No Experience Work At Home – Is It Possible?

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To address the question if it’s possible, Yes you can with no experience work at home, and do so from a computer.

Here’s what I’m NOT going to do:

  1. Have you join a bunch of survey sites (not my cup of tea)
  2. Tell you to start a t-shirt business
  3. Ask you to try and take high quality photos, and sell them online
  4. Tell you that you will make your first $10,000 in weeks (not reality)

I’ve been able to work from home full-time for the past 6 months while only getting started a year ago. When I started, I had no experience.

Aside from taking surveys, I literally have never done anything listed above nor have I ever applied to or had an online “job”;

That’s why I’m not going to recommend them here.

Instead, we’ll look at options for starting an online business and how you can get started today, for free.

No Experience Work At Home

There’s a few things I would like to go over before getting into your different options for starting a business and working from home.

Note: Don’t let the word ‘business’ intimidate you. If you would have told me 13 months ago that I would be running my own website(s) from home – I would have burst into laughter. Yet here we are.

There is nothing wrong with having your own t-shirt business, selling photos, or even taking surveys online. I believe you can excel in any business or area you put your mind to and work hard at.

But when it comes to survey taking for example, I used to spend too much time answering tedious questions and would recieve very little in return.

Some people enjoy the convenience and simplicity of survey taking, and that’s fine.

Just realize there are better ways where your time could be spent, like starting a business that generates income for you even while you’re away from the computer.

Finding Jobs Online

Finding jobs online can be difficult. Finding a job period can be difficult.

Believe me, I know how it is.

I had a lady contact me just yesterday mentioning how the “doors closed” for a business she had been with after 8 years. It’s tough.

She was interested in finding something worthwhile but was having troubles doing so, this I understand too because you constantly run into BS like this:

no experience work from home

Or even:

no experience work from home

That would be nice – if it were real!

The truth is many of these so-called “opportunities” to make money, such as the statements above, are completely false and their only intentions are to part you away from your money.

There’s legitimate opportunities out there that will teach you how to make money online, but always do your due diligence to avoid buying into a get-rich-quick scheme like shown in the pictures above.

Earning money regardless if you’re on the internet or not, requires work.

When you come across places claiming it can be done with a “simple push of a button” or the “90% done for you businesses” – run the opposite way.

In other words, there are no shortcuts…

Starting A Business With No Experience

If your heart is set on finding a job online, where you can apply and work for a company, try checking out places like or and browse around.

Just like I told the young lady who contacted me yesterday with her struggles of finding work online – starting a legitimate business from scratch takes time.

There’s no way around this.

How long does it take to earn money?

  • May depend on your chosen business topic..
  • Depends on your ability to follow step-by-step training, and apply what’s being taught (I’m going to share awesome training with you)..
  • Are you taking action on your business? And how often..
  • Some methods may work quicker than others..

There’s many factors involved for when and if you make money by starting an online business, but speaking from personal experience I know that anyone can do it.

I just believe it’s best to be in a good place financially before pursuing a business of any sort. IMO.

Before getting too far ahead here, the first step would be to consider which kind of business to start: Here are your 6 Best Options For Starting An Online Business.

I suggest reading that over if you haven’t already.

Regardless of which business model you decide to take on, the next step would be selecting what your business will be about.

Some Exciting News

You can choose ANY of your passions, hobbies, interests, problems, needs or wants and create a successful business from home.

This business topic is known as a niche, here’s a few ideas:

Fashion, electronics (gadgets, tech), sports, arts/crafts, food, cooking, health, fitness, money, outdoor recreation, home interior design – anything really!

What I have learned how to do is take one of my passions and create a steady income from it, without:

  • Owning or having to purchase any products
  • Dealing with shipping, returns & refunds
  • House inventory
  • Coming up with some new invention

Also, what I have learned was how to connect people with awesome products and earn commissions from doing so. Enough to work full-time from home.

None of this is done in some sleazy or scammy way, I hate seeing others benefit while cheating people who are really in need of a break.

You can begin learning this today by joining my free course ‘5 Steps To Beginning An Online Business’ which you can join below.

Within this course, you will discover exactly where I got started and built my business, deciding on a topic for your business, creating your own website – and so much more!

If you’re looking to earn money today and right NOW, this course probably isn’t for you.

Remember there are no shortcuts.

If you would like to build a business that you’re proud of it’s going to take commitment and effort on your part as well…

For those interested in learning how to create a legitimate business that interests you, one that you can work on at your own pace, and one that can earn you consistent income. Get started below and i’ll see you there!

Have any related questions or business ideas that you’re not quite sure about? Drop them in the comments below and expect a helpful response from myself ASAP 🙂


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