The Money Academy Review – Is It Legit?

the money academy review

In my journey to help people actually make money online, I take the time to review certain products as I come by them.

I have been able to find a small handful of authentic programs that will teach you how to make money on the internet. Some require no experience and even allow you to get started for free.

Of these my favorite is Wealthy Affiliate, which took me from beginner less than a year ago to having days like these (April of 2016):

the money academy review
the money academy review

Each are individual sales.

You Can Get Started And Join Over 500,00+ Members Using Wealthy Affiliate Here For Free.

What Does This Have To Do With The Money Academy?

While nothing that I recommend is completely flawless, they do provide real results granted you are willing to do the work.

Programs like The Money Academy wants you to believe their system is flawless and will put money in your lap while their team “does all of the work for you”.

I have a hard time believing anything that they are selling simply because I understand what it takes to make money online and the fact that I came across several FLAWS while reviewing their program.

Product Name: The Money Academy

Product Owner: Sam

Price: $49


The Money Academy Review

What Is The Money Academy

The Money Academy suggests their program is built on a Fortune 500 company with high-end products and services that are always in demand.

My issue with this is that NONE of the products that we are getting involved with are ever mentioned.

After all your entire role in this thing is to play the “middleman” between these products and the people buying it. You introduce people to these mysterious products and services and every time one is sold on your behalf you can earn up to $5500, according to the website.

The glorious part of it all, after introducing people to these products/services you’re essentially done. The Money Academy team will close the sales from there.

Not Buying It!

I refuse to believe any of this nonsense and let me show you exactly why.

Think about it. Do you really believe spending $49 will get you access to a system that earns you $1250 – $5500 per sale while you just sit back, chill, and collect?

the money academy review

These claims are unrealistic. They even go on saying that you will earn $5,500 within your first week by joining them.

That’s a lie. They have no real proof that their system works as nobody is really making money using The Money Academy.

The Fake Testimonies

For a lot of people hearing testimonies from other “users” often builds trust and even get many ‘on board’. But what happens when each and every testimony of a product CAN be discredited?

the money academy review

the money academy review

On The Money Academy’s website, this person claimed to have quit her job because of this program.

These are SERIOUS claims and I hope no one else expects to quit their job by using this program or by following this person’s misleading story.

It’s a flat out lie.

This is really Cecilia, and you can pay as little as $5 for a false testimony from her over at

It’s not uncommon for scam websites to hire paid “actors” to give scripted testimony in an attempt to increase their sales.

Here’s another example:

the money academy review

the money academy review

For $5 these people will vouch for your product and even make ridiculous claims such as this guy, also found on the website:

the money academy review

the money academy review

Stating that he was on the verge of earning his first 6 figure year as a result of The Money Academy. Also that he has no online experience and has never made money online.

Clearly, both are lies.

My point?

Use caution when coming across these remarkable claims on websites like The Money Academy, chances are their hired “actors”. Do your due diligence before buying into a program costing you money and time.

$500 Just For Watching A Video?

The people behind The Money Academy are so desperate that they guarantee everyone $500 just for watching the video:

the money academy review

This is the definition of false advertising, and not the first time I have seen this offer.

How the $500 Guarantee really works requires you to buy their system and complete their 21 Steps:

These steps include:

  • Speaking with an online coach (salesperson)
  • Spending more money – we’re talking thousands here
  • Must complete the 21 Steps in 21 days

So yes in order to reach your $500 Guarantee you are going to be expected to spend way more money (at least $2,000) within this program.

Speaking of which, did you know The Money Academy doesn’t exist!

What You’re Actually Buying

If you took the time to visit the checkout page OR if you clicked on the ‘Disclosure’ link located at the very bottom, it becomes apparent that The Money Academy is actually MOBE aka My Online Business Empire:

the money academy review From The Money Academy “checkout page”.

MOBE is a company I would never be interested in and do not recommend to anyone.

Primarily because of the tactics we see here with The Money Academy. Someone involved with MOBE took the time putting it together in an attempt to get more business.

