The Millionaire Methods Review – Is It A Scam?

the millionaire methods review

The Millionaire Methods Summary

Name: The Millionaire Methods
Owner: Ryan Dennis
Price: $47

Summary: The Millionaire Methods is suggested to be a software which allows people to earn money “as quick as a car ride”. If you took the time to watch the lengthy sales video, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Such claims were made by the software’s owner Ryan Dennis.

I typically don’t trust these type of systems claiming that people will be able to “get rich quick”, and that all they have to do is buy.

I will show you why just below.

Recommended? No.

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The Millionaire Methods Review

I landed on The Millionaires Method website after receiving an email about being able to earn significant money working from home.

While 90% of the time I know these emails lead me to products that are complete duds, I am always on the lookout for new and helpful products that I can share on this website.

Unfortunately, The Millionaire Methods doesn’t appear to be one of them.

I’ll show you what I found and why I decided not to purchase The Millionaire Methods…

Fake testimonies

First up is the classic fake testimonies or use of “paid actors” that scam websites tend to use to help sell their products.

Not all product testimonies that you come across online are fake, but in the case of The Millionaire Methods, they definitely hired people to vouch for the product and outright lie about how much money they are making using their program.

Meet Kyle from The Millionaire Methods website, who in the sales video introduces himself as “Mark”:

Mark claims to have made a little over $9,000 using the program in just 5 months. Which is quite believable.

The important thing to realize however is that Mark has been paid to make such claim.

In fact, Mark is not even his real name:

Meet Kyle. I found Kyle, who was posing as Mark on The Millionaire Methods website

I found Kyle, who was posing as Mark on The Millionaire Methods website, on the website. Fiverr offers services such as spokesperson and testimonials for as low as $5.

Anyone can come along and hire someone to vouch for their product or system. It doesn’t matter if they’ve tried it or not. If someone is willing to pay the low fee, someone will give you a positive testimony using a site like Fiverr.

More of the same can be found on the actual checkout page of the website:

Again not every testimony you come across on the internet has been “bought”. There are some legitimate products out there of course, within the online money making space even, with happy customers.

It just doesn’t look that way for The Millionaire Methods.


Referring back to the sales video, you are greeted by The Millionaire Methods software owner Ryan Dennis.

He states in the video that this software is a product of his company known as Twin Peak Profits.

After doing some research on Twin Peak Profits, I noticed that it seems to be an older system or program, that allegedly taught people how to earn money online.

Twin Peak Profits wasn’t well received either.

Other than coming across a couple of reviews for Twin Peak Profits, not much can be found on this program or owner Ryan Dennis for that matter.

All I have seen from him are two potentially harmful money making “opportunities”.

What you’re really buying

While researching this particular program, The Millionaire Methods, I found that the software is actually an Autobinary Trading software.

So while spending $47 to access this program, you will likely face a $200 (maybe more maybe less) requirement to activate that software to be able to trade, among other upsells.

I’m not too familiar with autobinary trading but can tell you that this one was being called a scam by a few familiar websites that deal with such trading software.

Is The Millionaire Methods a scam?

0/ 0
The Millionaire Methods - Overall Rating

I decided not to purchase The Millionaire Methods for the few simple facts shared in the review above. I’ve come across numerous ‘get-rich-quick’ products like this before and know what to expect once inside.

You as a consumer are free to purchase and pursuit any products of your choosing.

We DO NOT recommend The Millionaire Methods.

The sad reality of when it comes to learning how to earn money online is that for every one real opportunity to learn, there seem to be at least 60 scams or get-rich-quick schemes.

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