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The Internet has become a powerful tool for marketing and advertising. More than a billion people are connected to it worldwide and studies show that a lot of them are looking to buy a product or service. Having become the largest real market, a multitude of organizations and more and more individuals are increasing their ranks every day, trying to take advantage of this latest trend.


To create a lasting brand, you have to stand out, be different. How should we get our website on the Internet to stay ahead of these infuriating masses? How do we make each of these people want to go to our website, stay there longer and come back for more?


The solution is based on a website that will allow some visitors to the website to simply understand what it is about immediately. Looking for that kind of effort, we are all looking for article writers, people who will have the work obligation associated with doing writing work online. They must be able to create online content that meets the demands of the target audience.

The details provided should be free of indecision, as many viewers don’t have enough time to get clarification or even dive deeper into a website.


Managing high quality online writing work is crucial. For this reason, successful people must be people who can compose and communicate ideas in an obvious way. They also need to be prepared and able to meet the many demands that come with writing jobs online.

The question a designer needs to ask is: are you able to grab the audience’s attention and deliver a clear message?


To qualify for these online writing jobs, you must be well versed. With online writing jobs, you will have to provide service to diverse and unstable clients. Do you have an enthusiasm for modifying your own composition styles to accommodate a wide variety? Can your style and readability appeal to most of these people, not just experts?


If you’re a newbie – or even an experienced writer – and trying to find writing jobs online that really pay for your articlesBelow are few websites where you can get paid by writing.


Elance is one of the world’s leading platforms for online jobs. They help businesses hire, manage and pay professionals in the cloud. Thousands of businesses use Elance to find original content writers. It’s a great source for content writing assignments.

Real Writing Jobs is a premier source for content providers. Partnering with thousands of well-known employers, users will be able to work from home by creating short blog posts, writing short articles, searching websites for inappropriate content, maintaining social media channels. business and more!

Light hub

Bright Hub is great for writers who want to write online jobs and write articles in a specific niche. Subscribe to the categories of your choice and write at least one article per month for each. You will receive $ 10 per article, plus a profit share for each time your article is successful. This is one of the best online writing jobs on the web!

Demand Studios

This is where your real bread and butter comes in. Receive between $7.50 and $15 per item and choose from over 250,000 assignments anytime. Okay, so the editors are a bit more picky here than at the online writing job sites mentioned earlier. But once you learn how to write articles here, you’ll never want to give up!

They pay twice a week, so you can count on Demand Studios to be your online or part-time writing job.


With over 220,000 companies looking for skilled writers, this is one of my favorites. I immediately find jobs in my niche and they pay extremely well.

Go Freelance

This is a paid membership site, but I included it because I made a lot of money working with them and it’s definitely worth the low cost. I have included a link below for a free trial so you can decide for yourself.

Legitimate Writing Jobs

This is a great website that offers great opportunities for people of all experience levels.

Writing Assignments (US)

They are scouring the internet and adding all the best writing assignments. These are jobs that work directly for companies and include content managers, technical writers, web content specialists, online writers, and more.

So, if you are looking for a legitimate way to make money working from home, writing online for reputable employers is definitely the way to go. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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With no startup requirements (which means it’s a great place for beginners) you’ll be making money in two weeks or less. Best of all, you can write over anything you want. The writers will evaluate your article and determine how much they want to pay for it. Once published, you will earn extra money every time a reader views your article.

Break Studios

If you want to write boldly, Break Studios is the place to be. You can write to Cage Taco, Made Man, Chickipedia, and other entertainment sites. Articles pay $8 per pop and are fairly easy to write.


Bukisa is a performance sharing site that pays over $ 3.00 per thousand article views. So, if you have 50 articles in your account, you can drive thousands of traffic views to your articles and earn a lot of money. You can publish your non-exclusive articles and only view Related Content here, as soon as they are published.

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