Paid To Send Email A Scam? – Or Worth It?

paid to send email a scam

Paid To Send Email Summary

Name: Paid To Send Email
Owner: Jared Rich
Price: $49

Summary: Paid To Send Email claims that by only working half an hour a day, you could be earning up to $500 to $600 per day.

It’s not the first time I’ve come across a work from home system making such ridiculous claims.

But what really concerns me about this system, aside from the false claims, is the fake testimonies used in the sales video and also the horrible feedback from people who have already purchased this system.

See what else we found while reviewing “the only true push button system online” aka Paid To Send Email.

Recommended? No

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Paid To Send Email Review

This appears to be yet another “get-rich-quick” opportunity that does not deliver.

The problem with systems or programs such as Paid To Send Email is that they tend to solely focus on the outcome of their “once in a lifetime” opportunity rather than what people can actually expect.

What I mean is that rather than showing people step for step of what type of work they will need to do to accomplish such results, they spend the WHOLE sales video trying to tap into people’s desires and sell them on the idea that they will become rich and all they have to do is spend $49.

Who They’re Targeting

Websites like these tend to target newcomers interested in learning how to earn money online and pretty much anyone looking for some sort of financial break.

In the sales video, they imply that if you are tired of your job, tired of “being broke”, and never want to worry about money again, then this system is for you.

Who doesn’t want to never worry about money again?

Ironically, joining any type of get rich quick program like Paid To Send Email will result in the opposite and waste your time and money.

Here are the reasons why we are not recommending Paid To Send Email.

The Fake Testimonies

It’s common for websites on the internet who sell some type of product or service to include testimonies somewhere within their website.

This is perfectly fine and an effective way to showcase how actual customers are getting results using their products.

In the case of Paid To Send Email. None of the testimonies are real:

These are just a few of the testimonies which can be found on the sales video.

Each of these testimonies was paid for using the website and can be discredited as actual proof that this system works.

The person(s) behind Paid To Send Email simply spent money to get someone to vouch for their product.

That’s because there is no history of earnings from the use of this product.

They tell you this themselves.

If you visit the Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of the website, it reads:


I guess you can begin seeing why I do not recommend this particular program. But there’s more.

Under Construction

The main website for Paid To Send Email is under construction.

This is allegedly where you are supposed to be able to access the member’s area. Instead, you are greeted by a big “Under Construction! Check Back Soon!”

Type in to view this for yourself. (I refuse to link to potentially harmful websites from this one).

This was brought to my attention when I found an unhappy customer who already bought and paid for Paid To Send Email. You can find the complaint here.

You will also discover that people who already bought the system are having a hard time getting a hold of support and overall, feel ripped off.

The sales video and checkout page (where you enter your credit card details) for Paid To Send Email work just fine. It’s unfortunate that nothing else seems to work on their end.

Other Things To Be Aware Of

The scheduled coaching call, as described on the website, is not in place to help you get started with the program.

It’s usually a series of questions to see how much money you have and are willing to spend to “give you the best shot at living a dream lifestyle”.

There’s no coach but expect a ton of upsells.

There is no such thing as “generating money out of thin are anytime you want”.

Or “making money at the push of a button by pressing send”.

Not with this system or the next.

When it comes to learning how to make money online there are some really good programs available to you.

Unfortunately, there are also those who like to take advantage of others looking for such opportunities.

Is Paid To Send Email A Scam?

1/ 0
Overall Rating

For the many reasons shared in the review above, we do not recommend Paid To Send Email.

Again, we chose not to purchase this system but you as the consumer are free to purchase any item you like.

Just realize that working from home or making money online doesn’t always come as easy as advertised.

The Reality Of Working Online


The reality of working online is that way too many sites promise a lot, way too much.

They target newcomers and tell people who are really in need of a break financially that they can (and will) get rich just by buying their program. Though it’s happened, it’s not typical.

On the other hand, there are people who spend time and money putting together products or courses that actually help you work from home.

If you are just getting started and interested in learning how to make money online, I recommend you join a course, like this one.

It makes all the difference to have a proper plan laid out and all the necessary tools to help you get going.

Just realize REALLY earning from home takes a lot more than sending a random email. It requires real work and effort.

Please share your thoughts and experiences on Paid To Send Email below. Your input always helps others make better decisions.




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