Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Personally, I was very doubtful if there was money to be made online and if I could do it. I am proud to announce not only

Legitimate Work From Home Jobsis there money to be made online and I am making money from home, but you can too!

The internet is full of scams and get rich quick schemes, this is not one of those places. Click here for more tips on how to avoid scams. If serious about becoming successful while working from home it takes focus, effort, and a little patience. Believe me you can do it.

There are different legitimate work from home jobs and ways to earn online, here’s a list to some:

  • Home-based jobs or working from your computer, for a list of online jobs you can check Here.
  • You could get creative and sell you arts and crafts online
  • Sell your unused belongings via Ebay.com or Amazon.com
  • Affiliate Marketing (How my exciting online journey began)
  • Offering a Service- A great place for buying and selling services would be Fiverr.com
  • Freelancing

A Good Place To Start

Affiliate Marketing, the simple meaning of affiliate marketing is a group of people looking for something. The main idea of affiliate marketing is to sell other’s business products. You have the exciting role of helping visitors gain knowledge on a product they were online looking to buy in the first place. When they visit your website and decide to buy, you get paid for it!

Here how it’s done:

  1. Choose an interest. This can be anything you like, doesn’t have to be something your highly skilled at or something you are well informed in. You can choose something you wish to learn more about as well. There is no limits!
  2. Building a website about the interest or area you have chosen.
  3. Directing traffic and getting rankings along with visitors.
  4. The fun part. Earning Revenue.

Below is a short video on Understanding How To Make Money Online:

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs


Tips To Become Successful Online + Ideas Where To Start

  1. Once finding an interest, do proper research on it. Again, your topic does not have to be something your extremely familiar with, you can learn a lot about topic as your researching it!
  2. Create content that is authentic or genuine
  3. Build a strong foundation on each and every project.
  4. Listen and Learn from those who are experienced, and have been there and done that in the online grind.

Start here at WealthyAffiliate.com, you will learn how to accomplish those listed above and much more. Have your own website/business in motion, and learn how to make money online. I haven’t looked back since joining Wealthy Affiliate and have made money online, which still amazes me, and you will too! I forgot to mention, Wealthy Affiliate is Free! See for yourself.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Why Work From Home?

Working from home is both a very exciting job and opportunity. The comfort of having an at home office is ideal for many in today’s society. Working from home also permits more time with your children and other loved ones. Do not procrastinate, take advantage of a legitimate system and get started on your very own website/business today.

Start here at WealthyAffiliate.com, and begin making money online legitimately. Wealthy Affiliate offers two websites, genuine training that will have your website/business up and running. In addition access to experienced members who have been working from home and online for years, never hesitate to ask for some assistance. It’s nice having honest advice from those who have been there and done that. And that is all for FREE!

Wealthy Affiliate does offer a Premium Plan which costs $19 for the first month. This gives access to more training, unlimited websites, convenient tools, plus more! There is no pressure to join the Premium Plan, and Wealthy Affiliate is free for life, you have my word!

If you have any questions please leave them below, I will be sure to respond. To begin a legitimate way working from home click below: Hope to see you there.

Make Money Online Legit!

Or Click Below For More on WealthyAffiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Review

About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

  • Jasonrule2020 says:

    Nice on Jason! All your points are true! Working at home gives you more time for your family. You control your life and doesn’t have to follow a daily routine. Meaning your life is more flexible.

    You got a lovely little girl. I believe she gives you more inspiration to keep going and improve your trade more to increase your revenue.

    Keep going man! You made the right choice and you are in good hands with Wealthy Affiliate!

    • JasonJason says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment and thanks for the compliment! Working at home is plenty beneficial and has been fascinating so far. Again thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment always appreciated!


  • JasonLucinda Freestone says:

    Nice post Jason.

    Working from home is great although you do need a certain amount of self motivation to get on with it and not procrastinate as there is nobody there pushing you except yourself.

