Money Miracle Review – Everything You Need To Know

money miracle review

Welcome to our Money Miracle review.

Things may get a bit confusing, but I promise, if you read all the way through you’ll have a clear understanding for what Money Miracle really is and if it’s the right investment for you.

Money Miracle Review

First of all, DO NOT buy the Money Miracle because you can sign up and begin the training for free.

Unfortunately, Money Miracle asks for an upfront fee, for whatever reason.

Websites like Money Miracle and Get The Discovery are very similar in not only appearance and the type of language used, but that they both lead you to the same training discussed above.

This training is better known as My Ecom Club.

Money Miracle is simply a funnel to My Ecom Club.

The “owner” of Money Miracle introduces himself as Teo Vee. Teo Vee is not only connected to the My Ecom Club, but responsible for the training portion inside.

Here’s what else we found.

Money Miracle Is Actually My Ecom Club

It’s not unusual for websites to promote another product or program.

The problem with Money Miracle is their lack of communication, as not once did they mention what it is visitors are actually purchasing, My Ecom Club.

Even the checkout page is discreet naming it “The Entire System”, “Personal Advisor”, and “Special Bonus”.

checkout page money miracle

I feel they should be more clear with there offer so users know exactly what it is they are purchasing.

But I’m sure you are more curious as to if this system is any good or not.

What Is Money Miracle

We’ve already established that the Money Miracle or is simply a one-page website which funnels users to My Ecom Club, should they buy.

My Ecom Club, an eCommerce training, has received mostly negative reviews during my research. BUT, it seems some users are enjoying the training.

Here are reviews I found from actual users on the FB page:

my ecom club facebook testimony

my ecom club facebook testimony

my ecom club facebook testimony

my ecom club facebook testimony

Disregard These Testimonies

Within the sales video on the Money Miracle website, you come across several testimonies from paid “actors”.

The individuals you see in the video, claiming to have made money with this system, in fact, did not. Unless you’re counting the money they were paid for the given testimony.

testimony found on miracle money website

This particular testimony was given by someone who offers “testimonial services” on a website known as For as little as $5, you can find someone to vouch for your product.

In Money Miracle’s defense, they do share…..

It just makes me wonder, why the need for hired actors? A cheap tactic which has been used over and over again by many scam websites.

Teo Vee

This is how I was able to connect the two.

Teo Vee introduces himself as the owner of Money Miracle, at the same time, he put together the lessons found within My Ecom Club’s training area.

teo vee my ecom club

Though, I doubt Teo Vee is the actual owner of Money Miracle.

It’s likely is that this website layout is being used by many already members of Money Miracle.

At a certain level of membership, you can promote My Ecom Club to others and are given your own ‘special’ website. And will be trained how to do so.

If someone signs up through your special website, you get credit and earn commissions.

I believe Miracle Money is a result of this, which is completely fine. I would just expect My Ecom Club members were more upfront with potential buyers.

More On My Ecom Club

You can join My Ecom Club for free and begin participating in “Phase 1” of the training at no cost.

So if interested, the better alternative is to join directly through the My Ecom Club website rather than paying $47 for the same training.

Speaking of price, $47 is not all you are expected to pay.

Those “advisors” you hear of are more like My Ecom Club salesman. They’re not there to coach you but upsell you.

How Much Does This Cost?

During my research, I found one person complaining about a $2,000 upsell, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

my ecom club upsells

I found another person claiming of being asked to invest as much as $40,000 into this program.

The joke of it all is that YOU DON’T NEED to spend this much to begin, build, and operate your own legitimate online business.

I’ve been working from home full-time for over 3 years now and can help you do the same without going into serious debt.

My Ecom Club upsells look like this (source:

  • “Done for you package” – $1,997
  • My Ecom Club Gold Membership – $97
  • Inner Circle Monthly Membership – $37/mo
  • Instant eCommerce Website Template – $37

None of this was mentioned on the Money Miracle website. Their lack of transparency is one of my biggest concerns about this system.


  • Member’s area easy to navigate
  • Offers decent training
  • Support area – for technical and billing (also reachable on FB)


  • Not upfront about costs, amongst several other things
  • Money Miracle fails to mention free sign up
  • Pricey upsells
  • Complete lack of transparency
  • Paid testimonies
  • Uses the same language as scam sites (ex. “pumps large sums of money into bank account on autopilot”)


For many reasons, which can be found in the review, I decided not to purchase any levels of membership or upsells for this particular system.

You are free to pursue any products of your choosing. If you do decide to join, I would recommend joining directly through the My Ecom Club website for free.

This will at least give you a better sense if this opportunity is worth the investment and try out the training.

Is Money Miracle A Scam?

I’ve spent $1000s on online business training and countless hours reviewing different programs.

That being said, I do not recommend Money Miracle.

There’s a major lack of transparency in cost, which system you are buying, the work involved, and more.

Learning how to earn online shouldn’t have to be this confusing or costly. Which is why I recommend something more cost and beginner friendly to people.

Prior to this review and doing my own research, the most I knew was that this was a “system that makes a lot of money on the internet copying Amazon” and that it will “pump loads of money into your bank account”.

Any place using such sleazy, promotional language without offering real value, I tend to avoid.

Feel free to share your experiences using the Money Miracle in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you and to give you a chance to share with others!

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