My Online Franchise Review – A Scam?

my online franchise review

My Online Franchise Summary

Name: My Online Franchise
Owner: Tim
Price: $49

Summary: The My Online Franchise system, like many other get-rich-quick systems I have reviewed, doesn’t exist.

This is simply a funnel to a not so desired MLM product known as MOBE or My Online Business Education (formerly My Online Business Empire).

Not once in the My Online Franchise sales video, is there mention of MOBE.

Not once are you given any real details regarding what it is you are selling, what type of work to expect, or what it is that we will be cloning exactly.

You are just reminded of how much money will be rolling into your bank account 24/7.

Which, obviously, is far from the truth…

Recommended? No

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My Online Franchise Review

The My Online Franchise system presents itself as an easy way to make excellent money from home.

After spending $49, you will receive a “full-fledged” business that clones a business worth over 7 million dollars.

They’ll even throw in a consultant/mentor to help you every step of the way.

Instead of being taught the proper steps to create an actual business, you are going to be given one. All you have to do is “heat it up to make $1k per day”.

This is what you are TOLD at least, in the sales video.

The truth is My Online Franchise was put together by a MOBE agent or affiliate looking for a quick way to make sales while deceiving people.

The anonymous MOBE promoter put a text video together, hired a voice actor, bought the website domain and named it My Online Franchise.

There’s nothing wrong with putting together a sales video in this manner.

What is wrong is all the missing details. Not to mention, this MOBE promoter is going against their own Income Disclosure Policy.

Statements like this can be found on the income disclosure policy:

  • “MOBE wants to ensure that our customers are fully informed prior to purchasing”
  • “These disclaimers must be shown at the beginning and end of a video that discusses any form of income potential”

Fully informed!?

There is no mention of MOBE at all in the 30min.+ sales video.

More on MOBE

MOBE is an MLM product posing to be affiliate marketing business training.

MOBE and MOBE founder Matt Lloyd have countless negative reviews, a bad standing with the BBB, and has left many dissatisfied customers.

A simple search on Google will yield these reviews.

It appears however that MOBE has switched from My Online Business Empire to My Online Business Education while giving their products, website, etc. and overhaul.

What remains the same is the business model behind it. This is a high-ticket MLM product and not affiliate marketing business training.

This Is High-Ticket MLM

MOBE “consultants” are interested in recruiting other people into the program to purchase these high-ticket items.

MOBE’s Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond memberships could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, again something not mentioned by My Online Franchise, and I believe you need one of these levels of membership to be a MOBE licensee and sell the products yourself.

Digital Products 

MOBE does offer a large collection of digital products which Matt Lloyd refers to as “small business training resources”.

I couldn’t tell you how resourceful these items are because I have not purchased MOBE and don’t plan on ever buying MOBE.

I just don’t see the need to spend thousands of dollars on the information that is being offered there.

The Consultant/Mentor

Your consultant, who’s supposed to be there to help guide you in using this system and ensure your success, is really more like a phone call with a rep who’s only job is to upsell you into buying the higher tier products.

Again, this can cost tens of thousands of dollars. For things you don’t necessarily need to build a successful online business!

Earning Potential

Contrary to what the My Online Franchise sales video tells us, the earning disclosure found directly on MOBE’s website tell a completely different story.

It’s also written in plain writing that “the average Active MOBE Consultant generates less than $700 per year in commissions.”

$700 per year is far off from the $1,000 per day being promised by My Online Franchise.

And remember, My Online Franchise is nothing more than an attempt to get people to sign up for MOBE.

Is My Online Franchise a Scam

1/ 0
My Online Franchise - Overall Rating

My Online Franchise draws a series of red flags.

From the recycled testimonies, exact testimonies I’ve seen on other get rich quick websites, to a misleading $500 guarantee and other false income promises.

They even go on to ridicule people by calling them “extremely lazy or extremely scared” for not taking them up on this offer.

I’ve never seen anything like it!

I often encourage the opposite. It’s OK and natural to be skeptical when it comes to finding decent training to help you build an income from home.

We do NOT recommend using My Online Franchise.

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