Prosperity Central Review – My Full Review

prosperity central review

I decided to put together this full Prosperity Central review with the hopes of clearing up any confusion regarding their system and to help those, who may be interested in taking the next step, make an informed decision purchasing.

I reached out to my “sponsor” or coach with a few questions a week ago but no one ever got back to me.

That’s OK, I think I spent enough time this week looking over the system to share everything that I found and by the end of the review, you should have a great sense if this system is right for you.

Prosperity Central Review

Prosperity Central, found at, is basically a toolkit for marketers.

I came by way of Prosperity Central after watching a video promoting CTFO, an MLM whose focus is CBD oil and other related product.

Basically, in order to use and promote CTFO, I was being prompted to join Prosperity Central (PC) first.

This is where some slight confusion first came in for me as I wasn’t able to connect the two different products right away.

What Is Prosperity Central

Prosperity central = a prospecting tool (recruiting tool) used by marketers.

This system is being heavily promoted by those who operate within the multi level marketing (MLM) space.

Chances are, if you came across Prosperity Central, you are likely being asked to join another MLM in conjunction with Prosperity Central.

That’s because Prosperity Central is a tool that could prove useful in promoting another system. Those doing the promoting get a chance to earn a commission on both systems.

As a potential customer, it’s quite confusing and hard to understand the need to fork over all this money for new confusing programs.

Here’s a full overview of the system if you would like to learn more details:

What The System Does

Their system is designed to help marketers track and manage contacts, convert new prospects, and more.

You can also earn money by promoting PC, you already have a customizable website that you can share with others readily available upon joining.

By paying the monthly fee, will cover cost below, they have licensing right to sell it to others. – PC

Things I liked about PC would include the member’s area which has a clean UX and was easy to navigate, the fact they offer training on how to set up and use the system and the free trial.

Let’s see what else is included.

What Membership Includes

tools provided by prosperity central

How Much Is Prosperity Central

You can sign up for the Basic Plan at no cost and with no credit card. Obviously, this plan will be limited in all that you can do but I would recommend it first if Prosperity Central seems like something that you MUST have.

We’ll explain who we think it’s for and who benefits from this system the most in a bit.

The Professional plan costs $24.95/mo while the Premier costs $49.95/mo.

Premier is ideal for “leaders” and “big influencers” which just means those who have an established following and nine times out of ten have been involved with MLM for years.


  • Clean back office/member’s area
  • Offers training
  • Activity and tasks tracker
  • You could earn some money
  • Free 30-day trial


  • Not a necessity for someone just getting started
  • False income claims


Prosperity Central could be compared to tools such as Constant Contact or Aweber which are autoresponder tools used for email marketing.

You can manage contacts, send out “broadcast” messages to subscribers, and ultimately these tools are a great way to increase conversions of products you sell.

Prosperity Central is more suited for those involved with MLM. They share this themselves on the website:

what is prosperity centralFor a beginner just getting started with online business, I don’t really see a need for a tool that helps manages and grows contacts without having an audience or contacts to manage.

There are far better things to begin focusing on rather than buying tools that will be more appropriate at 3 to 6 months down the road.

Is Prosperity Central a Scam?

The thing I disliked the most about Prosperity Central was the misleading sales video.

Anything you hear in this sales video should not be taken seriously. For example, the name how Jordan an ex-construction worker, was able to quit his job and make nearly $5000 a month from home using the system.

This all took place within about 6 months.

For somebody on the outside looking in, and who doesn’t know any better, this could be enough conviction to make them want to join.

Unfortunately, each of the testimonies or claims of income should be prosperity central a scam

The income claims and testimonies in the sales video are only “examples of income you could potentially earn”.


Though Prosperity Central is not a scam, we think this tool is best suited for those who are already established within the MLM space.

It’s a tool for managing your “team” or “recruits”. If you’re just getting started, you likely don’t have any recruits just yet and could be focusing on more important aspects of your business.

Like, how to attract an audience in the first place.

The “newbies” who do end up joining for the sake of making a quick buck, have a long disappointing road ahead of them.

Pro tip: If new to online business, you will be far better off long-term by first choosing a niche you enjoy and building a website around that. Create a business that offers services, advice, or products that actually helps others.

You will be far better off in getting started this way and this approach is what is being taught over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Feel free to share your experiences or any questions regarding Prosperity Central in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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