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Having a blog is a really big investment. It allows you as a blogger to realize his passion by writing while earning a substantial amount of money. It’s like an online property that allows you to regularly earn passive income. There are many ways to make money blogging, but link selling is the best and most popular strategy.


Ironically, you should already know how to create a backlink that your readers and visitors can easily click on. This is true because creating keyword texts with links is still a straightforward task.

However, what you might NOT know yet is how to generate text links that set you up for long term future success.

In light of the latest sets of guidelines and changes in Google’s algorithms, the process of building referrals online requires more attention to specific details.

So, in this article, I’ll be talking on How to Create Google Approved Anchor Text links and Make Money From It.


Just for you to know, generating income online requires following a specific set of instructions. Do you already have them?

When it comes to backlink building, the problem with most internet anchor link instructions is that they get too ‘generalized’. In other words, the instructor or writer typically uses the assumption that generalized online work is already understood by the reader.


However, this is not the case. Simply put, for countless people who want to run an online business, as well as an amazing number of intermediate and advanced online site executors… the “inside” details of text link building to generate income is still a little obscure.

Before talking about the five most relevant steps to building text links. However, suffice it to say that for these connections to work well on the internet for a long while, they must be made with the expertise, care, awareness and attention to detail that separates men from boys and women girls.


Use these five steps to build a backlink, mainly because:

Take into account the guidelines of Google; and

Push your existing SEO skill level to a much higher area.


Ø Here are the Five revised hyperlink reference construction steps:

  1. Do a thorough keyword research on Google to determine and use a “genuine” and valuable keyword if you want to profit from it.
  2. Make sure you already own or CREATE a page that contains or provides informative, useful, and good faith content that helps the reader achieve satisfaction and solutions for the keyword you selected in the search above .
  3. Ask “other” website owners or online service contractors to write FIVE pieces of content for you. These five original selections, preferably handwritten, should ONLY state the properties of the “relevant” site, PR4 through PR8 (an important tip on how to build a backlink).
  4. Out of the top five top PR sites above, your well-researched and selected anchor text keyword should be used in a 60/30/10 percentage ratio, against the chosen landing page (which you created correctly or obtained in step 2 above).Then when you want to take advantage of it, use the following anchor text by clicking on the step …
  5. Distribute the keywords in your text as follows:

– Hyperlink ONLY random versions of your “brand” or “company name (intentionally NOT using the Google keyword) in only TWO of your hyperlink referral submissions – (this should be around 60% of your new protocol requirement) link).

– In two of your other content pieces, use full keywords from your Google crawl as anchor text  (this still provides 30% of your new required linking protocol)


Ø Here’s the last part of creating a backlink correctly

– For the last of your five content items, choose NI anchor text, NI your company brand. Instead, use only the single words “directions” that appear in your sentence, such as “act now”, “click here”, “get more” or even random versions of your “http” URL, and so on. – (this is the last 10% of your new binding protocol required – which really saves you money).

Now consider this question. Just because your 5-step task above is complete, will users skip to your page just because of these steps? The answer is “no” simply because the link quote process requires more information.

In other words, the pages that you and your assistants or associates created for that specific project still need to be regularly promoted. Also remember that with the new guidelines from Google, promoting your pages MUST happen naturally.

Understand this “new” reasoning from Google, and when you want to take advantage of it, you can do some site link page work that gets your approval and support.

Ultimately, it makes it easier for you, as well as moving your pages to a much higher status than competitors who simply ignore or don’t follow Google’s guidelines.

All in all, selling text links can be a great way to increase your income, but it’s important to follow the terms and conditions of search engines, especially Google. You must make it clear that any link

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