    It can get also get a bit lonely sometimes, especially if you live on your own like I do.

    However, I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be a great platform on which to learn all you need to know about starting an online business.


    • JasonJason says:

      Her Lucinda,

      You are right about the self-motivation. For me I remember why I started my search online to make money and had an interest in working from home. I can be my own boss, work my own hours, enjoy my two daughters and never miss one of their events again. Like I have in the past because I had to be at work. I was determined to make this work for them and me and its paying off! So for me just remembering why I started this online business in the first place keeps me motivated. And Wealthy Affiliate has been great and filled with knowledge and tools to getting your online business started. Thanks for leaving a comment, always appreciated!


  • JasonPrince Smith says:

    Hello, Jason. I visited your site today. I am very interested in the advice you give for making extra money online with Swagbucks and Hits4Pay.
    I have never heard of these two links for making extra money online.
    You give a superb review on Wealthy Affiliate University. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate since August of 2013. Like you, I did a lot of searches and getting scammed before I found Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic University to get training in making the spare change online. Nice work, Jason.

    • JasonJason says:

      Hey Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Wealthy Affiliate has been completely wonderful since I started using it. As far as Swagbucks and Hits4pay check them out too! They are safe and I use them as well to this day, enjoy! Again, I appreciate the comment, visit anytime.


  • JasonIgor says:

    Hi again Jason, another awesome article. The idea of learning peoples how to make money on the internet can be a life saver for many of peoples with low income or without a job. But it is very important to show how to see a difference between scams and the real thing. You are on the right way to help them. Keep up.


    • JasonJason says:

      Hi and thanks again! Yes, unfortunately I ran into many scams before finding Wealthy Affiliate. Now I try and mention it to whoever is willing to listen. Have a good one and visit soon for more posts!


  • JasonMaarten says:

    Hi there,

    Great info here, you’ve put the definition of Affiliate Marketing very nicely.. “the exciting role of helping visitors gain knowledge on a product”… Love it!
    To my personal opinion Affiliate Marketing is a lot of fun.. You choose things you like and are passionate about, and you promote these to other people. What’s more fun then that huh?

    Great article and keep up the good work!



    • JasonJason says:

      Hello and thanks Maarten, and you are right internet marketing is a lot of fun. I’ve heard of it in the past and known a few people who make a living doing it, but never thought I would be in the position to do it myself. Glad I looked into it, and glad I found Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for the comment!


  • JasonDanielle says:

    Wow! I love the gold key, it really caught my eye and made me more intrigued to continue reading through your site. Everything was very clear and easy to understand, anyone would be lucky to stumble upon your website and could really benefit from the information you have provided. I myself am a WA member, and can happily post for all to see that this REALLY works!

    • JasonJason says:

      Hello and thank you. In a sea of scams, Wealthy Affiliate was my lifesaver lol. As you already know a little bit of time, effort, and work you can have your own business up and running. It’s really an exciting process. Thanks again for your supportive comment,


  • JasonChris says:

    I really like the idea of affiliate marketing that you cover here in this excellent article. My problem is that I lack confidence with this sort of thing – I haven;t done marketing before!
    Where would I start when it comes to writing content? Surely nobody would want to read what I write?

    • JasonJason says:


      I felt the exact same way when starting out, who’s going to read my content and if I could actually earn money.

      Allow me to explain what affiliate marketing is.

      Let’s say you are standing in line at the grocery store waiting to checkout, and someone also in line maybe notices a new watch you are wearing. They even compliment the watch and ask where you purchased it from. It’s your favorite watch and you got a nice deal on it, so you inform him of that and where you purchased it. The same person then goes to that store and purchases that very watch based on your recommendation. Great! Except with affiliate marketing you will be paid a commission or percentage based on your recommendation.

      So you will create content doing that. It can be based on anything you are interested in. Someone’s interested in anything, meaning someone shares your same interest. And the possibilities of people become countless when online. There are 2 billion people on the internet at any given time, most looking for information or to buy something.

