.

    I guess what kinda rubbed me the wrong way was how she really didnt answer my questions. Kinda beat around the bush. But I still wanted to give the program a try regardless of how oddly she worded her conversationso maybe it is a good thing my card was declinedfor the sake of my future!

    Can you answer my questions honestly with what I had messaged her? Thanks and hope to also hear from you soon!

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hi Casi, Agradecemos seu contato comigo.

      To answer your first question, Yes they’re serious.

      You don’t get more “Treinamento” ou “Ferramentas” either for purchasing these upsells. What it does is give you the licensing right to sell those exact “produtos” para outros. How you sell them is by leading other people to that exact same webinar while telling them they too will be rich if they buyand so the cycle continues.

      The people up top, or early adopters, are the one who really benefit from this kind of program.

      It is not affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing training.

      If you’re asking me if Wealthy Affiliate has worked out for me, it sure has. I share some of my progress on my profile page within WA.

      The idea is to create a website which involves your passion(s), interests, algo que você é conhecedor, ou mesmo algo que você deseja saber mais sobre.

      Your business doesn’t HAVE to be about your most favorite thing in the world, though it is heavily suggested when deciding on a business topic because if it’s something you enjoy doing and look forward to creatingyou’re more likely to see the project thru (long-term).

      Which brings me to my next point, starting a business from scratch requires patience, effort and commitment (regardless if your on the internet or not).

      There’s no shortcuts or “90% feito para você empresas” out there that will result in a lasting business.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a learning centernot a job or a promise to make you richbut a place where you can access all the right tools (like the website builder), support, one on one help, training to build your own authority website, e muito mais.

      You can try it out for free, why not give it a shot?

      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions

      Have a great weekend!

  • JasonSimon w diz:

    its funny how everyone wants to learn how to make money online but no one bothers to gather FREE information online before forking up money to buying random shit . Guys, go on forums and read what others are doing and try to figure out some basic shit before even start thinking bout monetizing anything. in short AWOL is complete crap, they aint gnna teach u jack shit. Hit up blackhatworld forum and u will discover a sea of people doing all kinds of funky stuff and trying to make money online. Blackhat is a term we use for methods on makin cake online with methods that are a lil frown upon btw which i dont reccomend. Go whitehat kids, and thats all hard work and dedication. Make a blog, write on that shit bout things u like daily and track your visits and followers. Grow that shit, and the dough will come. Kudos to the blog owner on busting one of many bull crap systems that teach ppl nothin. But my advice to all thats here is go online and read what real ppl that make money online do first. Its 2016 information age guys, yall can learn bout rocket science online (literalmente, if u really are interested ud find hella info)

    • JasonJason diz:

      I agree with you Simon, this is the information age and everything one would like to learn about making money online or even starting a home business can be found with thorough research.

      Without spending a single cent.

      In saying that however, it’s not a bad idea to have help and support along the way by utilizing some of the better programs available to us. Which can save you an enormous amount of time and energy while providing a clear plan.

      For this topic in particular, you can easily get lost or confused with the plethora of information on the internet. What tends to happen is people find themselves not knowing where to start, or they’ll take on too many ‘methodsat once not knowing who to go to for information or which information is effective, eventually they’ll give up.

      That’s why these programs exist and some will take you by the hand and teach you the ropes.

      That’s is why I recommend sites like ricos afiliado, there’s a couple others I enjoy, but WA is very effective and not to mention free to join allowing you to see if the training is right for you before spending a dime.

      So I agree, you very well could venture off on your own. Or you can find a program that makes sense for you while saving you time, energy and money.

      Thanks for insight Simon

  • JasonFrancisco diz:

    I’m also an almost $99 giver. Great exchange of words in this blog.
    My question to you, that they couldn’t answered because i have to pay first is,
    Could WA help me build a traffic structure web site to sell adds?


    • JasonJason diz:

      Hi Francisco,

      You can build any type of website you wish, however the Wealthy Affiliate training focuses more-so on Affiliate Marketing. Placing ads on your site is always an option, just realize it’s going to take tons of traffic to see any decent revenue from this alone – Mas isto pode ser feito.

  • Jasonivan diz:


    Thanks Jason for saving me those $99 i was about to buy it but thank god i did some research!

  • JasonKarl diz:

    I was seconds away to throw away that $99 just to enlighten me with more info only to fall and get cornered into giving away more $$$ to actually do the internet business. You just saved me the trouble. Enfim, I’m still wanting to do business online and would gladly ask for your legit help and advice on how to do so. Would be better if we could even meet somewhere if you are in Canada. Please shoot me an email so we could have conversations about the online business as I am not knowledgable when it comes to this. Thank you a lot Jason!

