Where To Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics For Free

learn affiliate marketing basics for free

New to affiliate marketing and would like to ensure that you get the best information available in order to succeed?

You’ve come to the right place.

We decided to put together a post sharing not only the basics but the best place to get hands-on training for free.

You can even begin creating your own affiliate website today.

We’re going to cover the basics in this post, likewise, the free training we share will cover these basics and help yo begin creating your own affiliate website.

But eventually, I do recommend upgrading.

So, How Is It Free?

You can join and begin learning right away at no cost.

The first 10 lessons, which cover the basics of affiliate marketing and allow you to begin setting up your own website, are free.

This allows new members to get a great sense of what they are investing in – IF you decide you enjoy the training and everything is right for you.

This free “trial” kind of thing is sort of unheard of in this industry, but you can join here.

Where To Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics For Free

When it comes to teaching affiliate marketing, and providing everything you need down to website hosting and personal one on one help, there is no better place than Wealthy Affiliate.

Everything you need to learn and grow in this business can be found within the platform.

I don’t want this to be confused with some get rich fast opportunity or that everything will be done for you, because it won’t be.

Succeeding, as with any business or anything worth pursuing, is a matter of taking the time to learn and apply what you learn.

Within the training, you are literally learning how to build an online business from scratch, with an “over-the-shoulder” view of how to do things step by step.

Speaking of which, here are the basics of affiliate marketing, and what you can expect to learn.

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

I like to consider affiliate marketing as a ‘win-win’ situation between the product owner and affiliate.

In a more traditional way of advertising, product owners could pay to place ads on (TV, newspaper, online, radio, etc).

Product owners also can hire an ad management team, usually for $100,000’s, to help get the word out about there product.

Lately, A LOT of companies have caught on to affiliate marketing and have opened up affiliate programs.

How It Works

Instead of hiring someone to place the ads, costing tons of money and hoping for increased business, product and service owners can make commission-based payments to affiliates.

For each sell an affiliate makes, the product owner or company pays a percentage of that sell to the affiliate.

This is a win-win because affiliates can earn money by promoting great products, while product owners get more exposure to their business.

The Basics

Here are the basics of setting up a successful affiliate marketing website:

chart showing 4 step process of building an affiliate website

Want to learn more? Feel free to check out our Affiliate Maketing Guide where we share examples of successful affiliate websites and break down the process even more.

Get Started Today

As we mentioned before, there is no better place to learn and grow an affiliate marketing business than Wealthy Affiliate.

With an active community filled with experienced members (some who have been doing this for decades) who you can personally connect with, tools for research, up-to-date training, a website builder and website hosting, technical support, and more.

Everything you need can be found in one place.

But, you can decide if WA is right for you for yourself. Plus, you’ll have more personal help along the way.

Join here to create a free Starter Account.

If you enjoy what you are learning and want to access all of the material, consider upgrading.

This all can be done at your own pace.

Why People Choose Affiliate Marketing

People choose affiliate marketing as a way to make money online.

Not to mention the cost of starting an affiliate marketing business is significantly cheap compared to other business startup costs.

Low startup costs doesn’t mean that the opportunity is low also because it’s not.

Some have made awesome careers as an affiliate (6 figures per month, sometimes more) while others might make a more modest income from it.

By following the training shared above, you will learn the ins and outs of the business and gain the skill set to take your affiliate marketing business as far as you would like to.

There’s no limit and how much you can earn.

Want to learn more benefits and why so many people are attracted to affiliate marketing? Check out our guide.

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