$49 gets you in the door, Tens Of Thousands is what you are potentially looking at throwing down the drain in an attempt to start doing a business using MOBE.

Here’s only one list of complaints about MOBE and of the owner Matt Lloyd which can be all over the internet of unsatisfied (ripped off) customers:

the money academy reviewCapture.PNGbd-min

the money academy review
the money academy review

Is The Money Academy A Scam?

0/ 0
The Money Academy - Overall Rating

I do not recommend The Money Academy, MOBE, or whatever they want to call this program to anyone based on the findings above.

It’s very misleading and they even trick you into buying MOBE – which says a lot about their company.

On a brighter note, earning a consistent income online is very possible.

Feel free to have a look through some of my safe and tested recommendations. Just know that real results in starting a business or making money online require actual work and some commitment, unfortunately, it doesn’t just fall into your lap like The Money Academy suggests.

Avoid the magical “done for you” systems and anyone telling you that earning serious cash will happen while you “barely lift a finger”…

For those who have had a similar or even different experience while using The Money Academy, feel free to share it below to help others out!


About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

  • JasonJenna says:

    Jason, thank you so much for telling the truth about the Money Academy, I really hate this kind of company that is practicing unethical online business? It is not hard to see if they are using the real testimonials if we take time to make a search on Fiverr. And I look down for they actually used the cheap easy way out to get video testimonials which trapped them at last. Thank you for doing the ‘police job”. I am also shock to find out that MOBE is the real beast behind? You know there is also a very well-known reputable blogger keeps promoting MOBE and showing his pay cheques on his blog.

    • JasonJason says:

      Hey Jenna,

      I for one am not surprised that someone involved with MOBE is the one pulling the strings behind The Money Academy.

      Along with the paid testimonies, there were several red-flags with this program.

      If you don’t mind, would you share the blog or article of this blogger? I think I may know who you are speaking of here but unsure.


  • JasonDanny says:

    First of all, I must say what a beautifully layed out site you have. So clean and clear. Anyway, the Money Academy is one that I’ve only heard by name. So glad I saw this review. Now I don’t have to waste my time researching them. They don’t appear to deserve my valuable time. Very well done review.

  • JasonAlexey says:

    Hey there it’s Alexey. It’s so funny to see the claims that the money academy makes. unfortunately they use tactics that can convince people like the real testimonials thing. (btw very nice breakdown of how to find real testimonials on fiverr). I enjoyed this review and it will sure help those who are familiar with the money academy. Great job!

    • JasonJason says:

      Spread the word Alexey to anyone curious about The Money Academy.

      I’ve been reviewing these make money online opportunities for awhile now (mostly bad sites, unfortunately). I am no longer surprised when I see such false claims or testimonies, I now know what to look for after being scammed myself awhile back.

      I am glad you enjoyed this review and I hope others will find it helpful as well.

  • JasonTasha says:

    OMG Jason! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was just about to buy into the Money Academy. It said to start it would only be 49.00. Since I was just recently laid off after 10 yrs @ a Bank, I thought I could now work from home with a small start up fee. So, I out in my email; they sent me the sign up however, when I was going to pay the 49.00, the price jumped to 97.00! So I decided to look into Money Academy & found your page :)……Thank You again Jason. I just dont have money to give away. I will continue looking into Online Buisness you know of any LEGITIMATE Online Opportunities?

    • JasonJason says:

      Hi Tasha, so glad you found my review prior to joining The Money Academy.

      My intention with this review is not to take money out of their pockets, but to save you yours. As The Money Academy is one giant scam. Always research these opportunities claiming to earn you overnight riches – the internet is unfortunately filled with many of them.

      The good news is there are opportunities such as Wealthy Affiliate, which will enable you to build your own business and income from home. Wealthy Affiliate is not the only place that will teach you how to do so, but one that allows you to participate for free and see if it’s right for you.

      Please realize that things such as building a new website/business from scratch takes time (few months or so) and not an immediate job solution.

      Then there’s places like where you can browse ‘at home’ jobs and apply to different companies. I’ve never had an online job so I don’t cover them too often on this site. I like to help people get started and learn where they to can earn steady income online for themselves, giving them the option to scale and work their own schedule.