    Hopento hear back from you soon via email as I might not be able to get back on the website yet.

    • JasonJason diz:

      No problem Karl, email sent.

      Keep in mind building a business from scratch could take a little time, effort and elbow grease! But it can be done, and is for just about anyone.

      Let me know if you need any further help 🙂

  • JasonJohn diz:

    então. What happens if people have a hard time learning this but are more than interested? How do you know if what you are doing works and that you will actually make money? Sorry if these are dumb questions. Im just sick of the way my life is going and im looking for a change but i also have some personal problems that are deterring me from most things.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hi John, thanks for reaching out.

      If you are referring to Wealthy Affiliate, I am not going to sit here and guarantee you will make money.

      I will guarantee however, you will get access to the best tools (like the website builder), Treinamento, and support available when it comes to the affiliate marketing business. This is an excellent business model even if you’re a beginner.

      Those are not dumb questions! I know how it is out there. My advice to you is to give Wealthy Affiliate a try (it’s free to join), and see if the training and community suits you at all – se não – no hard feelings, feel free to walk away. If you do like what you are learning and the training makes sense to you, then upgrade when you’re ready. It’s totally up to you.

      Let me know if you have any further questions:) You can join WA here if you like.

  • Jasonjesus diz:

    very helpfull!!! i was soo close too! thank you soo much! would like to sare a screen shot but cant. they told me the next step after paying would be to pay again, and she said it ranged from 800$-8,000 and thats what rocked my boat lol

    • JasonJason diz:

      You do not need to pay that much to start a business online. All money aside, 10k Business Training doesn’t teach affiliate marketing they teach some sort of MLM marketing, which is something I personally would never be interested in.

      Glad you were smart enough to hold onto your money, mais importante, didn’t waste your time chasing some imaginary dream lifestyle thru this system.

  • JasonTom diz:

    I have a close friend of mine who is currently involved with this program. They recently just change their business name. They now go by Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ for short. This entire program is just a front for what they are truly trying to get you involved in and thats Enagic Kagen Water. My jaw dropped when my friend told me he dropped close to 8k to buy one of these filter systems when you can go directly to Kagen and purchase the same machine for 1/2 the price and automatically become a distributer. Kinda makes you wonder where that other 4k goes. Most likely in the pockets of those top earners.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Wow Tom, this is truly great information and I appreciate you sharing this for all to see.

      Now about your friend, I kind of feel bad and hope he doesn’t get too caught up into this program. $8,000 is not a small investment!

  • JasonNenhum diz:


    I really just wanted to take time out of my day to say how much of an idiot you are. You write reviews on businesses that you know very little about, so that you can introduce them to YOURlegit business”. Truth of the matter is, I’ve been with this company for a while now and its most definitely the real deal.

    Every business has its own way of marketing. o $99 that you are speaking of is the cost for a step by step coaching process where we show an individual how to run a successful business online. We make no income claims because income is based entirely on you. We teach you how to sell anything online, and of course we do have our preferred companies with great compensation plans. Contudo, for a small $99 you are learning a skill that could easily cost thousands through the education system.

    In closing, we do appreciate you taking your time to write this review. It’s always nice to have haters, it means we are doing something right! Have a blessed day

  • JasonTyler Jordan diz:

    Listen dude…. entendi… It does seem like a scam at first. But I joined this community two months ago with a “Que diabos” mentality. I’ve spent more than $99 on liquor before. Now that’s a scam!

    This community, however is filled with LEGENDS who want no more than to spread love and help the newest person achieve success.

    sim, we are doing MLM. Yes that $8,000 was to buy product, but that price is what you will pay for multiple products from Enagic. (which by the way is an amazing company in itself) It is not an extra $4,000 for fairy dust. It’s a REAL product.

    You can get started with only $600 if you really want.

    We’re ACTUALLY helping people here.

    I met with these guys in Las Vegas for a mastermind and they coached me one on one to help me visualize what I really want out of this business. All for a ONE TIME payment of $99 to get into the community and get actual training. I didn’t have to pay a dime for the mastermind. Does that still sound like a scam?

    Bashing something as amazing as Global Affiliate Zone isn’t cool.

    But I wish you all the best brother.

    Take care,


    • JasonJason diz:

      I wasn’t out to bash, 10k Business Training aka Global Affiliate Zone. This system is what it is.

      I would never be interested in something like Global Affiliate Zone (for the many reasons displayed above) and therefore refuse to recommend it on this website.

