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massive online paydays

Massive Online Paydays Summary

Name: Massive Online Paydays
Owner: N/A
Price: $49 + tons of upsells

Summary: Massive Online Paydays, in my opinion, will not help you to become an online millionaire. Plus, they are not the program or service they try to appear to be.

There are several hints of this on the website’s sales page alone. For example, you can click on the Privacy, Disclosure, or even the Terms and Conditions page to reveal Massive Online Payday’s true identity.

So, what is it that we are really buying here? Read on!

Recommended? No.

You can find our #1 Recommendation here.

Massive Online Paydays Review

The $500 Guarantee

I would first like to address their “$500 Guarantee”, a tactic I’ve seen used before.

I’m sure you noticed this big, red banner on the website and maybe it’s even tempted you into taking the next “risk-free” step:

massive online paydays

Understand, however, that the person who put together this site is quite the wordsmith. You’re even told in the sales video that “if you follow the steps and you don’t make any money, I’ll pay you $500 right out of my pocket. No questions asked”.

What is not included in the sales video, is what these steps consist of….

The Steps

These steps, 21 in total, will require you to make another investment. Keep in mind the only way to qualify for the heavily promoted $500 guarantee would be to complete the steps.

Here’s a snippet of the 21 steps:

massive online paydays
  • 21 days to “take action” and complete each step
  • Qualifying to resell products –  pay an additional (approx) $2,497 for licensing rights to resell this system
  • Your mentor or “coach” who you will be in contact with by phone to upsell you
  • The “$500 Guarantee” only comes to those who finish the 21 Steps, with proof!

While the initial $49 that Massive Online Paydays is asking doesn’t seem like much, in order to qualify for the bogus $500 guarantee and to complete the first 21 steps, you are going to have to fork over $1,000’s of dollars.

I haven’t spent $1,000 in operating my online business over the course of two years.

What You Are Really Buying

I mentioned coming across the $500 guarantee before, and also, I mentioned that Massive Online Paydays not being the program or service they come off to be.

That’s because Massive Online Paydays is simply a funnel to a widely-disliked program known as My Online Business Empire or MOBE.

(It appears MOBE has recently given its website a new name “My Online Business Education”, and have also gotten rid of many of their older products).

I’ve seen this exact funnel several times before. A program (Massive Online Paydays) presenting itself as an opportunity to make you lots of money online, when really it just funnels you over to a different program (in this case MOBE).

I never understood this kind of deception. Wouldn’t it be easier to explain to potential customers what they are really getting involved in?

Why not thoroughly explain the necessary 21 steps involved in order to qualify for the $500 guarantee?

I guess it’s easier to trick people by showing off Mercedez-Benz cars and promising them that they will become millionaires just by purchasing your system for $49….

Testimonies From Around The Web

It would be hard to find any real testimonies for Massive Online Paydays, as they are not a real program nor opportunity. However, there are plenty of disgruntled former MOBE customers.

Please feel free to leave any comments or experiences you’ve had while using Massive Online Paydays. Good or bad. You can do so in the comments area below.

This helps in bringing awareness to others.

Here is just a handful of testimonies shared across the web regarding MOBE and owner Matt Lloyd:

massive online paydays

massive online paydays

massive online paydays

massive online paydays

massive online paydays

massive online paydays

You can find a few more complaints here. And an F rating here with the BBB.

Is Massive Online Paydays A Scam?

1/ 0
Massive Online Paydays

Disclaimer: You the consumer are free to purchase any program or service of your choosing. The review above contains both the opinion and experience of that of the author.

Again, you are free to pursue any program of your choosing, however, we do NOT recommend Massive Online Paydays.

The entire website is a front to get you to join MOBE. Plus, nobody is going to hand you a “millionaire website” for $49. It is not realistic.

The best way to stay safe when browsing for ways to earn online is to realize that starting a business online requires commitment, time, and hard work.

No one ever makes millions or thousands of dollars per month on “autopilot” without first doing the work. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes like Massive Online Profits.

About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Minhaj - 5 years ago

    Hi Jason

    I was deceived by MOBE’s advertisement as well and I didn’t finish the 21 steps because I had no funding. Although I searched far and wide for any kind of funding as at the time I thought they were legit. The weird thing was my so called coach was providing me with websites that I could take a loan out, at the time I thought he was being so helpful. But of course, it dawned on me later on that he was really a sales person trying to upsell me on the programme. Even the product name sounds scammy.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hey Minhaj,

      It’s funny because while I was searching for legit ways to earn online, some time ago, there were a lot of ‘scammy’ websites that I would have joined if I had the funds. At the time I didn’t.

      Now I know better.

      Thanks for sharing!

    gregS - 5 years ago

    Hi Jason
    Thanks for the review.
    Sounds like a scam, especially the phone number that is needed, a red flag straight away.
    They are targeting newbies, who don’t know how to research products offered online, and many will fall victim.
    Those stories at the bottom of the post are a real eye opener. Many newbies still get sucked in.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      I agree Greg.

      They do target newbies and spend a lot of time and probably money in doing so. The irony is that the time and money spent in putting together these misleading websites, could be spent towards building a positive, helpful product.

      I have come to realize that some newbies WILL fall victim. But whether you are new or not online, some people are naturally accustomed to doing research before making a purchase online.

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