      I hope this helps, and glad you didn’t buy into the hell known as The Money Academy (I seriously come across poor sites like it daily).

      Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  • Jasonjosie says:

    thank you so much for your HONEST report. I am glad i found you on google, you saved me from falling into the fake money pit.

  • Jasonsteph says:

    I received an email “inviting” me to the money academy website/video.

    sent from a “Barbara Davis”


    Barbara Davis
    Online Success Strategies

    Then mentioned in the MOBE reviews was a “Barbara Davis” complaining about a $2000 refund. Coincidence?? Glad I researched further about the site.

    Thank you for your review!!

    • JasonJason says:

      No problem at all, and that’s quite hilarious!

      This “Barbara Davis” seems to be trying to dig herself out of a hole by pulling other people down with her.

      Way to go on doing research – great find and thanks for sharing with us!

  • JasonMark says:

    I received this same link from a friend on Tumblr.

    hey guess what? i made $967 last week. i received my check today. goto to make money before its too late. it works.

    And the link leads to The Money Academy

    It’s a Pyramid Scheme getting people to work for you by making them pay to join its a damn Pyramid Scheme.

    I’m not giving any money to no mummies

    Good thing I looked into this “academy”

  • JasonEd Adam says:

    Thanks for tne review – I hope rather I know this will help a great number
    of folks. Keep up the good work.

    Ed Adam

  • JasonEleetah says:

    I couldnt sleep last night so I checked my email and it said that a grant had been approved by some Robbin guy. I clicked, thinking it was from when i applied for college a few years ago and it sent me to the Money Academy. I watched the video and paid close attention. I noticed something off about it. The people, if it had really been a true testimony, the mother would have been in tears, the products would have been mentioned, and the whole “not lifting a finger” is like saying “with faith, trust and pixie dust, YOU can be a millionaire too!” Yeah, okay Disney, calm down. It all didnt add up so I clicked to go to the pay page and like others, noticed the price jump. Me and my boyfriend are in an extremely financially tight spot so I began to research and came across this… And I am sooo glad I did because I would have made the mistake of my life if not. Thanks for the info, you are seriously a life saver, Mister.

  • JasonShannon kamal says:

    What program do you recommend? I’m looking to make just about 4-600 extra a month. Any suggestions on what companies are legit?

  • says:

    thanks so many scams

  • JasonZucely says:

    I tried paying for this because I’m interested I have some doubts but I just really need the money is this real . Because I tried paying and it won’t let me .

  • JasonDebra says:

    I tried with MOBE last week and then today with The Money Academy to pay the $49, however my bank blocked the transaction because it was going overseas, because I call my bank to see why the transaction wouldn’t go through. I’m in Texas and my bank is Woodforest National Bank. This is not the first time they have blocked my account for fraudulent activity. I’m glad that I bank with them. Can’t afford to lose any money. Didn’t give them any money. If more banks would look after their customers’ accounts, it would put these scam artists out of business. I’m thankful for your review of these scam sites. Keep up the good work.

  • JasonLuis says:

    Damn and i was ready to do this before my phone bill , glad didnt do it but i would like to make money online , hate applying online for places and not recieve calls back

  • JasonAshfaqul haque says:

    I want money back….

  • JasonAiram Monsivais says:

    I’m looking

  • JasonTina says:

    I don’t this is true because I have been trying to email u and it doesn’t go though and I have no way getting a hold of u

  • JasonLeonard Penrice says:

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  • JasonJimmy. Bowers says:

    How. Can. You. Help. Me. Make. 💰. I. Need. Help. So. I. Can. Pay. Off. My. Child Support. Please. Help. Me. !!

    • JasonJason says:

      Jimmy, you have to help yourself.

      I recommend starting here. Learn how you can make money online, take action. You can earn a full-time income from home overtime. Again, learn the materials. If you have a specific question for me or need help with anything, give me a buzz.

  • JasonIsaac says:

    I work and go to school but my income is too small to take care of my bills. I want to make extra money online can recommend any legitimate online programs. Thanks

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