      Of course I expect someone who has invested in this system to vouch for it. Simplificando, you bought it!

      I’m not interested. Thanks however and good luck to you as well, Tyler.

  • I am a 41 year old entrepreneur who has spent the last 15 years developing my own brick and mortar businesses. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in start up costs and I can assure you that I’ve been around the block. I’ve left a successful brick and mortar furniture business to my brother and his family and sold my house in order to free up my life and learn through the GAZ system. The GAZ system is revolutionary. It combines a comprehensive back office system and website which offers excellent training and support with the selling of a product that has been around for over 30 anos. The product (Kangen) is used in hospitals around the world and has a compensation plan that is unlike any other MLM I’ve ever seen. I’ve spent the last five months moving my life around so I could buy into The Global Affiliate Zone system. It is the beginning of something big and has the ability to transform the lives of anyone who is remotely coachable. I’ve never experienced a more loving and caring community like the GAZ. I am now able to make a large online income and work from anywhere on the planet that has internet access. All the while, freeing up my time to pursue life long dreams and goals which I could previously not attain with a brick and mortar. The cost to build this type of business is absolute peanuts compared to the money I’ve spent on brick and mortar, not to mention the precious time I’ve lost to it, including the years I’ve lost off my life from unhealthy stress. Online marketing has finally reached a new plateau of success and duplication. It has developed a poor reputation from scammers and broken promises over the last few years while people like Eric Carlson have spent time trying to make it work. You my friend should spend less time bashing the online marketing world and more time developing your business. It obviously works better now than ever before, or you would not be here implementing the poor marketing strategy of bashing other businesses in order to draw attention to yours.You should not defecate where you eat. Much love and success in your future endeavors. I hope it all works out for you. Peace out!!

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hello Kosta,

      Would you mind sharing this business for others to see?

      I mean we are talking about the mostloving and caringcommunity in GAZ right? Feel free to share your life-changing business right here on my site.

      I would love to see it and I’m sure others will as well.

  • Jasonsandy diz:

    so you are bashing a marketing company to promote your own? aren’t you doing the same exact thing by recruiting people to yours? LMFAO….

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hi Sandy, good afternoon.

      The funny thing is that people WILL be able to point out the real from the fake, or they can learn the hard way.

      Dito, people are free to buy into any program that they please. The review above simply shares my thankfully, short-lived experience with “10k Business Training”.

      This program makes false claims in saying that you can create a business involving any niche of your choosing and also in saying that it is affiliate marketing training.

      As I have collected from other people in the comments, which you can find below, is that this company’s real identity is GAZ aka Global Affiliate Zone. What they are actually doing is asking people to purchase a ‘water filter system’, from Enagic Kagen Water, for about $8,000.

      NENHUM of this information is included in the hour long webinars that Global Affiliate Zone hosts (under the name 10k Business Training) 2 times a week. Eu me pergunto por que é?

      People viewing the webinars (I’ve watched 2 ou 3 myself) are under the impression that they will learn how to build an online business, and receive affiliate marketing training for $99. Este não é o caso, and is pure deception if you ask me.

      Who’s really doing the bashing here? Me or Global Affiliate Zone?

      I don’trecruitanyone and also don’t see a problem with offering a safe alternative in Wealthy Affiliate. This is a learning center (that actually teaches affiliate marketing), where people can join and participate for free to see if it’s right for them. Before spending a single dime.

      It’s the same program/training that has allowed me to work from home full-time.

      Como eu disse, people are free to buy and do as they please. Contudo, you won’t find me making false claims or promises of a done for you”10k Business”.

      Creating consistent income on the internet takes hard work, and not a misleading program who tricks people into buying water filter systems….

      Thanks for stopping by and voicing your concerns,

  • JasonTaylor diz:

    It’s funny to me how GAZ stop commenting after a while.. Well hey I have no clue about to make money online is there anyone out there who can help from scratch? I’m a young father who does the 9-5 type job and I need extra income. I need a computer mentor of some sort of you could please no bs and shoot me an email or phone number, or something. Thanks y’all.

    • JasonJason diz:

      The GAZ members seem to come in flurries. It is my guess that someone posts this article within their Facebook group and the next thing you know, eu tenho 5 consecutive messages from people attempting to convince me that GAZ is the best thing since the TV invention.

      Não, obrigado! I refuse to spend $8,000 in order to hustle people into spending the same amount of money on something they really don’t want or need.

      Na minha opinião, this is not a proper education and very risky.

      If you would like to learn more on starting a business involving something that interests you, and not throwing $1,000’s on a ‘water filter system’, then I advise that you have a look at my Começando página.

