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part time job from homeI would like to share with you a part time job from home that eventually could lead to a full-time business, all while working from your living room.

To begin, this will not be one of those false promotions to get you hyped up claiming you will reach millionaire status over night. Earning money online doesn’t come as easy as the push of a button.


This is however going to teach you how to get started with your own business online for free. You can accomplish this through hard work while only working part time.

Part Time Job From Home

Anyone can succeed in this business given they put in the work and effort. This isn’t an ordinary job, but could be the best career move in your life!

What Is This Business?

It is known as affiliate marketing, you generate revenue by selling other people’s stuff. Simple as that.

How much does it cost to sell the items of others?

Nothing, this is totally free to do. The idea behind it is companies and individual merchants have affiliate programs in place for affiliate marketers to help extend the contact of their products and services.part time job from home

Your role in affiliate marketing is to send traffic from your website to the online merchant’s website. In doing so, you receive commissions. These commissions always vary depending on the company and the items itself.

What You Can Sell

There really is no limit to what products and services you can sell or how much you will make, let me explain.

There are over 3 billion users online, many of which are on social media, using email, reading, and yes shopping.

Did you know that 80 percent of online users have purchased something over the internet? Check out this infographic from over at for more interesting online shopping behaviors.

As you can see, the potential is massive for earning and in people shopping online.

When it comes to the products and services, that you will be selling, you simply need to join an affiliate program to become a partner or affiliate. It is 100% free to join an affiliate program and a very easy process in my experience as well.

You then have access to most, if not all, of the products and services of that affiliate program.

Affiliate Programs for example, has an affiliate program which you can join and share ANY of their products or services onto your own website.

But you do need to learn how to do this properly and where to start.

A visitor can find your website, learn more about a certain product or service, and then you can lead them to Amazon’s website for a commission if any purchases are made.

It doesn’t even have to be the product listed on your website, if they go on to purchase anything else or multiple items, you will gain credit and earn from it. Pretty cool right?

Learn more in this video below, you can also get started there for free training on affiliate marketing!

part time job from home


Some other examples of companies with affiliate programs would be Footlocker, Walmart, Ebay, Crazyegg, Best Buy, Starbucks, Clickbank, Linkshare, Google, and many, many more.

Name a product or service below if you are unsure if it has an affiliate program and I’ll show you one!

What You Will Be Doing

Firstly, choosing a topic for your website. Known as a niche.

To be successful in this part time job from home, all you have to do is choose something you are gifted in, a passion, or even something you would like to learn yourself and employ it online.

Examples of Niches:

  • Reading
  • Home maintenancepart time job from home
  • Sports
  • Lawn care/gardening
  • Video games
  • Movies/television
  • Outdoors/camping
  • Fishing
  • Fitness
  • Self improvement
  • Finances
  • Cooking
  • Food
  • Cleaning
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Music
  • Food
  • Sleeping

Yes, even sleep. Anything you can think of can turn into a profitable niche online.

Creating A Website & Attracting Visitors

Next you will need to create a website. This is the foundation of your business and your grounds for interaction, sharing your opinions and reviews within your niche.

Creating a website is painless to do presently, in fact you can create your own within minutes.

Your goal is to attractive visitors to your website.

More Visitors = More Opportunities!

There are many methods of bringing in potential buyers, both free and paid. I mostly do free by getting my content/articles ranked within the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can learn more by reading How Do I Rank In Google.

Earning Money With Your Website

You have your niche, website, and visitors all in place. Now it is time to monetize, again you are not limited here as there are several ways to start bringing in the money ONCE you have a steady amount of incoming traffic.

Here are 6 common ways of doing this.

Where to Get Started

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business and an excellent startup (even for beginners) looking for a part time job from home.

Keep in mind you won’t be earning overnight (won’t reach this status right away at least). It takes time and work before you begin harvesting the crop.

But totally worth it!

See just a few success stories below. You can get started for free by joining with the exact training, once there!

Dougbeney, 17 and still in high school. His website has been earning him full-time income, his niche – computer software. (Click for exact fearnings).

Colton, quit his job at the gas station after joining. His website earns him 5 figures a month! (Click for exact earnings).

Alex has been there for over 8 years and is killing it online. His advice – work hard, be consistent.

Shawn and his wife are both now able to work from home, having their own business. Add him to your friends list, he’s always around to help!

These are just a few of MANY success stories within the community. Get started today by clicking below and I’ll see you there.

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