      Give it a try by clicking the link above, I have full confidence in you, and will be happy to personally help. See you there.

  • JasonShivaram says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article Jason. Your tips about becoming successful online was really useful. It is well written.One thing I really liked about this page is the featured image you put – the golden key to success. I also liked the different work from home jobs which you have put which will give the reader a clear insight of the legitimate jobs they need to look for. Good job.

    • JasonJason says:

      Thank you so much and thanks for leaving a comment,

      There are options online, when it comes to working. Which is nice. But as always I recommend WA over them all. It’s not a work from home job, it’s an opportunity for an online business!

  • JasonRon Pettengill says:

    good job Jason, well-written and to the point. I like how you pointed out some other sites that are legit and where to find them. I done my share of research on numerous money-making schemes on the net. I like the success key image, nice tie-in. Including the Jaaxy site is a good idea.

    • JasonJason says:

      Thank you Ron,

      And yes there are options to making money online. Scarce, but they do exist lol. Research is very important before you choose to trust a certain program or company online. I hope to make that transition easier for all of my visitors and anyone looking to make money online from home.

      Jaaxy is the most important keyword tool I have….it’s a money maker 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.

  • JasonDave Sweney says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for this article. I agree with you there are any number of ways to make money online, bith ethically and not…I prefer to be ethical, and from the looks of the Wealthy Afiiliate site, this is their mantra!

    I am relatively new to online marketing, but based on past experiences doing sales the old fashioned way, travelling and knocking on doors, this is the way to go now and for the forseeable future!

    I appreciate your time you took putting this aticle together and the tips. We need more sites like this which provide accurate and truthful information for the newbie as well as the experienced online marketer!

    Good job and just a quick question: Have you done this site using Wealthy Affiliate resources? It looks very clean and professional…Just sayin’ : )


    : )

    • JasonJason says:

      Thank you for the compliments, I really do appreciate that.

      And to answer your question, Yes. I was completely clueless as to how to write content for a website, how to structure the layout, or pretty much how any of this all works lol.

      That was prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate. I still have much to learn, and can’t wait to see more and more progress.

      Be sure to check it out and get started as well, the first 10 lessons are free, along with 2 free websites. See you there and thanks for commenting.

  • JasonShivaram says:

    I read your article about legitimate work from home jobs. You have given me a good understanding about the advantages of working from home. The tips that you have mentioned is pretty useful. This will provide the reader a greater insight about these benefits. Overall I really enjoyed reading your article. Keep up the good work.

  • JasonGeorge says:

    Hi Jason,

    Don’t even get me started on scams; I’ve been scammed more times than I can remember. But even so, I never got discouraged because I do see people succeed online for real.

    I guess you just have to know exactly what you are looking for and do an extensive research. Oh and yes, in my case, learn from your mistakes.

    WA is like the talk of the internet nowdays. Do you share the same positive response after enrolling yourself?

    • JasonJason says:

      I felt the same way when it came to scams, though I knew there had to be an honest way I can make money from home.

      That’s when I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

      I do have a positive response, as their training has shown me positive results within weeks of following the training. It’s a process, but it has been paying off.

      Thanks for commenting

  • JasonAngel says:

    Dear Jason,

    This is a great Blog Post Article on how working from home can be fun and very rewarding. More time with family, more time to do the things you love, more time on your hands to not feel stressed to go to work, wait in heavy traffic, etc. Having your work where you live is more convenient, you can set your own hours and schedule. You run the show and that’s all that truly matters. 🙂

    And yes, I agree I never regretted joining WA since Day 1 myself. 🙂 It is the best place to be, training and support provided right when you need it most. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • JasonJason says:

      Hello Angel,

      I never even considered working at home, or online for that matter lol. I knew making money online was a “real” thing, but I didn’t know your average person could go about doing it successfully.