      You will discover a few different popular business models and a few places where you can begin learning and building today.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot them my way.

  • Jasonumair khan alizai diz:

    hay jason
    hope u r doing well. i want to do this stuff this internet marketing help me

  • JasonJack diz:

    I have recently joined AWOL academy for $99 recently and completed begin survey etc. I have booked an aopitment with a coach to sort everything out. Do you recomend any questions for me to ask to test their legitemacy, as i am a bit sceptical. Thankyou.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hi Jack, certo.

      What I would do is scroll through the comments below even. I am sure you will be able to compile a list of questions based on some of the information you can find here in the comments alone.

  • JasonTyler diz:

    Just ANOTHER typical blog post bashing systems with no clue what their really about then pitching your own offer at the end.

    Does this realy still work?😂😂

    For one, Awol & 10k business training are not the same.

    The guys behind 10k biz training have been mentored by the creators of Awol.

    10k biz training is now Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) and has 7000 membros.

    I have persoanlly seen many guys with no prior online marketing expirence make consistent 10k months and quit their jobs as a result of this system.

    No wonder its so hard to find good info these days.

    Google is flooded with misinformed blog posts all of which have their own conflicting agenda.

    • JasonJason diz:

      I can tell you this, Tyler.

      It works a WHOLE lot better than promising people that they will learn how to build a legitimate online business for $99 and then turning around asking them to spend thousands of dollars more on awater filter systemover the phone, like Global Affiliate Zone does.

      Did you bother to read the comments below? In which scenario would you ever need a water filter to operate an online business?

      People are smart enough to make their own decision when it comes to joining Global Affiliate Zone aka 10k Business Training aka whatever they’re calling it nowadays.

      o “offer at the endactually teaches people how to build an online business, para não mencionar, it’s free to join allowing people to see exactly what their getting before spending a single penny. If I take the offer away from this Post, you are only left with a really dishonest, bad product.

      Have a great weekend, Tyler.

  • JasonAlley diz:

    So is i guess im a little confused on the companies that are being talked about. My question is keala kanae a fake and his this a scam that he has going on

  • JasonDavid diz:

    oi Jason,

    Thanks for your information. I have a coaching call on awolacademy.com Is this company not an affiliate marketing training company?

    I would greatly appreciate a speedy response.

    Thanks for any help,

    • JasonJason diz:

      Hey David,

      This is something I would bring up during the coaching call. There’s a vast difference between MLM and affiliate marketing. A person could make $10,000 or so within their first 3 months but I don’t understand how a company could “garantia” naquela. Hope they have evidence to back up such a claim?

      I wouldn’t expect much…..


  • JasonDavid diz:

    I forgot to add; naquela, they, (AWOL Academy) guarantee you will make $10,000.00 in your first three months.

  • JasonDavid diz:

    oi Jason,

    Thank you for the timely response. You have my email address. Would it be possible to speak with you over the phone?

    I’m interested in Wealthy Affiliate and I have a few questions. I promise not to take much of your time.

    Novamente, thanks for giving me and others food for thought, so we can make a better informed decision to help our future, to be more successful.


  • JasonFredy M. diz:

    Folks, please don’t be so gullible. Any “o negócio” that promotes in this manner where anyone with $99 to spend can go from working a 9-5 job to living in a mansion and driving a ferrari, is a complete an utter scam. Don’t walk, run away. Anyone defending the eve-changing business GAZ, AWOL, or whatever it is this quarter, is a shill plain and simple. This business relies on you suckering in the next person and the next and the next until you’re getting paid from the new money being put into the pot. The successful ones are the slick talkers and confidence men that can influence and convince naive people that they can become rich if they just try hard enough. They end recruiting dozens of people who then each sucker in 1,2,10 or more of their family members and friends and next thing you know, they’re making money off all those naive suckersof which 99.5% will never make a dime but pay hundreds if not thousands into the honey pot. Anything taught in this “sistema” you can learn on your own if you have the drive for it. If you need a system that is 90% feito para você, then you don’t really need to be in business for yourself. You need to stick to your 9-5 trabalho. A business takes 110% of YOUR effort to be successful and sustainable. Please don’t be so gullible, people.

