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'Excellent Training, Community & Service. To Help You Earn Online'

​Believe it or not, there are real services out there that will teach you how to create consistent income online, allowing you to work from home - or wherever really.

​You won't be promised 'thousands of dollars overnight' nor will you be mislead with a path to 'quick and easy riches'. We all know how these types of promises turn out.

​The reality is, if you want to succeed at something, then you must work to get better at it.

Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent job in providing it's members with the best training, community, service, and tools to help it's members succeed online.​

​There's no hype (as you will see once inside), but plenty of help to get you on the right path to building your own long-term business from home.

You do not need a fancy business idea to get started. You don't need any experience. Not to mention, you can create a Starter Account within Wealthy Affiliate and try things out for free when you join below.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

what is wealthy affiliate

To make it clear, Wealthy Affiliate or (WA), is NOT some get 'rich quick scheme'.

It's a learning center that takes individuals by the hand, even complete beginners, and walks you thru the steps of starting an online business.

As soon as you join you will notice training lessons, interactive online tools, classrooms, a Live Chat area enabling you to contact other members, live video classes, and so much more.

When I joined over 18 months ago, these are the things that stood out to me, and that separated Wealthy Affiliate from all of the phony "opportunities" I had encountered.

I have wasted time and money in the past buying into these scams.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you don't have to second guess what it is you are buying or getting into.

That's because you can join today and give WA a try for $0. If you are enjoying what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and believe that it is right for you, then upgrade to Premium. If not, no hard feelings, you will only have created a free account.

For those who decide to go Premium, you are paying for more than just information. You are paying for an outcome. An outcome that I KNOW Wealthy Affiliate delivers.

Once inside be sure to set up your account (only takes a few minutes). This way I can get in touch with you and help you to get started.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right For You?

You're not taking on some internet job by joining WA, instead you are learning how to set up your own long-term business from home.

It's a excellent resource for learning how to make money online and don't be surprised if you begin earning during your training, it happens quite often :)

If you're in need of cash RIGHT NOW, this may not be the best opportunity for you. Like I mentioned before, it's a learning center, and one that's not too different than a university (except significantly less in terms of cost).

The goal is to build a business that generates you income using the internet which can take a few months before you begin to see results. Think about it, you're building a brand new business from scratch - realistically this takes time but SO worth it in the end.

Want to know the secret to winning online?

Time and dedication.

what is the wealthy affiliate

This shouldn't come as a huge shocker and the truth is, there is no real "secret" to succeeding online.

It requires a commitment of time and dedication on your part and to focus on build your business.

Those who allow time for their business to grow and stay persistent, WIN.

Using Wealthy Affiliate​ just makes the entire process easier, and will save you time and money.

Don't fall for the fallacy that making money online comes with the "simple push of a button" or a "90% done for you system" and all that required of you is to spend X amount of dollars.

Anyone promising to make you $1,000's overnight is lying to you... Correct me if I'm wrong, or if you know of a system that pumps out thousands within weeks - sign me up!

It simply doesn't happen and I tend to avoid these systems with such ridiculous claims.

Yes we're online but this is still the real world, and to get real world results and real earnings it's going to require real work.

Easy enough? Let's dive into what you can expect to learn in the Real World of online business!

The Training

The training takes you step by step from choosing a topic for your business, to building a website, to explaining how the money is made, to attracting visitors to your new business.

You will learn ALL of this within the first lessons of your free account. By the 4th lesson, you will have your website built!​

Picking A Passion - here's what you will be doing.

To keep it simple, the idea is to create a business around something you enjoy.

People who choose something that they enjoy tend to see their business thru as opposed to selecting a random business topic and hoping for the best.

what is the wealthy affiliate

When you choose something you really enjoy, like a passion or a hobby, you're more likely to look forward to working on it and it tends to work out better.

Once you decide on a business topic (better known as a niche), the idea is to use that passion to help others. Refer people to the right products on the internet. Help others out with information or your insider knowledge for your business topic of choice. Write reviews to help people make the right decision.

You don't need a degree or major in writing (I don't), and you don't need to be an expert in your niche.​

It's not all that complicated to do once you get it down, and there's no limit to how much you can earn doing this.​

(Can't think of a business topic? Don't worry, get help inside of WA!)

How The Money Is Made

Just so you know there's more than one way to legitimately earn a living online and several business models available. Many of which can be explored in WA. However the main focus of their training is affiliate marketing.

What I love about affiliate marketing:

  • Getting started is cheap
  • There's no limit (or cap) to how much you can earn
  • You don't need to invent or own ANY products
  • No dealing with shipping, handling, returns, refunds, none of that
  • It's allowed me to work from home and I don't plan on working for someone else ever again

Affiliate marketing basically allows you to promote other people's products and services, while earning you commissions in the process - all of which you will learn inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Honestly, it's a great business to be apart of.

For those interested in being able to work your own hours, generate income while you're out with friends or family, escape dreadful jobs, and to not worry about money but instead would like to give back to others...

This can be a result of starting an online business and hard work.

The Community

Before sharing some success stories with you, I would like to mention one of the best aspects of becoming a member at Wealthy Affiliate - the community.

Wealthy Affiliate is made up of both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs. There's always someone around to help out with a question should you ever need a hand.

Other (Premium) members also have the ability to create their own blogs and trainings: to share their experiences, growth, successes, fails, tips, anything related to online business.

Not only is WA continually updating and adding to their existing training to keep you one step ahead, other members can contribute with their own helpful lessons, giving people like myself something new to learn.

I tend to follow and read as much as I can from of those who are more experienced than I am, and it really helped being able to contact these members for personal help (some making $1,000,000's online - no joke).

This all comes standard just for being a fellow member and would usually costs (big time) elsewhere for such personal help.

Meeting the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

When it comes to the community, it's nice to know there's always someone around to reach out to. Don't forget by joining today, you will have me in your corner working with you each step of the way.

If you decide to sign up, I will contact you within the community to show you where and how to get started :)

Have a question? Contact me whenever!

Success Stories

WA has a dedicated area where members may share there results or recent successes.

To me, success is helping out a new member with their online business.

And to see members who excitedly give updates about "creating their first website", or "I'm ranked on the first page of Google", or even "I made my first $1,000 online!"

Those aren't examples either but from real members who decided to join Wealthy Affiliate thru me and work with me.

I'm sure you're more interested in seeing some numbers, so here's a small handful of success stories from some of other members:

what is wealthy affiliate
what is wealthy affiliate

what is wealthy affiliate

what is wealthy affiliate

what is wealthy affiliate

Like myself, many of these members joined Wealthy Affiliate without a clue about how online business works. I honestly thought the only way to make money online was to run a company website or thru Youtube stardom lol.

That was belief a year ago prior to me joining Wealthy Affiliate. I now am able to work from home 'full-time'.

Final Opinion

10/ 10 Wealthy Affiliate - Overall Rating

What's being taught over at Wealthy Affiliate works. But just because you have the how-to manual to building an online business doesn't mean it's going to "automagically" be done for you.

If you want the results, you have to take action on what's being taught.

As I mentioned before, there's more than one way of earning money online. You can probably even go on and figure out how to start a business all on your own - without my help or the help of Wealthy Affiliate...

But why haven't you?

Using Wealthy Affiliate saves you a lot of time, money, energy, and questions while providing you with real support and a game plan to succeeding online once and for all.

Create your free account by clicking below, and I'll see you there!

PS. Be sure to setup your profile after joining (takes 1 minute to do). I will be in contact with you within the first 30 minutes to make sure you made it OK :)

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