      Yes it takes time establishing your online business, but that time invested is completely worth it. Having money made for you while your asleep is astonishing.

      And yes the best part of it all, having your own schedule and being able to commit more time to your loved ones. My last job required me to work 6 days a week which sadly is typical nowadays. People are living to work, not working to live. I’m glad I took the time to find alternative options. I’m veering off here lol.

      Thanks for commenting Angel.

  • JasonChris says:

    I’ve been struggling to make any sort of decent money online now for quite a while – been stuck doing crowdflower tasks and data entry, not much fun overall. I like the options you have covered here – choosing an interest and making money off it sounds a lot more interesting

    • JasonJason says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you. If interested be sure to give Wealthy Affiliate a try, you can select one of the links provided above. You will learn how to set up your very own profitable websites around that passion or interest you have chosen. Spend some time going through the training each day, and you will see your business grow and yes, earn you money. I wish you good luck.

  • JasonJohn says:

    affiliate marketing is really intresting and fun. I have just started doing it about 2,5 months ago and I see progress everyday!! This is a great advice here on this post about starting at wealthy affiliate because thats exactly the place I started to :o) and I will never leave such a great place!

    • JasonJason says:

      I am glad to see so many people enjoy learning and using Wealthy Affiliate as much as I do. Yes each day you will learn and progress which is nice. Thanks for commenting John.

  • JasonAnh Nguyen says:

    I think Wealthy Affiliate offers a healthy way to make money online, as a member myself. It’s a leap from all the big money fast promises out there that’s getting ridiculous.

    What Wealthy Affiliate will teach you is to build blogs, basically doing content branding or content marketing and build your business upon affiliate programs. My disclaimer is that blogging is not always gonna be easy or fast. It takes time to build traffic, trust and a profitable blog. If you are willing to dedicate, it can take you through a pretty fun ride.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • JasonJason says:

      Hey Anh,

      Yes you are right it can take awhile building your own business online or offline. You’re learning to set a strong foundation for your visitors. This is not one of those “get-rich-quick” schemes, reality is you will spend tons of money falling for one of those scams. Put the time and effort into your business, and the possibilities and earnings are endless. Which to me is the whole point, have the money work for you. So you’re earning without having to physically be at any job. Good luck Anh thanks for commenting.

  • JasonNeil says:

    I have been searching high and low for legitimate work from home jobs, and there just seems to be too much information to comb through online, lol.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the ideal platform to begin with for my own online money making business, and Thanks for sharing the insight into why we should work from home.

    This is really helpful 😀

    Thank You!

    • JasonJason says:

      Thank Neil, glad I could help.

      And Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a vehicle, or a means, to achieving real financial freedom and success all while working online. The beautiful thing is, as we all know, the internet is available just about anywhere. Take your laptop with you, and work from anywhere you like!

  • JasonKush1000 says:

    Hey! Great post you have created here.
    I can confirm this post totally, there’s no place online to start your business than Wealthy Affiliate!
    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
    Cheers and good luck

  • JasonLadrunner says:

    I’m only 18 years old, but I have seen so many scams online it’s not even funny. People charging 5000 dollars just to give instructions, and the event selling out in days. Thanks for putting solid information in one area for me to look at. wealthy affiliate seems like a good idea considering that if I can build an audience and promote it I can in turn make money, and also create an asset for myself that produces residual income in the future.

    • JasonJason says:

      Yes the scams are everywhere, do thorough research before ever purchasing any items online that you are unfamiliar with.

      Wealthy Affiliate fortunately, is not a scam.

      It’s the best learning center for building a business online that I have come across to date, excellent for noobs. Time and time again I see people who have been working online join Wealthy Affiliate and comment on how much new things they didn’t know before joining and how they see improvements in their businesses. It’s remarkable.

      If you do decide to join Ladrunner I will be there to welcome you and assist you in any questions you may have in regards to the training or your websites.

      Thanks for commenting.

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