  • JasonAbe diz:

    Oi, Jason:

    I’m trying to find the best program to get started on affiliate marketing and I stumbled with your website.
    As I was reading all you have to say and after going to the recommended site for learning more (https://extrapaycheckonline.siterubix.com/my-1-recommendation/), I coulnd’t stop thinking in.. after all you went through before sharing your opinion, how could you photoshopped your photo with theowners of WA”??
    It’s so sad you are one more of those liars

  • JasonScott diz:

    I watched the AWOL webinar last night..what was supposed to be 2 hours ended up being 3 horas 15 minutos. A cost of $99 was brought up for the training program which would most likely only last for the next 24 hours to get in on it. They said it wasn’t a pyramid scheme but reading the posts here, that’s exactly what it sounds like. They do offer a 14 day money back guarantee but I suppose if they are taking $99 from all sorts of people, they can afford to refund $99 to a few. They gave an example of promoting a weight loss ad/program and you’d get money as an affiliate from people who click and order from your links. They never mention any cost beyond the $99 and nobody ever asks that question. I think the $99 will suit me better in my bank account since it sounds like AWOL works the same as Amway

  • Jasonsteve diz:

    thank you I watched awol video the other day. I registered for the free web class. qas going to pay the 99 dollars but after reading the comments I think i will keep my money.

  • JasonSome Lawyer diz:

    This is not an MLM or Pyramid scheme. These people are actually participating in a Ponsi scheme. I am currently investigating AWOL Academy, along with a few other places that do almost exactly the same Ponsi model. Have fun.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Good luck!

      I’ve recently seen similar online systems being shut down after going bankrupt. What’s unfortunate is that people are spending lots of time and money pursuing such systems.

  • JasonWarren diz:

    Jason, I like your no-name community. Reading about the owners, it doesn’t bode well for the confidence of the member if the owners aren’t sure what this is. As for it really being an MLM, that means a constant hunt for new members and once the trough dries up, the business is gone. I’ll go along with your conclusion that you may be able to make some money here, but with the prices listed, I’d go with your alternative.

    • JasonJason diz:

      Yes the alternative offers real affiliate marketing training.

      It’s starts off very beginner friendly but then gets more advanced as you make your way through the lessons and begin establishing your online business.

      There’s also an entire community and technical help to assist you along the way should you run into any problems or have any questions. It’s definitely worth joining.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Warren.

  • Jasonjohann diz:

    Hey Jason, tried posting up above. Desculpe. Was set up for webinar, but decided to research this group like others. Smells like one of so many scams after reading your review and comments from people who have already doled out their hard “ganhou” dinheiro. It’s really unfortunate that people new to this can’t try to figure out a better way to get ahead in life w/out the bloodsuckers(e sim, you are bloodsuckers. The money you so casually come by cost someone hrs and days, sometimes months of their very lives!) Does anyone remember a feller named Don Lapre?

    Anyhow, I appreciate that people like you are curious enough about such Fantastic Opportunites to question their validity. And offer a forum so to speak, where one might happen upon someone of experience w/ the matter/groups such as AWOL, GAZ, etc. (They do seem kinda pissy tho, aye?)

    When I looked up Kaela Kanae or ??, a scam, nobsimreviews.com came up and he said in no way is KK a scam. Pretty sure it said same for J. Crestani but idk.

    De qualquer forma, thanks again and good night.

    P.S. I will check out WA also:)

    • JasonJason diz:

      Sounds good, Johan.

      I too am glad others have taken the time to share their experiences using the 10k Business Training “sistema”. It really goes a long way in helping others make an informed decision.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a good rest of the weekend.

  • JasonSylvester diz:

    Dude your post is not as legitimate as it should be and is a bit misleading. Your breakdown on the model isn’t accurate as well….js I’ve been part of wealthy affiliate and GAZ.

    Wealthy affiliate is good and has good training however the training taught in concern to reviews doesn’t quite lay out what you have in this post.

    Wealthy affiliate might not be for some people just like GAZ isn’t but that’s not a negative it’s just reality bro. Just because something is free to get free information one can look up by google doesn’t mean it has more or less value.

    If you really want to make a lot in wealthy affiliate you will do paid advertising or just blog for a long period of time but paid advertising is still a good idea especially on good post which is also laid out in the WA trainingno matter what consistency is key.

    GAZ is a great business model and has changed countless lives and continues to. New 6 figure earners pop up all the time. Outside of that mentalities change.

    With the training in both WA and GAZ if one is serious and applies the methodsthey can make serious moneyagain with consistent action over time.

    Realistically it just depends on where a person is at. There are a lot of scams out there but neither WA or GAZ would fit the criteria.

    In concern to either onepeople could only scam themselves by doing a common thing….tirekicking

    1 thing is for sure though….there are some people who are better off joining WA than GAZ and others better off joining GAZ instead of WA

    Bottomline: Real businesses take real money, esforço, and time

    I do like your site bro….keep up the good work!

  • Let’s see how I can I have no experience at all but I’ll try.

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