My Flex Job Reviews – What Is My Flex Job?

 My Flex Job Reviews

my flex job reviewsMy Flex Job is NOT to be mistaken with, and though does a very convincing job of portraying itself as a legitimate company, they’re not.

I took the time to evaluate other my flex job reviews and spent quite some time on their website itself only to realize how BIG of a scam My Flex Job truly is.

“Owned by the #1 online customer acquisition company in the world”Lie #1!

It appears to me certain companies and individuals will say and do just about anything in order to pocket YOUR hard earned money. You get nothing of value in return. In this case there’s no job, and you could in fact lose money!


Product Name: My Flex JobThe Price: $25 + upsellsThe Verdict: Scam (see below)Website:

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What Is My Flex Job

To sum it up, My Flex Job poses as  a part time job which pays its “independent workers” up to $23.75 an hour, plus you can start earning today according to the website. Their claim is that they’re in desperate need of free trial offer processors.

my flex job reviews

The “Job” 

The job itself is simple, you are to process  basic information such as name, address, zip and postal code, and do email verification for people who sign up for free trial offers given by companies.

Companies mentioned include Netflix, Dell, DirecTV, Proactiv, No-No Shave, and more.

You know when you join certain companies, such as Netflix, they will offer a trial before your subscription starts. You enter your personal info and sometimes billing information. Someone on the other end has to process that information.

This is what the My Flex Job pretends to do.

They give an estimation of 20 to 30 minutes to complete a single offer and you can get paid $10-$30 per offer. Keep in mind, none of this is real as nobody is getting paid from My Flex Job.

For a lot of people this can be very tempting, and I can see why. Not to mention My Flex Job does a good job masking who they are and what they’re really after.

Anyone Can Join….After Paying!

There is an application process where you provide  full name, address, work experience, a little about yourself, etc. The requirements are simple:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Show that you can follow simple directions
  • Purchase and install the approved backup software (hence the requirement age)

The only reason someone fills out an application is so that My Flex Job’s owner can build a list of the applicant’s personal information! Hence, the reason no one will be refused the opportunity of processing offers for the company.

I think it’s funny, while following the video on the website, My Flex Job made claims of only there only being a “limited number of processors being accepted”. Ok fine.

Seconds later in the same video they were claiming there is a HUGE demand for independent home workers and that’s why they are giving you the 2500pts “in return” after buying the software.

This is done to get your emotions going, and to get you to act fast.

The third step which supposedly leads to making money is choosing assignments.

Is A Scam

These so called assignments that are done include things like applying for a credit card. So in fact you yourself are the one filling out YOUR information for free trial offers.

Not processing it!

Doing a trial offer can make charges to your credit card without your verification, instead of simply ending the trial, you are now paying subscriptions.

If you know anything about doing trial offers or paid subscriptions and you really stop and think about it, what they’re saying is “make me money.”

The video below is something I found on Youtube which explains the reality of free trial offers:

Fake Testimonials

This is common amongst scam websites, they find and hire “actors” to give a testimonial of their crappy products to make it seem legit. You can even hire these actors for as low as $5.

Does he look familiar from the testimonials over at My Flex Job?

my flex job reviews

my flex job reviews








I found this “actor” over at Hiring these types of actors in not an uncommon thing for phony websites like

The Mandatory Software – $25If you’re  unfamiliar with programs like the backup software offered with My Flex Job, you will fall for this trick. You DO NOT need this to “work” with Netflix, Dell, DirecTV or any other company.You are literally told to pay for this item and it’s upgrades during the certification process. Avoid doing this!my flex job reviewsWhat you will be required to do next is upgrade this package for the price of $70. There have been complaints of this exact upgrade causing malicious software to one’s pc. Good luck getting a refund for any of this!

Who Really Gets Paid

This is the part where the owner(s) at My Flex Job cash in. When you upgrade for any one of these packages, they get a cut.

Being that this is some type of membership, you will need to pay this monthly and yup, they will get paid every month.

I will say this again, you DO NOT need this software in any instance to start making money online.

My Final Opinion

Avoid My Flex Job and promotions like this altogether. And a good job by you for doing your homework.

False companies do keep getting away with things like this, in most cases it’s hard to charge “who done it” or it’s just not worth one’s time to hire a lawyer, go to court, you get the picture…

In good news, there’s honest ways to make money online as I have come to learn.

I work from home, but I wouldn’t consider this opportunity a job. I have a business. It truly is work at your own pace and I can tell you right now you get out what you put in!

There is no limits to what you earn, and you can literally start by simply choosing a passion of yours.

In order to see your first payday (and you will) you must put in hard work. What I do can be considered as affiliate marketing, where you are paid to sell other people’s stuff.

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