Online Innovations Review

online innovations review

This review is directed at a make from home opportunity calling itself Online Innovations. It can be found at

I’d also like to share that I chose not to buy this system for the many reasons fond below in our Online Innovations review. You as a consumer are free to pursue any products of your choosing.

I’ve reviewed dozens of online systems over the past few years and it’s become relatively easy to ‘snoop’ out whether a system is worth buying or complete junk.

Let’s see where Online Innovations lies…

Online Innovations Review

As you will soon find out, Online Innovations is not a real business opportunity nor is it legitimate training that shows you how to earn from home.

What they do a good job at is misleading people into thinking that this is the “big break” they’ve been waiting for, and all of their financial troubles will be gone, for the low price of $97.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

What Is Online Innovations

Online Innovations is simply a funnel to a more popular system known as My Ecom Club.

Its only job is to get you to join them.

Over the months, My Ecom Club has built up a very bad reputation. A search on Google will show many reviews exposing them for what they are, a very low-value system.

Here at EPO, we do our best to point people towards quality systems that help people learn how to earn real money online.

Anyways, I found a connection between Online Innovations and other systems like:

Though each of these sites has different names, they all have the same function. To get people to join My Ecom Club.

I believe the reason they continue to create new “identities” is that people continue to call them out for what they are.

So they move on with a different name hoping to sucker more people in.

What They’re Selling

Basically, they’re pitching a “secret” code to people that they say generates money for people requiring little to no work.

online innovations claims there are secret codes

I hate to break it to you, but there is no “secret” systems or codes that will relieve all of your financial problems.

Nor will you make $1,000’s a month as others have said they have while using this system.

Fake Testimonies

Unfortunately, there are those who like to abuse the power and purpose of using testimonies for your product.

Online Innovations uses user testimonies, only the people have never actually used the system, let alone made a large amount of money they say they did using this system.testimony from online innovations

testimony from online innovations

services being offered on

This is either a huge coincidence, or these people were actually hired over at Where they can be found offering their testimonial services.

Testimonies are a great way for brands and companies to show how their product has actually benefited others. It’s just unfortunate that a lot of websites within the “make money online” business space choose to abuse this for their own personal gain.

Just be on the lookout.


  • 30-Day money back guarantee, according to the website.


  • Fake testimonies
  • Fails to teach you anything useful in sales video
  • No real product description (relying on some secret code)
  • Many sites leading to My Ecom Club have been accused of being scams

Is Online Innovations A Scam?

For the many reasons shared above, we do not recommend Online Innovations.

They are not an actual “system” themselves but instead will funnel you to a more well-known system in My Ecom Club.

In any case, these are all low-quality training.

The $97 needed to join and posted as a “hosting” fee will soon turn into hundreds of dollars needed to participate in this system.

Expect upsells if you do decide to give them a chance.

If still unsure after reading his review, why not reach out to the Online Innovations team them self for any questions you may have.

If you are having a hard time contacting them BEFORE you buy, you shouldn’t expect any different service after purchase.

Someone should be readily available to answer any questions you have as a customer. The same is true with any system or form of training you look into when it comes to learning online business.


I’ve reviewed dozens of websites over the years and many like Online Innovations. 10 times out of 10, sites like these over promise and under deliver.

The reality is that earning an income online takes lots of work and that no one system will do all of it for you.

There certainly isn’t a secret code that will earn you $1500 – $2000 per day either.

Online Innovations failure to give a description of what it is they have to offer and how their system works exactly was their biggest shortcoming.

Instead, they spend the entire time making empty promises and huge, false claims of income.

If you would like to get true personal help from me and access some of the best training available to you, then join me here.

You can even get started for free.

Got a question regarding Online Innovations or anything discussed above? Feel free to ask in the comment’s area below.

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